November 7, 2011

HEADLINES: Victoria’s Secret is Out, Rumer is All Tatted Up, and Lindsay Lohan is Laughing!

Victoria’s secret is out! And it’s worse than we thought. The pre-show Angel’s Diet consists of egg powder, no solids and gallons of water. Oh, except immediately before the show when they abstain from all drinking and eating entirely! Yeah … I’ll stick with food, thanks! I like eating WAY too much. (Huff Post Style)

Ladies – while we can’t show our support through facial hair growth, we CAN rock these super cute moustache nails. Check out the tutorial MOVEMBER it up! (

Leather alternatives never looked so cute. Rubber totes, like this one by Anya Hindmarch, are officially on my handbag bucket list! (The Purse Blog)

Check out the new site recently launched by Chanel called “Culture Chanel”. It’s being described as; “A well-designed pandora’s box of Chanel-ness.” Say WUT? What are you waiting for – that sounds amazing! (Fashionista)

Never EVER wear sateen. I know Bieber says; “never say never,” but trust me on this one! Case in point: Jennifer Garner. (PopSugar)

What the heck! Did she turn her body in a canvas overnight? I do not recall Rumer Willis having this many tattoos. But then again, how often does one pay attention to Rumer Willis? (Too Fab)

So Lindsay Lohan checks into jail and is released within 4 hours due to over-crowding. Her sentence was supposed to be 30 days long. Anddd the idiot gets the last laugh again! WOW her life makes me bitter! (People)

The more I find out about Prabal Gurung the more I fall in love. Like his ability to be so humble and grateful. It’s a rare trait in the fashion world. But Prabal’s praise of SJP and Amanda Seyfried is beyond classy and quite cute too! (Style Watch)

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October 18, 2011

HEADLINES: Nicki Minaj Does Lil’ Wayne, Miss Piggy is Draped in Designer Duds, and Blossom is Awesome.

Miss Piggy is having a serious fashion moment! With the new Muppet’s movie coming out soon our little Miss has been busy on the promotional circuit. From representing MAC to a fashion spread in In Style this little piggy is living in a sartorial dream. (The Cut)


Penn & Zoe are way more interesting than Penn & Blake. Yeah he is scruffier and his hair is too long but finally when I look at photos of him I don’t just see ‘Dan Humphries.’ Zoe is giving him an edge; an identity outside of Gossip Girl and I like it! (Popsugar)

According to Amanda Seyfried stunt heels are a thing. She explains to People magazine that, “they are half the size of the original design.” Okay, so essentially they are just shorter heels. What a tease, I thought she was implying they did magic or something! Bummer. (People)

Want to dress your lil ones like Kingston Rossdale? Because you should! That kid doesn’t just have style; he’s got swag!  No fear – Harajuku Mini for Target is here! Could those plaid pants be any cuter? (Lil Sugar)

Halloween Costume Idea: Nicki Minaj dressed as Lil’ Wanye! Our favourite Barb channels her fellow Young Money member in her new video for “Y.U. Mad.” Girl looks hot in dreads; is there anything she can’t pull of? The answer is no. (MTV Style)

One of our favourite girlies Chloe Moretz tells In Style that her mom still has final say on her wardrobe and does not let her buy designer clothes like Dolce & Gabbana.  In fact, Chloe says she still shops at the mall and frequents Urban Outfitters. How down-to-earth and refreshing! I’m looking at you Katie & Suri Cruise? (In Style)

Before she was on The Big Bang Theory or rocket scientist she was simply “Blossom.” And we loved her and her BFF Six dearly. Go back in time and appreciate 90’s style with Blossom’s fashion designer as she recounts what inspired the Awesome Blossom style. (Refinery 29)

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