February 27, 2016



With her signature winged eye liner and jet black poof, the edgy beauty graced the front of many covers in her time. We’re going ~back to black~ in this Amy Winehouse instalment of FORA NEWSSTAND.

~We only said goodbye with words~

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February 19, 2013

Infamous Celebrity Haircuts: The Good, The Bad, The Skrillex

Spring cleaning- a time to sort out your wardrobe and freshen up your look. After months of the winter winds taking a toll on your beauty routine, your hair is overdue for a lil TLC. If our spring break hair ideas didn’t send you running for the beauty supply outlet, maybe a ‘classic’ look is more your speed. Get inspired by these infamous celebrity hairstyles – the good, the bad, the Skrillex.

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June 21, 2012

HOW TO BE: A Modern Pin-Up Girl

Our image of beauty is changing again. Thin, blond and spray-tanned? Move aside! The buxom babe is here. Inspired by old issues of Playboy circa 1950, and photographs of Bettie Page, Bridgette Bardot and Marilyn Monroe, pin-up girl style is on the rise. No longer the cliche art for tattoos, the pin-up craze fills our sartorial needs, and our love for all things nostalgic. Shows like Mad Men, tumblrs like Vintage Sleaze, and online fashion stores like Bettie Paige Clothing have women everywhere are embracing the cheesecake image. We could learn a thing or two from modern day pin ups, like Lana Del Rey, Dita Von Teese, Christina Aguleria and Katy Perry.  They embody a womanly, curvy shape, have impeccable make up, and a quirky style. Though we feel it’s totes not approp to wear the faja, we do dig these pin-up inspired looks. read more…

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May 22, 2012

13 Celebrity Mugshots: A Gallery

Celebrities must be used to those cameras, what with the headshots, paparazzi, and photo shoots. But is anyone ever prepared for a mug shot? read more…

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January 27, 2012

HEADLINES: Mitch Winehouse Continues to Talk to the Media, Obama Makes Al Green Some Cash Money, and Jeremy Scott’s Designs Terrify.

Will Kopelman is pretty cute. I really hope this one sticks. But, knowing Drew, it won’t. Why must she marry everyone? (Popsugar)

Yikes! The Addidas Orignals x Jeremy Scott collection is here and well … it’s terrifying! Seriously, if anyone approached me wearing these suspender pants I would mace their ass and RUN! (High Snobiety)

Oh joy! There will be even MORE Kim Kardashian on television this summer. Ugh, haven’t we endured enough? All I’m saying is her character better have a crying scene, because watching Kim’s frozen face attempt to cry is the only way to find her entertaining.   (Too Fab)

When Obama sings it’s good for business. Just ask Al Green. He isn’t half bad either. I’ll take Obama singing over Stephen Harper singing any day of the week. (Huff Post Entertainment)

Mitch Winehouse is angered by Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘tribute’ to Amy in his recent couture show. He says it glamourizes the upsetting times in her life. Why? Because they were smoking? I don’t buy it. (Fashionologie)

So the rumours that Oprah was named Blue Ivy’s Godmother are false. Please tell me that does NOT mean its Gwyneth. By the way, when did Gayle’s sole job become being Oprah’s mouth-piece? Doesn’t she have like 10 publicists for that? (Styleite)

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December 7, 2011

HEADLINES: H&M Hates Real Women, Alec Baldwin Loves Words With Friends an Unhealthy Amount, and Nicole Richie May Be Heading to Halston.

Alec Baldwin was asked to leave an Amercian Airlines flight for playing “Words With Friends”. Alec’s rep explains, “Alec was asked to leave the flight for playing WWF while parked at the gate. He loves WWF so much that he was willing to leave a plane for it.” Now that’s SERIOUS love. (People)

H&M has admitted to sticking real model’s heads on computer-generated bodies. Seriously?!?! (Amy Pohler voice) And women are supposed to love their bodies and not be affected by unrealistic standards in the media? Thanks for making that impossible H&M. (Huff Post Style)

The Valentino Virtual Museum is finally here! Anddd it’s pretty much amazing! Click for the download. NOW! (

Amy Winehouses fashion legacy lives on with her last collection for Fred Perry. The collection is an ode to Amy’s love of the fifties. Peep the line here. We miss ya gurl! (Fashionista)

Rumour has it Nicole Richie is in talks to be the new face of Halston. The brand was recently abandoned by SPJ, Tamara Mellon, and Harvey Weinstein. Do you think Nic is into sloppy seconds? (ShowbizSpy)

Andre Leon Talley gives us some tips for saving money – Don’t spend on things you can get for free. Good advice; but we don’t work at Vogue where I assume the swag is out of control! (The Cut)

Dita Von Teese says being beautiful takes practice. Well then she must have been practising since birth cause girl is gorgeous! (People Style Watch)

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October 24, 2011


As a makeup artist, obviously Halloween is my FAVE.  So, over the years at MTV I’ve been more than pleased that all of my colleagues and MTV hosts are all super into Halloween as well.  I thought I would go back into the archives and give you a little retrospective of some of the Halloween makeup I’ve done over the years (and perhaps provide you with a little inspiration as well!) read more…

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October 5, 2011

Aliya-Jasmine Pays Homage to Amy Winehouse…

… with her face. Check out her impressive transformation for the Artbound Evolution of Pop Party below. Halloween costume, anyone? read more…

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August 5, 2011



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July 29, 2011

My Favourite Girl Babes Play Cover Girl for ‘Love’, Tim Gunn School Hilary Clinton on Style and Jessica Simpson Thinks We Care About Her Wedding. Style Headlines for Everyone!

Carrera y Carrera, a Spanish jewelry line, has hired Olivia Palermo to be the new face and spokesperson for their brand. Just throwing this out there, but what are the chances that Olivia actually speaks Spanish? Mmm … slim to none! (Popsugar)

Love Magazine has been slowly releasing its Sixth Issue covers and so far so GREAT. They started with my fave little sis Elle Fanning followed by the young and edgy Chloe Mortez. I dare you to guess who came next! Why my favourite it-girl of the moment Haliee Steinfeld of course. Drool. Check them out if you can handle it, lace, tears and all. (Fashionista)

Fred Perry is said to be holding back on releasing its collaboration with Amy Winehouse. With all due sympathy and respect, that’s the worst business decision I’ve ever heard! (Vogue)

Code Red! Jessica Simpson doesn’t have a wedding dress yet! This Defcon 5 shit! (People)

Ooo gurl! Oh no you didn’t! Tim Gunn has fighting words for Hilary Clinton. (Dlisted)

First Sean Avery and now Amar’e Stoudmire! NY athletes cannot resist their city’s passion for fashion. (Styleist)

The U.K. has banned a L’Oreal make-up ad featuring Julia Roberts. Really U.K.? Really? No leniency for Jules? Did you see Notting Hill? Gutless. (Huffpost Style)

A word of advice: if you haven’t already checked out Jessica Di ClementeDO.IT.NOW.

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