July 15, 2014

Smell-O-Vision: See by Chloe

All my life (K-CI & JOJO), I’ve loved honey. Next to roses (hi, cliché!), a jar of that saccharine stuff may just be my favourite thing in lyfe. SIDE ALERT: PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET HAVE MADE HONEY OUT OF ROSES (kindred spirits). But I digress. This post is not about DIY condiments, but about capturing a scent in both ~visual~ and ~written word~ form so you, dear readers, can truly essence-ize the perfume picture I’m painting. This time, we’ll be smell-o-vizing See by Chloe, which, to me, is bottled, sprayable, honey. Read on:





A song that plays in my head as I spray this perfume on my body:

Obviously, Mariah Carey’s Honey (a song whose music video introduced me to jet skis, dancing sailors and the term ‘honey-hued highlights’).



The smell of this perfume is like:

Throwing on a sun dress and red lipstick & greeting the day after a restful sleep in your all-white everything bricked bedroom (+ bed outfitted with 500-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and down filled pillows), because baby (bae), #youwokeuplikethis.


5 things that I think this perfume smells like:

– (Super?)model Bette Franke, THE FACE OF
– Karl Lagerfeld’s former Gramercy Park living room (facing the NORTH side; this is important)
– A sunflower, if it had a scent and wasn’t mostly seeds
– A bowl of lemons


Some commentary on the bottle (because superficial):

The bottle is shaped like what I imagine a birdcage looks like existing in an eccentric fashion madame’s home in Paris.


An outfit I would wear to match the scent of this perfume:

Anything from Chloe’s Fall 2014 collection (wat, design house-turned-perfume house represent). Polished with a punch, etc.


A haiku about how this perfume makes me feel like at night:

Girl dips spoon in jar

of honey, to dribble on

a midnight snack snack.


If I was wearing this perfume, I think _____ would dig me: (insert super sex celebrity male name here)

If I was wearing this perfume, I think super studly British fellow HUGO TAYLOR from Made in Chelsea (early seasons) would dig me.


Words I would use to describe this perfume to a toddler:

Twinkle, twinkle, little perfume. It’s bright, like you.


A memory that I want to make while wearing this perfume:

Owning a Samoyed puppy named Chez and making the streets of New York my ‘stomping grounds.’


What my cat thinks about this perfume:

He’s like it’s “meow-kay,” but that’s about it.

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