June 17, 2014

Reasons to Love MTV's Awkward


You know how people always say that “the third time’s a charm”? Well, I’m here to argue that the fourth time’s the charm – because season 4 of MTV’s Awkward is even better than the last! From the characters to the wardrobe and everything in between, here are some reasons why you should be watching Awkward.



The Drama

drama copy

It seems that in every episode there is some sort of huge drama. A love triangle, some serious catfishing, mother/daughter quarrels, you name it – it’s happened. It can get a little over the top sometimes, but it reminds us that our lives really aren’t that horrible compared to the ones we see onscreen. It’s like a mini confidence boost every time we flick on the TV. Plus it’s just really amusing to watch.


Val’s Fanny Pack & Clothing Choices


Val is my spirit animal. I feel like if we ever met, we would be instant besties. She has a fringed cardigan and leather fanny pack! Enough said.


The Beau Beau


Beau Mirchoff, the guy who plays Mattie McKibbon, is probably the main reason why this cast is so appealing. I admit Jake Rosatti (Brett Davern IRL) is a pretty solid character, but Beau takes the cake for the best looking guy around. That smile! That laugh! Those eyes! Whenever he’s on screen it’s like my obsessive vibes are intensified by a million percent. He truly is a beau Beau.


The Humor


Awkward is so awkward that is makes me laugh out loud. And not even in a cute way, I legitimately snort when I watch this show.


The Wardrobe

be urself

In a behind-the-scenes video, it was revealed that the cast actually wears “real” clothes. No high-end designers, no stilettos in the school hallway… It’s all from places teens actually shop, and put together in the same way we actually put our outfits together. If you look closely, you’ll see that each character has a few pieces on repetitive rotation in their closet – Jenna’s hoodies and tees, for example. Another cool thing about this is that you could potentially go out and buy something you saw on the show without going into premature student debt!


The only thing I can say now is…


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