November 8, 2011


I’ve been known to rock a good floral print once or twice in my day, but I’ve been noticing a huge shift in how floral prints have been looking for the past few seasons. Gone are the days of paisley, small florals. The new look and proportion for floral prints that I’ve been digging? The bigger, the better. Lets take a look at a few pieces that fit the bill.

These House Of Holland t-shirts are the perfect example of what I’m talking about. The print is so exaggerated, which I think give them a really current look. These are technically from a season or two ago, but who cares? With the sale price tag, I don’t really care if they’re from 10 seasons ago. These ring in for just over $50 Canadian, which isn’t too bad of a deal in my books. They’re also available in a cropped version for the ladies.. or maybe some dudes? I’m not here to judge.

Next we’ll take a look at a few Christopher Kane tees. Like the House Of Holland, these prints aren’t from the current season but are still great none-the-less. I snagged myself a Christopher Kane bomb print tank top seasons ago and I can honestly tell you these shirts are worth your money. The prints are a wee bit trendy, but still manage to reinvent themselves time and time again. They range from $80-$225 which is a bit much for some (including myself right now, to be quite frank) but if you’re looking for quality clothing, Christopher is your guy. These florals are exactly what I’m going for, exaggerated and bold.

HEELLLLLLLO. How good is this Horace denim biker jacket?! I mean… seriously?! A floral denim biker jacket? This is almost too good to be true. The balance of floral vs denim makes this very wearable for us guys which can often be a problem with floral prints. It’s a very delicate between too feminine and a really interesting look. This garment plays that line perfectly in my opinion. Just enough, not too much. If anyone is looking to get me a Christmas present…this would be it. 😉

This might be a bit much for some of you, but finding floral print jeans is quite a challenge. These ASOS pants are technically ladies, but the sizes run up to a 32 inch waist. If you decide to go with a look like this, it’s important to make sure the rest of your outfit balances out. I find when I have a bold piece like these pants, the rest of the outfit needs to calm them down a bit. Try these with a pair of Dr. Martens and a black t-shirt. Easy as that.

I thought I’d also share one of my recent thrifts that also happens to fall under the umbrella of this floral trend I’ve been talking about. These are one of those rare thrift moments you can never rely on. A pair of jeans from the ladies section that actually fit. Any of you guys who have tried on ladies jeans know what I’m talking about when I say they are almost always…uncomfortable in certain areas. It’s inevitable. These jeans, however, are supposed to sit so high on the waist that when I wear them how I normally wear pants, they leave tons of room to breath. Amazing. It is one of my rules of thrifting to always check the ladies section and this is a perfect example of why it’s important.

So if you decide to try this trend out, there are only a few rules to remember: Look for florals that are large and bold. Shy away from dainty and feminine florals. It’s a delicate line between feminine and interesting, but don’t be afraid to ride it! Fashion would be too boring if no one ever took risks.







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