September 2, 2014

FIT CHATZ: Barreworks with Aliya-Jasmine Sovani

FIT CHATZ: It’s kind of like chit chats except with fitness and a “z” for added visual interest. Get it? Anyway…

We constantly reiterate that there just aren’t enough hours in the day – and while we aren’t complaining (because we live each moment to the fullest and all that jazz lol), we wouldn’t reject a couple of extra hours if they happened to get tacked onto our day. Luckily for us, we’ve been reassured that we don’t need to sacrifice anything in our lives because “there isn’t enough time” (and we don’t have to sacrifice our necks a la Channing Tatum when we work out #relevant). So, without further ado, say hiiii to our good pal Aliya-Jasmine!

Much like we sat in on fitness routines with Phoebe + Lauren and Sharlene, we followed AJ to Barreworks on Queen Street West in Toronto – AKA the life-changing establishment that has managed to formulate a workout that uses mostly your own body weight to grow long and lean muscles using a ballerina’s barre. We know that school can be tolling, but any excuse to live out our dreams as a ballerina is a win in our (text)books! read more…

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February 1, 2013

How to Be: Betty & Veronica with the MAC Archie's Girls Makeup Collection

How could a jalopy drivin’ ginger from Riverdale score two of the hottest chicks in town? Your guess is as good as mine! My two favorite things about Archie Andrews were double digests and the rivalry between girl-next-door Betty Cooper and rich b*tch Veronica Lodge.  And now we can emulate either one (depending on our mood) with MAC’s Archie’s Girls collection! Aliya-Jasmine makes for a perfect sultry Ronnie and Liz is the quintessential Betty. Join us as we head over to the Choklit Shoppe for some fun makeup looks from the new collection! read more…

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December 30, 2012

Your 12 Favourite MTV FORA Posts of 2012

The time has come for us to bid adieu to 2012 and thank you all for another amazing year. Here’s some stuff that we put on the Internet this year… that you guys cared about: read more…

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November 12, 2012

A Quick Congratulations To Sabrina and Magalie!

Seems like ages ago we asked you guys to dance your way to a trip to Toronto, all expenses paid, a $500 shopping spree, and a day here with us at MTVWith your BFF. Baller status. Anyhow, we wanted to take a quick second to congratulate the Burst-A-Move winners whose moves were *the most* like Jagger – Sabrina and Magalie. read more…

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October 26, 2012

Mexican Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

If you’ve got a decent amount of skill and the desire to kill it with makeup this Halloween – you should probably give the Day of the Dead Sugar Skull a try. Lucky painted Aliya-Jasmine dead and lovely – and it’s creepy, awesome, and strangely beautiful. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need and how it’s done: read more…

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October 23, 2012

What's Your Dream Collaboration?

Fashion collaborations are clearly here to stay, from Jeremy Scott for Adidas to the much anticipated Maison Martin Margiela for H&M – these bad boys are popping up every other week. So, we got to thinking… in a perfect little fashion world, what would be our dream collaboration? They could be out-there crazy pairings or just two designers that we’d would love to see working together. We asked our sisters/sisters-from-different-misters – Sharlene Chiu, Aliya-Jasmine, Liz Trinnear, Sarah Taylor & Sheena Snively for their input on this pressing matter. read more…

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October 15, 2012

Party Pix: Rethink Breast Cancer's Camp Booby

Last year was a *BiRtHdAy PaRtY*. This year? Boobyball went to camp! Camp Boobyball. Check out the cute campers and counselors… and the other party-goers that didn’t dress up (BOO!) from Rethink’s annual fundraising Boobyball. read more…

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August 9, 2012

A Canadian In New York: Instagrahams!

We all love the poop out of Instagram. How else would anyone really know how much fun we’re having? Gone are the photo album uploading days of ye old Facebook. It’s all about insta-fun, hashtags and filters, talk only an Instagrammer or IGer would understand. You could imagine my giddiness then, when I found this place called Baking For Good. One of their ingenious services is called Instagrahams – and they really do taste like graham with that special hint of cinnamon! Cookies and Social Media in one delicious bite?? I had to know more. read more…

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July 13, 2012


Lucky has taught Aliya-Jasmine (and everyone around here) everything about makeup. Today, in an unusual turn of events, Aliya-Jasmine does Lucky’s makeup. And teaches you her ways.


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June 29, 2012

IN THE MAKEUP ROOM LUCKY: Line Your Eyes Like Aliya-Jasmine's

A lot of you have been tweeting at Lucky, asking how Aliya-Jasmine’s eyeliner gets did. Here’s your answer! read more…

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