April 21, 2015

Spring Resolutions: GO BRALESS


The best feelings: kicking off your heels after a night of dancing, getting under the covers after shaving your legs, and taking off your bra at the end of a long day. In the midst of the wave of feminist movements that have swept the internet and campaigns like #FreeTheNipple, we’re reassessing the politics that surround going braless.

So this spring, we’re encouraging our readers to try GOING BRALESS (or at least wearing less of a bra than you are currently). We’ve prepared a primer for all you ladies to tell you why and how to ditch your bras.

You woke up like this…BRALESS.

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There are no added health benefits of wearing a bra

In a recent study conducted by the University of Besançon in France, researchers concluded that wearing a bra does not reduce back pain and that wearing one actually encourages boobs to sag. The survey sampled 320 women from ages 18-35 and measured changes in the womens’ breasts over a 15-year period. While the survey sample is small, it’s still enough to make us wonder about a Wonderbra-less life.

Bras are uncomfortable

The notion of wearing something binding with wire across your chest seems unnatural, yet women have been subjecting themselves to this practice (read: torture) for centuries. This summer, ditch the extra layer or swap your bra out for a lace bralette. Added bonus: they’re cute as hell.

People need to stop being offended by boobs and nipples

Who decided that a woman’s nipples are inappropriate or offensive? They are just a part of a ~* Woman’s Anatomy *~. And if we’ve learned anything from the early seasons of Friends, it’s that a little visible nipple never hurt anyone.


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The simple answer is: WHENEVER YA PLEASE. The decision to wear a bra has nothing to do with the situational circumstances and relies solely on the autonomy and free will of any women at any time. Regardless, we’ve broken it down.

General consensus nipple-friendly situations:

•Music festivals/concerts
•The beach (and go ahead, wear a white bathing suit, who cares?)
•Your own home
•Camping and/or road trips (comfort over everything)
•Superbowl half-time shows

No nip zones:

•Any occasion where your grandfather might be present
•Job interviews (they can be distracting and the chances your interviewer might be a CHAUVINIST PIG are pretty high)
•First dates (If he’s looking at the goodies, tell him to keep on looking cause they stay in the jar)




Wear a bralette

They’re much more breathable and less restricting than regular bras with padding and underwire, but still provide the extra layer needed to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

Wear loose clothing

or layers. If you’re not comfortable with visible nipples, stick to looser, flowy tops.  Add a cardigan or kimono to your OOTD and strike the perfect balance between comfort and concealment.

Stop caring

Or at least care less about nipples. They’ve been scandalized by popular media and it’s time for us to stop tit-toeing (hehe) around the issue. RECLAIM THE NIPPLE.

We hope you’re convinced that braless is the new flawless. 

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