September 25, 2014

THROWBACK: The Backstreet Boys

The BSB were literally the pop sensation of the 90’s. From hit singles like Quit Playin’ Games (With My Heart) and Larger Than Life, these QT’s stole every girl’s heart (including mine). Their songs were the soundtracks to my soul as a child. However, looking back at their fashion statements is definitely questionable and I’ve caught a few (maybe more) giggles. I thought that together, we could take a look back at their most sensational fashion moments. An ode to the lover boys. read more…

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June 13, 2013

8 1/2 Summer Albums To Get Really Excited For

After you listen to all these very different but (equally thrilling) albums, you are going to look like this dude, alllll summer long. Regardless of your activity – riding your bike, drinking fun cocktails, hanging out at the beach in your beach swag etc, you won’t be able to get enough. You might even listen to these songs on repeat because getting sick of them seems like an impossibility… thattttt’s how good they are! #facts #goodthingsforyourears #getexcited read more…

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June 11, 2013

Whatever Happened To: Aaron Carter

He once made your heart skip a beat (don’t lie – we all know it’s the truth), he may even still have that power over you. You wanted to go to his parties, you wanted to meet his older brother, you wanted to stroke his pale hair, you pretty much wanted to be “one less lonely girl” but not with the Biebes, we get it. However, I haven’t really noticed that spiked up platinum blonde do on the scene in a while, have you? Aaron? Aaron, where are you? Is the party still at your place tonight? I am going to do my very best job at being a private investigator, so let’s look at what we know. Here are the facts: read more…

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April 18, 2013

20 Years: A Brief History of the Backstreet Boys


Fact: being a 90’s kid was the best. You hear it time and time again, but it’s just because it’s the honest truth. An era of slap bracelets, Tamagotchis & jelly shoes — what more could a kid possibly ask for? Oh wait, I know!!! How about 5 boys with great hair, who 1) happened to look great in sleeveless shirts and 2) could dance perfectly in-sync? Oh, wait…we had that too. Oops.

Fast forward to 2013: a very important year for some very important boys. Going by the name of The Backstreet Boys, this quintet will be celebrating their 20 year anniversary come April 20th. They’ve already been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame (and will be receiving their very own star for later this year), but all of this sounds so insignificant when you think of the fact that BSB’s have been around for 20 years. 20 years!!!! I’m clearly having a hard time wrapping my head around this #fact, so let’s just celebrate this momentous event together by taking a look through the years of arguably the best outcome of the 90’s. read more…

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