November 26, 2013

Ponytails! An MTV FORA Look Book

The best thing about having long hair is being able to sweep all your hair follicles into a bunch and situate them on top/ on the side of your head. Of course, since we are super generous Internet people, sharing this simple life pleasure seemed like a necessity – so with the help of Civello Salon and AJ Sovani’s luscious hair, we bring you a look book of ~pop-y~ ponytails that are appropriate for any occasion! read more…

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June 21, 2013

Will You Be My BFF?

In true Fora fashion, we caught up with Liz, Phoebe, Sharlene, Nicole and Aliya-Jasmine (some of our REAL LIFE besties) to ask them who their hypothetical celebrity BFF would be. Though they didn’t say the members of One Direction like we originally hoped, they did rationalize their choices in a way that makes us want to do everything in our power to bring their #biffle dreams into fruition.

Though this hypothetical BFF question/situation has been weighing down on our minds for quite some time now (see: 1 and 2), we figured the best way to address these #issues/bring them to the public’s attention was to create this open letter of sorts and let Gwen Stefani, PSY, Solange, Selena Gomez & Paulina Gretzky that they’ve got some A+ humans that are totes #BFF material.
Who do you wish your BFF was? Us, maybe? Tell us: @MTV_FORA

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February 1, 2013

How to Be: Betty & Veronica with the MAC Archie's Girls Makeup Collection

How could a jalopy drivin’ ginger from Riverdale score two of the hottest chicks in town? Your guess is as good as mine! My two favorite things about Archie Andrews were double digests and the rivalry between girl-next-door Betty Cooper and rich b*tch Veronica Lodge. ¬†And now we can emulate either one (depending on our mood) with MAC’s Archie’s Girls collection! Aliya-Jasmine makes for a perfect sultry Ronnie and Liz is the quintessential Betty. Join us as we head over to the Choklit¬†Shoppe for some fun makeup looks from the new collection! read more…

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June 1, 2012

DAILY DIG + GIVEAWAY: Felony Case Studded iPhone Cases

Today’s Daily Dig comes in the form of Toronto-based Felony Case’s badass studded iPhone cases. And, because we love you, we’re giving two away. read more…

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March 10, 2011

How To: Dress For Your Body Type

Every girl has a different shape – every girl feels comfortable in different clothes. Katie, our resident stylist, shares her tips for dressing for your body type.

read more…

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