December 8, 2011

HEADLINES: ANTM is Rigged, Jesse James is Scum, and Angry Birds Couture is So Hot Right Now!

ANTM controversy erupts! Rumours are rampant that Angelea Preston (one of the 3 finalists this season) actually won the competition before she was disqualified. Therefore, forcing a re-shoot and the naming of a new winner; Lisa D’Amato. Poor Allison Harvard, nothing worse than losing TWICE. (People)

Jesse James is a pucking frick. There I said it (kinda). The world’s biggest douchebag is demanding his ex-fiancé Kat Von D return the $50,000 engagement ring he gave her last January. Classy as all hell, eh?. (Pop 2 It)

Would you wear an Angry Birds inspired dress? Well, if you are married to the CMO of Rovio; why the hell wouldn’t you? Pimp and preach gurl! Supportive wives everywhere take note. (Shine)

People are buzzing about the possibility of Ryan Seacrest replacing Matt Lauer on the Today Show. What are your thoughts? I don’t mind Seacrest really, but only because I can’t hate on a hustla! (The Hollywood Reporter)

Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover has been leaked. Leaked? It’s not like it’s an album or something. Is there really that much hype? And why does Ellen lover he off? Gah, whatevs. All I can think about is when the Spice Girls would perform “Naked” Remember that?  (The Insider)

Ooo I am loving this crimson lipstick of Kristin Cavallari. Perhaps she should consider wearing it for her re-wedding to her re-fiance Jay Cutler, to whom she recently got re-engaged. (FabSugar)

You can file this under “Cringe Worthy Americans”. Good Morning America is asking, “How young is too young to give your daughter a bikini wax?” According to some sick individuals 12-year-olds are fair game. I just puked in my mouth. (Jezebel)

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September 28, 2011

HEADLINES: Gucci is 90, ALT is OUT, and The Reverend’s Daughter is Naked!

Rumour has it that Andre Leon Talley will be making his exit from America’s Next Top Model fairly soon. They all leave Tyra eventually and who could blame them? I wonder who is harder to work for Anna Wintour or Tyra Banks; my money’s on Tyra! So who is slotted to replace ALT on ANTM? None other than Kelly Cutrone! I like this; maybe she can bring Tyra back down to earth. (The Cut)

So Duchess Kate Middleton hit up her local Topshop the other night. She gave the store no warning of her arrival and did not show up with any visible security. Because she’s just one of us right? So what did she buy? Probably the most boring Topshop pieces I’ve ever seen; proving my theory, yet again, that the Royals can’t dress themselves and lack any sense of style! Maybe less shopping for yourself and more service to your country? (People)

Rev Run’s coolest daughter, Angela Simmons¸ is the latest z-list star to bare it all for PETA. Looking good naked with a monstrous weave, Angela urges people to ‘go vegetarian’. Yeah no, sorry I won’t be giving up my cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets anytime soon. But I will say this; I miss Run’s House BIG TYME! (Too Fab)

Keith Richard’s wife (I’m sure she has a name, but would it make a difference?) has launched a handbag line. Seriously? Do these celebrity wives have nothing better to do? Just count your money, please! Hung on U is the brand, cross-body bags are the merch and Barneys is where you get the goods. (Popsugar)

Gucci just turned 90! Happy Day of Birth Gucci! To celebrate the brand opened a museum in Florence. Fun fact: The founder of Gucci was named ‘Guccio Gucci.’ Some parents are just mean. (The Daily Beast)

eBay has published a report about their best selling denim and guess which style came out on top? Wrong! It was boot-cut! Not skinnies like you were thinking! Nice try kid. (In Style)

Nicki Minaj hit up the iHeartRadio Festival this weekend sporting this unlikely necklace. Not a surprise coming from Nicki Nicki. Actually compared to what she wore at NYFW this is rather tame. Is it wrong that I think this Pepto-dipped chicken wing still looks delicious? (Refinery 29)

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