November 25, 2014

BFF Bonding

Any girl with a true BFF knows the title entails so much more than just having just a number one pal. Your best friend has been there for you on every occasion: supporting you when you accidentally liked your crush’s profile picture from 3 years ago, being a wing woman extraordinaire, and having your back when you’ve got food stuck in your teeth. The amount of incriminating photos, videos and text messages you have of each other alone is reason enough that you two will stay best friends for the rest of your lives (keep your friends close and photo evidence from your awkward stage CLOSER). Celebrate your magical bond with these activities made X100000 better when done with a BFF. read more…

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July 9, 2014

5 Celeb Best Friendships That I Wish I Could Infiltrate


Hollywood seems like it has a small social circle, doesn’t it? Celebrities are often seen strolling around town with a new BFF every other day or side eye their once proclaimed best bud over social media (e.g. Selena and Taylor/Demi, Katy and Ri-Ri, etc.). I guess that’s the circle of life… but I can’t help but wonder what it is celeb BFFs do on the daily and wish I were apart of it (Cara+Krizia+Rihanna=4eva)! But for real, who wouldn’t want to go on a road trip with Karlie and Taylor (and talk about Harry Styles)?! Here are 5 celeb BFFs that I would infiltrate… read more…

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March 7, 2014

7 Things Zoe Kravitz And I Could Do On Spring Break Together

If I could think of someone that I could potentially want to be, that someone would be Zoe Kravitz. Muse to my favourite designer (Alexander Wang in case ya didn’t know), daughter of Lenny Kravitz…those should be enough anecdotes in demonstration of why she is unimaginably cool and awesome. Since it is definite that I could never BE her, I do feel that there is a strong possibility that we could eventually become friends. I have so much belief in this potential connection that I’ve imaged what we do if we were to attend a Spring Break Vacation together. To further add ~dimension~ to this concept, I’ve created some relatable pictorial representations of activities that Zoe and I could do on spring break together. read more…

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August 1, 2013

FYI: Model BFF Moments

It’s only natural that after constant fittings, nights out and runway-induced panic attacks, models end up becoming BFFs. They are real people too – and assumed cattiness aside, it should be no surprise that as time goes on, they end up liking each other. Plus, they all have “ins” everywhere (and it’s much easier to attend events when you don’t have to convince the party host to let your “sorry, who?” friend in at the door). There is a long list of BFF models who have enjoyed the spotlight together, so let’s explore! read more…

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June 27, 2013


Best friends are hard to come by… so if you’ve got one, you’re going to want to hold onto them FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. And while you’re holding on to them (in hopefully non-creepy ways), you’re also going to want to dress like them… because why not?

We’ve rounded up four pairs of IRL BFFL’s – showcasing gals who have found each other through work/play, music/fashion/general awesomeness, and have been bonded together by real/faux sisterhoods. As our BFF appreciation month draws to a close, remember to celebrate your best friend – or at the very least, celebrate these ones. read more…

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June 25, 2013

Friendship Bracelets: Take Your Bracelet Game To The Next Level

Best friends are the closest thing to family (besides family) that a girl or guy has in life. From when we were wee little tots, we wanted to represent this bond by holding hands, sitting next to each other everyday at the picnic tables during recess, and even having exclusive play dates (which may or may not have changed up until now). However, we aren’t little kids anymore, and that’s fine because we can now celebrate this friendship with something a little more ~age appropriate~. And what better way to solidify that cooler-than-you factor (that every best friend duo MUST possess) than through friendship bracelets?! Nothing, that’s what! read more…

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June 23, 2013

Sunday Morning Moodboard: Enviable BFFs

On the first day of school, your mother likely assured you that you’d make plenty of friends – and she was probably right. As you continued to grow up, life got more complicated and it seemed that the kids got meaner. You hit high school, and somewhere between the catty b!tche$ and backstabbing school girls you probably realized that these magical beings (BFFs) everyone’s raving about aren’t so easy to come by.

In honor of all the lucky BFFs (particularly the ones whose friendships we envy), we’ve put together this moodboard to celebrate the sexy, powerful, and everything in between BFFs. We hope that someday we will find our special someone too! read more…

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June 17, 2013

To My Future BFF: Cara Delevingne

Hey. It’s me again. I already showed my true (creepy) colours when I outlined 8 Things That Chloe Moretz And I Could Do If We Were Best Friends, and although my mom wasn’t too pleased with the fact that I shattered my “normal girl” facade, I ended up being pretty proud of the fact that I was able to seamlessly claim the hypothetical title of “Creepiest and Most Publicly BFF-Deprived Human On The Planet.”

With that said, I’ve decided to push my luck a little…closer to restraining order…and set my public sights on another ~totes BFF-material~ blonde beauty who is essentially in the same coolness vain as Chloe G, but has 1) really intense eyebrows and 2) is British (which obviously gives her +10 face/cool points – SRY CHLOE). She goes by the name of Cara Delevingne, and besides being everyone’s consistent model-y favourite, is 97.7% most likely my near-future BFF. If you’re up for the challenge, read along to figure out how we can (maybe) duke it out to steal the other half of Cara D’s #biffle necklace from Rita Ora – and if you’re not, then you can observe the beginning of a beautiful friendship on a first-handed basis. You’re welcome! read more…

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June 12, 2013


You don’t have to be queen B or queen S to know that everything is a lot more fun when you’re with your BFF. That is why breaking it down on the d-floor to this week’s mixtape should be performed while in the company of your go to girl (or guy). What better way to celebrate BFF appreciation month than groovin’ out with your #1 pal?! And remember, all *true* best friends have a “best friend” dance, so you better get on that! read more…

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April 30, 2013

8 Things Chloe Moretz And I Could Do If We Were Best Friends

Source: Nylon Mag

I have a confession to make: There have been multiple occasions where I’ve found myself absentmindedly perusing various Internet Website dedications to (former) blonde teenage beauty, Chloe Grace Moretz. I couldn’t tell you why so much of my time was invested to fetes so ostentatious, but now that those hours of my life have long-departed, I regret nothing.

Let me clarify that all of this Internet-creepage was done in the least weird way possible, as my dedication stems from pure admiration, good intentions, and not inappropriate obsession. Either way, each paragraph that I skimmed (at length) informed me that the teenage superstar frequently replies to the tweets of strange humans. “That could be me!” I exclaimed. And thus, this series of anecdotes has become semi-relevant, and my determination to become best friends with Chloe Moretz has now become a public idea that I hope can be shared amongst ourselves and our relevant social circles. To further add ~dimension~ to this very understandable topic, here are some pictorial executions of things that Chloe and I could do together once we’re #besties…so…I hope you enjoy! read more…

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