July 3, 2013

BFFL: Beauty Edition

You’re always happiest around the people you care about most, and your unconditional BFFL is obviously no exception. Whether you’re dressing in a coordinated fashion, jamming out to your dedicated #friendship playlist (because that’s a thing, right?), or sharing beauty tips and tricks, there’s nothing quite like the company of the ladygirl you care about most. Straight from our BFFL Look Book comes an up close and personal look at the inner (and outer) beauty of these IRL BFFs (and also an important observatory look at Lucky’s #factual face wizardry). read more…

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June 27, 2013


Best friends are hard to come by… so if you’ve got one, you’re going to want to hold onto them FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. And while you’re holding on to them (in hopefully non-creepy ways), you’re also going to want to dress like them… because why not?

We’ve rounded up four pairs of IRL BFFL’s – showcasing gals who have found each other through work/play, music/fashion/general awesomeness, and have been bonded together by real/faux sisterhoods. As our BFF appreciation month draws to a close, remember to celebrate your best friend – or at the very least, celebrate these ones. read more…

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June 24, 2013

3 Things You Definitely Have To Do With Your BFF This Summer

Other than hot sunny days, BBQ’s, patios, and beaches, do you know what makes summer amazing?! DOING SUMMER STUFF WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND! How else are you going to come up with endless inside jokes and hilarious Vines/Instagrams where you get to show off how awesome your friendship is? I can’t imagine summer without my best friend to get amped with, so here is my personal list of THE TOP 3 THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND THIS SUMMER! read more…

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June 17, 2013

To My Future BFF: Cara Delevingne

Hey. It’s me again. I already showed my true (creepy) colours when I outlined 8 Things That Chloe Moretz And I Could Do If We Were Best Friends, and although my mom wasn’t too pleased with the fact that I shattered my “normal girl” facade, I ended up being pretty proud of the fact that I was able to seamlessly claim the hypothetical title of “Creepiest and Most Publicly BFF-Deprived Human On The Planet.”

With that said, I’ve decided to push my luck a little…closer to restraining order…and set my public sights on another ~totes BFF-material~ blonde beauty who is essentially in the same coolness vain as Chloe G, but has 1) really intense eyebrows and 2) is British (which obviously gives her +10 face/cool points – SRY CHLOE). She goes by the name of Cara Delevingne, and besides being everyone’s consistent model-y favourite, is 97.7% most likely my near-future BFF. If you’re up for the challenge, read along to figure out how we can (maybe) duke it out to steal the other half of Cara D’s #biffle necklace from Rita Ora – and if you’re not, then you can observe the beginning of a beautiful friendship on a first-handed basis. You’re welcome! read more…

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June 14, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: BFF Edition!

Someone, somewhere once said that two is better than one – so in light of ~appreciating BFFs~, this week’s edition of street style snaps had us chasing stylish duos – asking them (politely) if we could join them in their fashion-y #biffle activities. Joking. Partially.

Whether they unknowingly coordinated their outfits or knowingly coordinated their musical choices, these pairs make us want to grab our own BFFs and tell them that we love them…in all their BFF-worthy glory ^_^. read more…

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June 12, 2013


You don’t have to be queen B or queen S to know that everything is a lot more fun when you’re with your BFF. That is why breaking it down on the d-floor to this week’s mixtape should be performed while in the company of your go to girl (or guy). What better way to celebrate BFF appreciation month than groovin’ out with your #1 pal?! And remember, all *true* best friends have a “best friend” dance, so you better get on that! read more…

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June 10, 2013

Things I Learned From "Friends" About Friendship & Beyond

True friendship is getting ordained on ~the internet~ so that you can officiate your BFFs’ wedding. Or at least…that’s friendship according to Joey Tribbiani, armature Ministainer. Aside from the ex-soap star’s highly articulate and *clearly* extensively researched life lessons, the sitcom chronicling the most iconic camaraderie on air EVER taught me everything I needed to know about  <3 friendship <3 and beyond! Following is a lesson on friendship as told by the six Manhattaners that ruled primetime for ten wondrous years. RIP The One With The Funniest Jokes and Bestest Friends (aka best show ever). read more…

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