November 1, 2017

The Celebrity Queens Of Halloween

Halloween is the one time during the year that you can wear whatever your heart desires, without feeling like you’re breaking some sort of unspoken fashion rule. A few of our favourite Hollywood queens are definitely rising to the occasion and taking advantage of this, going all out with their unique costumes setting an even higher bar for themselves year after year. From spooky to sexy  and everywhere in between, these celebs have had the most outrageously over the top Halloween costumes, making them the queens of Halloween.

Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum is known not only for her extravagant A-list Halloween themed parties, but also her dramatic costumes that definitely aren’t for amateurs. Klum has said she has spent over nine hours constructing the elaborate outfits with professional makeup artists and designers in preparation for her parties. Some of Klum’s most memorable looks include: Jessica Rabbit, Old lady Heidi, and Heidi with no skin.

Kim Kardashian West

Television personality and business woman Kim Kardashian West, has been killing the costumes game lately. Kim K embraces the Halloween spirit by experimenting with different looks and adding her own custom flare to some classic costumes. Some of her most notable costumes include her custom-made Cher inspired outfit with a long jet black wig and clutch,Princess Jasmine, and the  little mermaid.


Queen Bey always comes ready to slay any day, especially on Halloween. She continuously uses her platform to make a statement, and on a nights like Halloween when everyone is looking at her costume, Bey has made sure to channel her message of female empowerment into each of her festive looks. From dressing up as Barbie, to musical icon Janet Jackson, and artist Frida Kahlo she has used Halloween fashion to push forward her feminist values. Who runs the world? GIRLS!

Teyana Taylor

Singer and songwriter Teyana Taylor’s dare devil attitude, fireball personality, and unapologetic fashion sense makes for some very unique Halloween outfits. Whether she’s coupled up with her baller hubby or hitting the party solo, Taylor doesn’t play when it comes to nailing her costumes. Some of her most memorable outfits include: Harley Quinn, a botched surgery zombie, and her impersonation of comedian Joann The Scammer.

Demi Lovato

Pop sensation Demi Lovato brings her A-game each year when it comes to costumes. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer incorporates her bold style sense into each of the costumes she has worn to date. Her most recent costume payed homage to her childhood idol as she transformed into Selena Quintanilla. Before this, she’s been Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz and a creepy zombie.

Miley Cyrus

Reformed wild child Miley Cyrus uses her quirky swagger and unpredictability to elevate her costume each year. From her Lil’ Kim purple stunner outfit, to Disney’s Cinderella and Nicki Minaj, Cyrus is always bringing something different to the table.

Mariah Carey

Mariah may be known for her diva attitude and big voice, but she’s also known in Hollywood for her exclusive Halloween parties. The lavish bashes typically take place at her multi-million dollar mansion and include A-list guests such as Floyd Mayweather and Diddy. With such an audience, Carey doesn’t hold back when it comes to making a statement with her costumes. Some of her more memorable costumes include her skin tight latex dark witch, red devil, asnd her white angel costume.

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