March 28, 2018

Celebrate Easter With Pop Culture’s Favourite Bunnies

Easter is just a *hop*, skip and a ~jump~ away. And while we (not so) patiently wait for Easter candy to go on sale, we thought we’d take a look back at some of pop culture’s most memorable rabbits.

From television, film and literature, and whether they were animated, live action or just someone in a rabbit costume, celebrate Easter with these favourite bunnies who hopped their way into pop culture.

After being tricked into wearing a Halloween costume to a relatively serious party, law school underdog Elle Woods gives bully Vivian Kensington a piece of her mind. That’s one ~fierce~ bunny!


Who Framed Roger Rabbit was the first blockbuster hit to mix animation and live action footage and it’s protagonist was none other than the high-energy, bowtie-clad Roger Rabbit. And we know Jessica isn’t technically a rabbit (she’s only a Rabbit by way of marrying Roger) but any list of famous bunnies wouldn’t be complete without the ~sultry~ Jessica Rabbit.


Kicked out of the Playboy mansion for being too old – because 27 is 59 in bunny years — Anna Faris’ character of Shelley Darlington becomes the house mom of a sorority. And although she barely wears her ears outside of the mansion, she still remains a bunny at *heart*


More hip-hop than hippity-hop, Eminem’s B. Rabbit character in 8 Mile showed the 313 that he’s one tough rappin’ Rabbit.


The White Rabbit led Alice down the rabbit hole in the Lewis Carroll story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Since there have been many versions of the White Rabbit, but they’ve all got one thing in common: they’re always late (and we can definitely relate).


Known for tapping his left hind foot, this furry grey, pink-nosed Disney hare made his screen debut in 1942’s Bambi. Thumper is a cuddly rabbit with little ability to self-censor, but is ~cute~ enough to get away with saying whatever is on his mind (just like U).


Pooh’s dear friend named Rabbit is Hundred Acre Wood’s resident gardener. He’s a *down-to-earth* (haha), organized, sensible hare who often finds himself at odds with Tigger.

By: Brooklyn Neustaeter

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