December 22, 2011

11 Nip Slips That Happened in 2011

The nipple slip. Living proof that God exists & he is heterosexual MAN. read more…

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September 30, 2011

HEADLINES: The Satorialist Gets Bitchy, Holly Madison’s Boobs Get Insured, and Balenciaga has Bench Issues (or do they?)

It was standing room only at the Balenciaga fashion show in Paris yesterday, and it wasn’t a good thing. Due to faulty benches (really guys? get your shit together!) the famous front row were forced to stand throughout the duration of the show. The collection ultimately got rave reviews and the publicity this story is receiving makes me wonder if it was all planned. You can’t trust anyone these days! (HuffPost Style)

Geez, Scott Schuman (better known as The Sartorialist) is really starting to get on my nerves! Even though he shares my annoyance with Tavi he is pretty gutless in expressing it. Bullying against children is SO not cool Scott. NOT COOL! Neither is bragging about your success, for that matter.  (The Cut)

So Kim Kardashian wore this to go bowling! Stop pretending that you hate when people talk about your sex-appeal; you’re asking for it! Seriously if you cry one

time over a ‘revealing’ photo shoot I will shoot you in the head. Not literally; I don’t think I would thrive in jail. (The Superficial)

Why can’t men just be straight up about their baldness? This is why I respect Prince William; the only reason really. Because he rocks his bald spot with dignity. John Travolta take note dude; you’re not fooling anyone. You’re not fooling anyone, about ANYTHING! (The Daily Beast)

Holly Madison has reportedly insured her breasts for a cool $1 mil. I am confused as to how this works. How much is her premium? I don’t know a lot about breast implants, but don’t they age and need to be replaced? That’s what the Real Housewives of OC say anyway and they are as good a source as any, I mean, their all 90% plastic. (Pop 2 It)

Bar Refaeli recently posted a picture of her eating ice cream at a Spanish amusement park. And then she promptly threw it in the garbage because she doesn’t ACTUALLY eat ice cream. (@BarRefaeli)

A more perfect family could not possibly exist. I die for Harlow completely. And why is it that the longer Joel Madden is with Nicole Richie the more attractive he becomes to me? Hmm, weird. Anyway, great outfit on Nic as freaking usual. She really does have the best street style; for LA anyways. (Popsugar)

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September 23, 2011

HEADLINES: Bar Refaeli Sells her Smell, FNO May Be Dunzo and Anna Wintour Thinks She's A Joker.

Anna Wintour seems to have found her sense of humor recently. The Queen reportedly convinced Hamish Bowles to audition for the new season of X-factor for an article that will appear in the new issue of Vogue. So what song do you think Hamish chose for his time in-front of Simone and Paula? Why Britney Spears of course! (The Cut)

Rumour has it that Fashion’s Night Out is kaput as retailers complain the event is too much work and too little pay-off. Will fashion week be the same without its big kick-off? (Refinery 29)

The couple that dresses together … stays together? ‘Brangelina 2.0’ took a trip to the LA Zoo looking every bit the old married couple. Grumpy faces and all! (Popsugar)

Bar Refaeli pimped her new Escada fragrance in Barcelona while wearing some HUGE pink pants. Is Sephora going to expand to include a celebrity fragrance section? Because it’s about that time! (Celebrity Gossip)

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have announced that they will be folding their D&G diffusion line and combining it into their high-end Dolce & Gabbana line in the following seasons. So basically they are done with creating affordable fashion? Awesome! (Daily Mail)

Ex-Halston CEO Bonnie Takhar will be moving to London to transition into a role at Charlotte Olympia. Risky move by the British footwear brand considering how fast Halston tanked! (Elle UK)

The stars all came out to support Alexa Chung and her second collection for Madewell at a party in LA last night. Praise for the line is high as eager shoppers actually crashed Madewell’s website yesterday. Sure the stuff looks good but ‘crash-a-website’ good? Not so sure. (Glamour)

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