July 6, 2017

Five Times Our Prime Minister Was The Hottest

We’ve been feeling extra patriotic this year for a number of reasons—one of them being the fact that our Prime Minister is a ~b-b-b-b-abe~. Not even looking to politics right now, just into his enchanting eyes. Check under the cut for highlights of his hottest moments and ~ swoon ~ with us.

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July 29, 2014

Hey Evan Peters, I've Got A Crush On U

Do YOU remember The Days? Phil of the Future? Sleepover? Never Back Down? The common denominator in this list, aside from being mediocre (sorry), is the adorable Evan Peters. He’s well known for his reoccurring role in the anthology series, American Horror Story, where throughout the seasons he’s played: a psychopathic (yet weirdly attractive) ghost, a wrongly accused serial killer, and a Frankenstein-esque frat boy. If you STILL haven’t heard of him, get on Google right now and prepare to ~swoon~. Here are a few reasons why I <3 him and you should too… read more…

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February 19, 2014

BE MINE, BEARD: Viggo Mortensen Edition

Greetings, beardos. The Gregorian calendar tells me that Valentine’s Day just past. Know where I spent this international day of romance and lust? MIDDLE-EARTH.

That’s right, hobbits. Hope you’re in the mood for a magical journey to Gondor because the rightful king is waiting and his beard cannot – and will not – be denied. read more…

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February 5, 2014

10 Reasons We Will Always Heart Band Boys

Whether you choose to admit it to yourself or to live your life in denial: you will always (secretly or otherwise) be madly in love with boys in bands. If you’re still pretending you don’t agree (and are therefore likely not of this planet) here are the 10 reasons band boys will always have our hearts. Not to torture a cliché or anything… read more…

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