February 25, 2016

Popcorn Recipes For Your Oscar Viewing Party


This year, make sure your Oscar party is POPPIN’. Ditch the boring old microwaved kernels and swap them for one (or all) of these award-worthy recipes. Click through for a list of popcorn recipes that will totally boost your POP-ularity


party_popThis candy popcorn recipe is powerful enough to satisfy the toughest of sweet tooth’s. With perfectly melted white chocolate chips and a few dashes of sprinkles, this popcorn will have your whole party ~pop, lock and droppin~. Get the recipe here.





This popcorn recipe was born to introduce the world to Cinnamon chocolate chips…yes you heard that correctly. Covered in sugar and melted cinnamon, this recipe makes 4 servings and you will eat every last one. Get the recipe here.



Everyone will be begging for s’more of this delicious melted popcorn. Complete with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate, you can enjoy this camping must have in the comfort of your home. Get the recipe here.



We don’t mean to sound cheesy, but chilli and cheese go really gouda together. If you feel like indulging in your fave chilli fries, opt for (somewhat healthier) popcorn instead. This recipe is the real deal, with chili powder and paprika. Get the recipe here.




This has to be the most ~appealing~ popcorn. You definitely won’t feel like splitting this with anyone. But your guests will love the childhood favourite in popcorn form. It seriously looks too good to eat but you can get the recipe here.


keylimepopKey lime is a major key. This recipe is zesty but sweet, complete with real lime juice and delicious melted white chocolate. A unique spin on your average popcorn that is sure to distract your guests from the show. Get the recipe here.


The PSL of popcorn recipes. Perfect for any basic girls that are invited to your party. There are so many different flavours in this popcorn, we can hardly keep up. Caramel, pumpkin spice and white chocolate all make up this savoury treat. Get the recipe here.


This popcorn has a piece of our heart. With Krispie crunchiness and the amazing taste of Reeses Pieces. Even though they’re mini, they’re powerful. This super addicting recipe will have you munching for the entire duration of the show. Get the recipe here.


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