July 6, 2017

Five Times Our Prime Minister Was The Hottest

We’ve been feeling extra patriotic this year for a number of reasons—one of them being the fact that our Prime Minister is a ~b-b-b-b-abe~. Not even looking to politics right now, just into his enchanting eyes. Check under the cut for highlights of his hottest moments and ~ swoon ~ with us.

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December 15, 2014

Disney Baes Revisited


No love is quite as strong, desperate, and unrequited as your first crush. Nearly ten years later, just the mention of these boys can make your entire stomach flip over and your heart nearly explode with true looooove. And no place was as abundant with baes as the Disney channel – your one-stop-shop for childhood crushes. The only thing better than falling in love for the first time? Reliving the dreamiest of the dreamy over and over again. read more…

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September 11, 2014

FACE TIME WITH FORA: Devendra Banhart Edition

Remember BE MINE, BEARD? Same. Those were the best of times and also the really best of times – as objectifying facial hair on pretty faces is one of our favourite pastimes.

Naturally, as an homage to the aforementioned, the third installment of FACE TIME WITH FORA /had/ to revolve none other than our Venezuelan dream boy, Devendra Banhart: the man with the best beard. Peruse: read more…

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September 3, 2014

5 Times Jamie Dornan Was Really, Ridiculously Good Looking


For those of us who didn’t (and still don’t want to) read 50 Shades of Grey, the news that the crazy popular book was being made into a movie stirred zero excitement within our souls. However, when the news later broke that the lead actor was going to be Jamie Dornan, those of us who have loved him since he appeared in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, found that our level of excitement increased automatically. The adorable – nay, smoking hot – Irish actor is just so dang easy on the eyes, we’ve decided to highlight his most glowing moments.  read more…

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September 2, 2014

5 T-Shirts I Want To Be


There’s nothing more classicly beautiful than a perfectly cut, plain, white t-shirt. Whether it be oversized or fitted, sleeves rolled, or tucked in – a white tee can make for a major fashion moment. In my opinion (and surely I’m not the only one), nothing looks better on a cute dude than a simple white t-shirt. A simple tee signifies that the guy is unfussy (bonus), confident that he doesn’t require any bells and whistles to get your attention, and in some scenarios, does an amazing job of showcasing the guy’s toned arms (without being too showy). There are some lucky t-shirts in particular that I wouldn’t mind personally being. Yes – it’s a little strange to wish to be an inanimate, 100% cotton item, but take a look at these examples and I think you’ll catch my drift. read more…

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August 20, 2014

FACE TIME WITH FORA: Josh Hartnett Edition

The best ideas always come about after two too many coffees and general mid-day restlessness. So when I turned to Jen and made a promise to ideate a good post concept revolving around Josh Hartnett’s perfect, angelbaby face, it seemed only natural that poetry (of all calibers) came into play. A haiku? A sonnet? Prose with an AABB rhyming scheme? All happily welcomed, all forcefully forced upon 6 members of the FORA team (plus one random, *anonymous* straight male ghost writer).

Welcome to FACE TIME WITH FORA – a really perfect, charming, and perfectly charming series that (nicely and non-offensively) objectifies the best (male) celebrity faces in the world. I’m not sure why Josh Hartnett is the first feature of this segment, but shhh donut complain – just prepare your bodies for MARRIAGE. Bai. read more…

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August 19, 2014

Funny Guys Rule: Hottest Comedians

What’s hotter than a guy who can make you laugh? I guess the answer would probably be a guy who can make you laugh…who just so happens to be really really good looking. Let’s all pause life for a minute and fantasize about these gorgeous funny men, shall we? read more…

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July 29, 2014

Hey Evan Peters, I've Got A Crush On U

Do YOU remember The Days? Phil of the Future? Sleepover? Never Back Down? The common denominator in this list, aside from being mediocre (sorry), is the adorable Evan Peters. He’s well known for his reoccurring role in the anthology series, American Horror Story, where throughout the seasons he’s played: a psychopathic (yet weirdly attractive) ghost, a wrongly accused serial killer, and a Frankenstein-esque frat boy. If you STILL haven’t heard of him, get on Google right now and prepare to ~swoon~. Here are a few reasons why I <3 him and you should too… read more…

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June 13, 2014

FYI: What Cute Boy Celebrities Would Look Like in Guy Fieri's Outfits


Are you in a study rut? School is coming to an end for some of you, which also means you can’t help but day dream about your favourite celebrities riding off into the sunset with you. When instead, you should be memorizing formulas. We have the perfect remedy for you.. To get your head out of the gutter, we have gone through the trouble of editing your fave ~dreeaaaamy~ dudes and putting them in cringe-worthy Guy Fieri outfits. Once you’re done reading this post, you won’t have to ever worry about fantasizing about Ryan Gosling ever again! Love, peace and taco grease!!1!! read more…

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May 30, 2014

Which Joseph Gordon-Levitt Character Is Your Perfect Boyfriend?

I don’t care who you are – no one can argue that Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t hands down the most adorable boy on the planet. He is basically the definition of someone you should bring home to your mother. If you’ve ever wondered which JGL character would make your perfect boyfriend, your prayers have been answered! By me! Yay! read more…

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