September 30, 2014

Lazy Girl Beauty Tip: Stick-on Nail Polish

Beauty is hard! You know what takes a lot of effort? Painting your nails! Seriously, painting each nail in the same direction then waiting for it to dry is tedious…Don’t forget to avoid things like scratching your head or going to the bathroom.  Anyway, we have the perfect solution: Stick-on nail polish. These babies look good, take minimal effort, and are super affordable.  Here are a few of the best styles to try!





Do you love donuts? Do you wish that every time you looked at your fingernails, you would be staring at a rainbow sprinkled donut? Well, try these because they look just as good and won’t make you feel about your life choices.


Leopard Print


Have you always wanted to try a fun animal print but didn’t feel confident enough to actually wear it? Why not be subtle and wear it on your hands! They can be also be used as a conversation starter: “You know what animal is (probably) soft? Leopards! Do you know what else is soft? My hands! Let’s hold hands!!!”



Do you want to look like your Mom’s craft supply kit exploded all over your nails? Try glitter nails! These look like you tried and will make you feel fancy~ without the mess.

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