February 27, 2012

HEADLINES: Gwyneth Rocks a Cape, Emma Stone is Adorable, and Jim Rash is GOD!

We will disagree about the Oscars all day; it’s inevitable. But one thing is for certain – Jim Rash is a God! I’ll wait while you watch the BEST part of the entire 3+ hour show … See, hilarious right? And on a night where Billy Crystal was kissing bum left, right and centre, it was refreshing comic relief. Jolie addicts – are we fighting already? (PopSugar)

The trailer is here. Movie: The Movie by Jimmy Kimmel starring … well, everyone! So meta it’s ridiculous. (People)

Bringing your slumdog to the Vanity Fair after party is becoming a trend. See: Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer circa 2009. (Daily Mail)

And the 2nd BEST moment of last night belongs to Emma Stone. This is how you do funny as a presenter! I’m looking at you Cameron Diaz and J.Lo! (BuzzFeed)

Did Georgina Chapman help her hubby last night by tricking Stacey Keibler into wearing this awful gold lame atrocity? I buy it. (Lainey Gossip)

I am SO curious as to what they talk about. Do they just brush off the A-Rod thing? Or do they bond over his douchiness and their joy of being rid of it? P.S. Whenever a dress features that nude fabric like on Kate’s dress, it immediately becomes a figure skating outfit to me, no? (The Sun)

Loved the Tom Ford cape. Hated the hair. REALLY hated that she labelled this look her, “Jackie O moment.” Gwyneth’s audacity continues to shock me … although I don’t know why. (FabSugar)

This is a double fail – for me – for my favourite fake friends. I hate Katie’s hair. And it is getting harder and harder for me to look at Posh. I bet you any money that’s a normal person belt she’s got looped around her waist twice. Gross. (Access Hollywood)

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June 6, 2011

The Jessicas Actually Have Smart Husbands, Reese Witherspoon Puts Sleazy Girls in Their Place and Lebanon Says No to ‘Born This Way’. These Headlines and More Right Here:

Want to see more Kobi Levi brilliance? Well, CNN sat down with Kobi to discuss his ‘shoe creatures’ and to pick his brain about his inspirations. I cannot decide whether ‘Market Trolley’ or ‘Dog’ is my favourite, but I definitely know ‘Blond Ambition’ freaks me right out. Betcha Whoopi Goldberg would go buck wild for these shoes; she’s got the funkiest feet around. (CNN)

Who knew that Jessica Simpson’s and Jessica Alba’s hubbys were both Ivy League educated? Seriously, I feel kind of bad for the prejudice but if you were to ask me whether or not Eric and Cash were smart, I would of said hell no. And if you asked me what school they went to, I would have assumed you were asking about high school, to which I would’ve said they probably dropped out. WOW I’m an ass. GO BULLDOGS! (Popsugar)

Oh good, Cameron Diaz and A-Rod did not break up, as rumoured. I was worried there for a minute about how the heck A-Rod was going to be able to eat popcorn going forward; but turns out his personal feeder has NOT resigned. (People)

Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley are having another baby mon. This will be their 6th child. Girl- you’re killing me softly with all these teasers of your come back, and giving birth to babies is getting in the way. Would you just reunite The Fugees already? Thanks. (Popeater)

Yes, the bitch is back! And I don’t mean Britney. Last night Reese Witherspoon, the girl with the best stink-eye in town, took aim at reality stars like Kim and Paris in her expectance speech at the MTV Movie Awards, and I loved it! She also gave some practical advice that Blake Lively immediately wrote down so she wouldn’t forget. If you are going to take a nudie pic with your cell, ‘hide your face!’ Duh! (US)

Hailee Steinfeld proves once again that she belongs on the red carpet. This suit is impeccable and she is so stunning I’m drooling. However I’m intrigued that she wore Louis Vuitton and not Miu Miu. Anyhow I am so excited about all the emerging young talent these days. Girls like Haliee, Elle Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen make me happy to forget out about Lindsay, Blake and Megan Fox. (Fabsugar)

FYI Lebanon: by banning Lady Gaga you just made her 100% more appealing to the youth of your country. Contraband is so hot right now. (Huffpost Entertainment)

Written by the ZOMG LOL ROFL funny Jessica Di Clemente – check her out if you want good abs.

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