February 11, 2015

Sending Love From Afar

long distance lovers 2editedfinalWhether you and your sweetie are spending years apart, months away, or are maybe just a short drive over the Brooklyn bridge, remember – roses are red, there’s no need to be blue, cause we have a Valentines solution ready for you!

Long distance relationships can be hard- ESPECIALLY on Valentine’s Day, the one day a year that love decides to puke all over everything in your immediate surroundings. If you ARE in a LDR,you’ve probably already mastered the long distance phone calls and the late night Snap Chats (NSFW?)- but if you’re looking to get a little creative this year, we’re here to share some tricks of the trade! Boy’s aren’t always the best at this stuff even when they live right around the corner, (sorry, guys) so why not take matters into your own hands and re-fuel the fire this Valentine’s day!

Love knows no boundaries-try out some of our new Valentine’s suggestions and of course our tried-and- true favourites!

1. Customized e-card

Photo: American Greetings

Photo: American Greetings

Time difference (or just lazy mornings) may have you waking up at different times. Want to start the day off right? Create a personal e-card with a special note, video message or heartwarming animation and have it sent in advance so when your love awakes, a piece of your heart is there waiting for them (awwwwwwwww).

2. On-The-Go Romance



For those busy couples who just can’t sit still- download the app Avacado and share pics, lists, dates and chats with your partner. Exchange your favourite moments and start to build your own online scrapbook (for their eyes only). No matter where you are, feel connected to your partner on Valentine’s Day and all year long!

3. Join the Boys Club and start Gaming!



So maybe you’re not a “Gamer”, as the kids are calling it these days, but why not indulge in a little friendly competition with your sweetie. Connect online and hang out in a virtual reality, maybe even make a supa sexy avatar version of yourself. You may surprise yourself and even turn your man on as you race him to the finish line. VROOM VROOM!!

4. Send your love up, up and Away

care package box

Photo: The Cutest Blog

You may still have time to send a little care package away for your man. The Cutest Blog on the block inspired us to get creative with these DIY love boxes. Find an old shoe box and decorate it with personalized messages to show your love just how much you are missing them.

5. Track down Love with a Scavenger Hunt



Chances are you have been to visit, so why not make a list of clues and send them on a little walk around the city to check out nostalgic locations, or new art displays. This may take a little effort (or even research if you have never been to visit) but if you decide to do it together you could rediscover what brought you together, and learn of new adventures for the future!

6. Thinking of You Playlist

We all have songs that remind us of our special someone, so why not put together a playlist that will take your partner down memory lane as they listen to the soundtrack of your relationship. It will definitely make the story books jealous! Need some help getting started? Stay tuned for our lovers playlist coming soon!

7. Spice up Dinner Time

FaceTime Dinner dates are always great but why not let the other person choose your meal? 1. Set up a time where you will both be at home and ready to eat 2. Place an order of your partners favourite food ( in their area) 3. Send it to their place while they do the same for you 4. Surprise your partner with dinner hot and ready! 5. Enjoy a candle lit dinner and some virtual table talk while you and your love enjoy your favourite meals ‘prepared’ by the other!

8. Lets get down to Distance!

Lets be honest, most long distance conversations revolve around the questions “When am I going to see you next?” or “Where are we going to meet?” Why not make the answers fun! Pick up a map of the world or speciality scratch map, and have some fun brainstorming with your partner about the places you would love to go together, and track the places you have been! Either scratch the map, or take pins and pin point your new travel destinations while reminiscing of old adventures.

9. Movie Night Delight



The night is winding down so why not pick one of your favourite movies and share a flick over Skype! Screen share the movie with your partner or coordinate a synched start from both ends. Our Valentines Day movie list will be sure to melt your heart regardless of the distance!

10. Lights Out!..Well Almost



Can’t go to sleep without saying goodbye? Well now you don’t have to. Get all cuddled up in your sheets and lay your laptop down in replacement of that other pillow and end the day with your Valentine by your side. This way it’s not goodbye, it’s goodnight. When you  awake with your partner will be near your side! WARNING: If they snore…well there is a volume button for that. Best of both worlds.

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