March 3, 2015


main edit spring break‘It’s going down, I’m yelling TIMBERR’…as we all hit the pillows hard after our week off. There is no denying the fun that has been had at the beaches, the pools, the parties, the beaches, the pools, the parties ( yes, you deserve a gold medal for the rallying) but our bodies can take a hit, leaving us struggling to get back to the real world. BOOOO.

Reset, Refresh, Rejuvenate‘ is what we need to be chanting for the next week and here is how you do it:

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July 30, 2014

How To: Avoid Horrible Tan Lines

Summer is here and you’re spending all day tanning in your backyard or swimming at the beach. You’ve shopped for extremely cute tops and shorts, summer dresses and sandals… but you totally forgot about the extremely horrible tan lines you get in the sun! No worries though, there are plenty of ways to avoid the horrible tan line business and still look cute. After many years of dealing with the sock and tank top farmers tans, I have a few tips to help you avoid the embarrassment of not being able to wear a dress due to your discolouration. read more…

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July 23, 2014

How To: Look Good Out Of Bed


We’ve all been there – and by “there” we mean pressing the snooze button multiple times until you wake up late for work/an exam/a date. Forget about looking presentable, let alone brushing your teeth (yuck) because you’ve got to haul a$$! Well… you know this is all avoidable… right? Here are some quick tips to looking your best out of bed! read more…

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July 15, 2014

Lazy Girl's Guide to a Flawless Looking Summer

Summertime conjures up idyllic images of late nights, a lack of inhibitions, and lingering goodbyes.  Although all those things might be true, summer is REALLY just a time when lethargy kicks in and you’re too sweaty to care about what make-up is on your face. If you want that ~put together~ look without all the effort, follow these quick tips: read more…

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April 21, 2014

FYI: Lessons From My Prom

Way back when in the old days (jk, last year) I went to prom and some very clear “I wish I would have __________” lessons were established. Everyone tells you to take lots of pictures, wear a corsage, and dance to early 2000s Bey, but there are a few other tips I wish I’d known. Although many things have changed since *2013* (like how ombre hair is no longer worn by everyone), much is the same. Something will probably go terribly wrong during your getting-ready process, the DJ might not get around to playing the best song ever that you requested, and your date might be MIA by 11 pm. Regardless, prom is your last official high school bash, and these lessons will help you make it memorable in a good way. read more…

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February 27, 2014

Lucky's Beachy Beauty Essentials

After MONTHS of wishful thinking and battling a polar vortex, SPRING IS HERE!!!! No more losing mittens and ruining a good hair day with a toque! This spring’s beauty trends are gorgeously optimistic and the perfect way to celebrate ~spring break~. Here are my must-haves to look gorgeous and on trend while we enjoy some sunshine! read more…

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February 13, 2014

HOW TO: Make Art On Your Head (With Bobby Pins)

It seems like whenever I buy a package of bobby pins, 95% of them go missing within a few weeks. This is probably due to both my inability to put them back when I’m done wearing them and my need to try out 1500 different ways to decorate my head with them. Bobby pins may have been invented to plunge hidden from sight into the depths of our sock buns, but they can also be worn so that they are visible in a ton of cool ways. From the simple to the space-age (see above), here are a few ways to let your bobby pins see the light of day. read more…

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February 10, 2014

Your Comprehensive Guide To: Wearing Things On Your Head

It’s wintertime in the city, and that means the arrival of one thing that every self-respecting individual detests most. Nope – it’s not the slushy streets or blustering winds, but the oh-so-dreaded hat hair.

Okay, okay. Is hat hair really that bad? The static look can definitely come in handy in certain situations – at a science convention, perhaps, or when you’re taking the subway alone and want to avoid any and all potential conversations with strangers. But for the most part, winter hair is a bother – and that’s exactly why I’ve compiled this handy list of headwear & hairstyle combinations to keep you looking cute and unruffled through the next fews months of winter hell bliss. You may even be tempted to wear things on your head all year round! read more…

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February 6, 2014

Beauty R00Lz: Fake Freckles

I’ve always wanted a strategically placed mole or a peppering of freckles across my nose – sans any UV damage. But is coveting freckles a case of envying the (seemingly) greener pastures from my current standing point? Probably. Thankfully, with makeup I can try the look out and decide if this desire is warranted or not.

The beauty rule I’m breaking this week: Don’t draw temporary spots on our skin for no reason (I guess?). read more…

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February 4, 2014

HOW TO: Keep Your Skin ~Glowy~ In an Arctic Vortex

The days are getting colder, our skin is getting duller…GUYS! IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY! We can still have that supermodel (k, almost) glowy skin during the winter if you follow a few easy beauty commandments. Keep reading for the tips that will make your skin glow like diamondz in da sky! read more…

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