February 20, 2014

Makeup Trend To Try: Smoke Show

I think one of the reasons I’m always like, “OMG _____(blank celeb) is so perfect!!!! Why can I not look like her???” is because famous people always have a makeup artist on hand. The great part about this though, is that celebrities = nonstop beauty inspiration. They nail the looks so we can attempt to recreate them – and ~the smokey eye~ is the perfect example of this. Though the sultry style is a classic, finding th midst these endless shadowy eyes, I’m counting down my 5 favourite, none of which are Adam Lambert, I promise.




5. Keira Knightley

Source: StarsLife / Tumblr

In a style of eye makeup that everyone has attempted, Keira Knightly makes the cut for two words: Bottom Lashes.



4. Mila Kunis

Source: HubPages/Allure

Mila Kunis goes dramatic. Nothing about her eyes are downplayed, in fact I don’t think I’d be able to keep my lids open if I had on this much makeup. However, her dark features allow all that shadow to look like it belongs on her face, and it looks really, really, perfect.



3. Rooney Mara

Source: JustJared/Vogue

A Rooney Mara smokey eye may call to mind her homeless grunge-y look from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but her smokey red carpet eye is the one I’m obsessed with. Rather than typical greys, she stands out in a navy eye.



2. Ashley Olsen

Source: LouLouMagazine/SLSStyle

When is the Olsen twin seen without a smokey eye? I’m pretty sure she’s been rocking it since Full House finished taping and I’m personally thankful. Who else could we turn to in order to find a perfect combination of a black smoky eye and glowy face?



1. Beyonce

Source: TheBeautyNotes

A bold lip is tricky to pair with a darkly shaded eye. This is why (okay, one of a million reasons) Beyonce is the Queen of smoky eyes (not to mention, maybe everything).

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