June 20, 2018

Pride Edition: What’s Inside Tynomi Banks’ Bag?

As a performer, drag queen Tynomi Banks has to be ready for anything at a moment’s notice– so she doesn’t just carry a bag, she brings with her a small luggage packed with all the must-have’s of a queen. And with Pride events happening across the city all month long, her bag is full of glitter, fun accessories, extra pantyhose, and more for the festivities!

As for what we should have in our bags for Pride, Tynomi says dry shampoo and sunscreen are a must: “If you’re going to the parade it’s HOT—keep your hair looking fresh with a good dry shampoo [like] Sexy Hair. Also, make sure you’ve got sunscreen in your bag. I like Goddess Garden, it’s natural, non-greasy, and smells like heaven.”

We recently had the chance to catch up with Tynomi and ask her the age-old question… “What’s inside your bag?” Scroll through some the ~essentials~ in her bag for Pride below.

Bite Beauty Lipsticks: I’m currently obsessed with Bite Beauty’s Lip Lab located on Queen West where you can create your own personalized lipsticks in any colour and look—creamy, glossy, or matte. I always have a couple of them on me.

Evian Mineral Water Spray: To combat the summer heat during Pride, I rely on facial sprays.

Snacks From Mom: I’m definitely a mama’s girl / boy and I love when my mom makes me treats or cooks for me so I always have Tupperware with her homemade Jamaican food (usually her jerk chicken). It’s perfect for snacking in between shows!

Whitney Wig: This list would not be complete without my favourite wig. I have a Whitney Houston-like wig that truly makes me feel like the Queen of the Night (her voice was a powerful force—I adore her). Chicago’s Heads & Threads Boutique is top notch, but for a place closer to home, I head to Clore Beauty Supply or Crowned at Queen and Spadina.

Bath and Body Works Body Mist: A must, must, must-have is body mist from Bath and Body Works. The worst thing is having a fan wanting a picture from you or a hug and you are not smelling your best!

Defunc Hybrid Earbuds: I’m on the go a lot during Pride so I love the hybrid earbuds from Defunc—they’re versatile and great for listening to music (Whitney Houston!) and hands free talking. For longer commutes, I also use them to listen to books on, like the just released “The Path to Pride with Lance Bass and Nikki Levy.”

Bold Accessories: I always have accessories in my bag! I need bold, eye-catching accessories that can keep up with my loud ensembles. The Nankin ring with blue topaz and gold dragons from Carrera y Carrera is one of my favourites.

MAC 3D Glitter: I am obsessed with glitter! Glitter on my eyes, glitter on my lips, glitter on my cheeks.

Gucci Guilty Women’s Perfume: You never know when the man of your dreams will come and sweep you off your feet. Standing downwind in the crowded streets during Pride I’ve made wonderful memories with my scent capturing the hearts of men.

A spare pair of pantyhose: I wouldn’t want to be caught in front an audience with a run in my hose! I love Wolford tights. They are luxurious, durable, and come in fabulous patterns.

Made Good Granola Bars: [They] are great for a quick snack and a healthy way to satisfy a sweet craving—try the chocolate banana flavour!

Mouthwash: Outstanding hygiene is the most important thing a queen should have. I always carry a bottle of Listerine and gum to keep my breath fresh. It also prevents my mouth from getting dry from all the lip-syncing!


By: Brooklyn Neustaeter

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