August 15, 2013

12 Highschool Movies That Make Us Want To Go Back-to-School

I don’t care what those Staples commercials say; back-to-school is NOT the most wonderful time of the year. All that homework business and the paper-bag lunches can’t be good for a growing teen. Then again, after watching Heath Ledger bust a move mid-soccer practice does make you yearn for the blackboard, varsity jackets, and those mini pizzas they make in the school caf on Tuesdays…if only just a little.

The film genre of high school movies – though largely existing in the 90s – is full of horror tales that’ll make you wanna drop out and swear off plaid minis + knee-highs for the rest of your life. Every once in a while though, you’ll come across a film that actually, kinda, just maybe, makes you wanna hit the books. PLUS, In the true spirit of back-to-schoolism, there’s a lesson to be learned from every one of them. Filled with plenty of “whatever happened to so-and-so” moments, here’s our countdown of 12 high school movies that actually make us wantto go back-to-school. Mean Girls not being one of them for obvious reasons… read more…

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February 22, 2013

R.I.P. Red Carpet Couples of Yesteryear

Ah, the days of Jen & Brad. Sometimes even the most divine couples collide with the hardships of reality, and these fairytale love stories come to a bitter end. It’s devastating, for them and us. Fortunately, there’s almost always another equally divine and beautiful being willing to swoop in and mend our broken hearts. So let us remind you of these Oscar-worthy duos who once graced the red carpets & where (or who) they stand with today: read more…

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September 24, 2012

5 Ways To Get Your Bangs Cut

Should I get bangs? What do we think about bangs? Bangs?! – said every girl, ever.  Before you commit to the cut, here are some inspirational images to help you find that fantastic fringe. read more…

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February 29, 2012

HEADLINES: J.Lo Protects Her Man Bits, Snooki is Knocked Up, and ‘That Face’ Returns to SNL.

This is a really good question. One I ask myself everyday. Watching her trying to act on SNL this week will be better than watching Kimmie K trying to cry. (US Weekly)

There’s a meatball in oven? Oh dear lord, it’s procreating! (People)

I’m gonna say it before Suri’s Burn Book does. Sunday Urban has got to be the WORST dressed Celebutot. She’s so … homely. (PopSugar)

It’s offensive as hell, sure, but does that make it less true? (TMZ)

Okay so for those of you keeping track – my Lezzie List now reads; 1) Kate Upton, 2) Rihanna (only at the Grammys/horrible taste in men aside), 3) Angie’s Right Leg. (BuzzFeed)

I’m sorry, but does the thought of J.Lo having male genitalia turn anyone else off? No … just me? (Styleite)

Gwynie is producing a musical with Ryan Murphy starring all her besties. Yawn. Although why Paltrow, Witherspoon, and Diaz would want to sing in a movie co-staring Beyonce is beyond me! (Elle)

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February 28, 2012

HEADLINES: Natalie Has Secret Wedding, J.Lo Has a Big Mouth, and Uma is Pregnant at 41.

Probably one of the juiciest articles I’ve ever read. In 1998, before she was “Jenny from the Block” “J.Lo” or half of “Bennifer” – she was a shit talker with an ego the size of her azz. And that’s a BIG azz. (Movieline)

Nothing says romance like “recycled platinum” and “conflict free diamonds.” Ugh even her jewellery is annoying and pretentious. (US Magazine)

It seems that The Carrie Diaries is a go – despite the fact that no one cares about Sex and the City anymore and the franchises’ last film was an embarrassment and a disgrace. Regardless, we have a new Carrie. And it’s not Blake Lively. It’s that chick from that surfing movie who lost an arm to a shark. Yeah, no one cared about that movie either. (HuffPost TV)

I don’t buy this “water under the bridge” act. If you recall, the drama between Owen and Kate was intense; too intense to be ignored in favour of baby cell phone pics. P.S. Owen baby’s name is Rob Ford. (Wonderwall)

The meeting of the slumdogs. God, I would give my first born to be a fly on the wall for this interaction. Ugh, don’t you just wish you could go back in time and show 1998 J.Lo a picture of Casper? That would surely put her ego in check. (Celebitchy)

Uma’s rumoured pregnancy is confirmed. Are your smutty senses tingling like mine? If you are a fan of blind items like I am, you may have some questions about when Uma conceived. (Lainey Gossip)

When will they rename this show Dancing With Debbie Desperate? (People)

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February 27, 2012

HEADLINES: Gwyneth Rocks a Cape, Emma Stone is Adorable, and Jim Rash is GOD!

We will disagree about the Oscars all day; it’s inevitable. But one thing is for certain – Jim Rash is a God! I’ll wait while you watch the BEST part of the entire 3+ hour show … See, hilarious right? And on a night where Billy Crystal was kissing bum left, right and centre, it was refreshing comic relief. Jolie addicts – are we fighting already? (PopSugar)

The trailer is here. Movie: The Movie by Jimmy Kimmel starring … well, everyone! So meta it’s ridiculous. (People)

Bringing your slumdog to the Vanity Fair after party is becoming a trend. See: Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer circa 2009. (Daily Mail)

And the 2nd BEST moment of last night belongs to Emma Stone. This is how you do funny as a presenter! I’m looking at you Cameron Diaz and J.Lo! (BuzzFeed)

Did Georgina Chapman help her hubby last night by tricking Stacey Keibler into wearing this awful gold lame atrocity? I buy it. (Lainey Gossip)

I am SO curious as to what they talk about. Do they just brush off the A-Rod thing? Or do they bond over his douchiness and their joy of being rid of it? P.S. Whenever a dress features that nude fabric like on Kate’s dress, it immediately becomes a figure skating outfit to me, no? (The Sun)

Loved the Tom Ford cape. Hated the hair. REALLY hated that she labelled this look her, “Jackie O moment.” Gwyneth’s audacity continues to shock me … although I don’t know why. (FabSugar)

This is a double fail – for me – for my favourite fake friends. I hate Katie’s hair. And it is getting harder and harder for me to look at Posh. I bet you any money that’s a normal person belt she’s got looped around her waist twice. Gross. (Access Hollywood)

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January 11, 2012

HEADLINES: AnnaLynne McCord is a Twitter Pro, Lindsay Lohan Does Philipp Plein (Literally), and Apparently It’s Engagement Season.

Halle “I will never get married again” Berry is engaged to Oliver Martinez after a year of dating. Ugh, everyone is a liar. I guess Justin Bieber was right, never say … (People)

Philipp Plein’s new ad campaign featuring Lindsay Lohan has dropped and LL actually looks decent. Well, decent for her. It’s a relative term. Question is how exactly is Lilo ‘buying’ Philipp’s loyalty and affection when she’s bunk ass broke? By mixing business with pleasure I presume. (Huffpost Celebrity)

A-Rod’s new piece seems like a really nice guy. Toned and muscular just the way he likes his guys. Like Madonna and Cameron Diaz before him, Torrie Wilson seems to satisfy Alex’s fetish for cross-dressing men. (The Superficial)

God Bless Twitter! And it’s ability to capture celebrities’ most naricisstic/stupidest moments before their publicists could stop them. Case in point, AnnaLynne McCord. (Amy Grindhouse)

Speaking of narcissists. Note to all you incessant selfies takers, “Cheese” and “Prunes” are out, “Thursday” is in. So next time you partake in a Photo Booth Shoot on your MacBook remember this tip. Your new profile pic will thank you. (The Gloss)

Ugh. I didn’t think it was possible but after viewing this trailer for LOL I know for certain that it is true. Miley Cyrus will be more annoying than ever in 2012. What is this movie even about? Take a famous pop star, throw in high school romance, partying, Paris and social media and you’ve got a movie? Nope, honey you’ve got a disaster. (Lainey Gossip)

Calling all cat lovers! Whether cats are your only friends or you just like the little fur balls a healthy amount H. Lorenzo has got a purse for you! Check it! (Nylon)

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December 27, 2011

The 11 Weirdest Celebrity Hook-Ups of 2011

The oddest/ most random / head scratching hook-ups that went down in Hollywood this year. read more…

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December 14, 2011

HEADLINES: Cameron Diddles Diddy, Rachel Zoe Has No Friends, and MrsKutcher Isn’t Changing Her Name.

Cameron Diaz and Diddy continue to hook-up all around NYC, this time on the rooftop of PH-D Lounge. Cam and her girls had dinner before hitting the roof where Puffy joined the party around 1:15 am. Cam’s rep swears the two are just friends but we all know rendezvous after 1 am are strictly booty related. (People)

Well that was fast! Peep Versace’s second collection for H&M Cruise collection. Donatella is on her hustle! (Fabsugar)

Demi Moore’s twitter handle continues to read “@MrsKutcher”. And apparently the actress doesn’t see any urgent need to change it. What? Why not? Why keep that cheating bastards name? I always thought it was weird enough she made it “MrsKutcher” in the first place! (Wonderwall)

Mariah Yeater’s ex has sold her out; telling the press the Justin Bieber paternity claim was a scheme for money. No shit Sherlock. (HuffPost Celebrity)

Jesus Murphy Rachel Zoe has a lot of falling-outs with former friends. Brad Goreski is the latest; stating the two no longer speak. (The Cut)

See, this is why I love my Sandy. This is what Sandy wore to go Christmas shopping last night. Straight out of the gym and she looks amazing. Real people don’t wear make-up to the gym (I’m talking to you Kardashians). How my angel ever fell for Jesse James I will never understand. EVER. (Popsugar)

The latest holiday silliness/giveaway from the Olsens is here. Watch their Decemeber “T Moment” vid here. (People Style Watch)

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November 16, 2011

HEADLINES: Bradley is Sexy, Diddy is a Back-Up, and Dior is ‘Paralyzed’.

Bradley Cooper is officially The Sexiest Man Alive – well according to People Magazine anyways. Delusional Bradley describes himself as a, “a decent-looking guy.” Clearly he has never seen a mirror. (People)

My favourite couple of the moment, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, was spotted out and about inNew York City. The two have been camera-shy thus far in their relationship; walking recent red carpets separately. Boo, all I want is some PDA! (Popsugar)

Everyone has a back-up guy. You know, the guy you call when you’re between relationships and just want to hook-up. Cameron Diaz’s back-up guy is Diddy – and the two have been nuzzling and making out everywhere. (US Weekly)

So there has been some debate over Kim Kardashian’s Marie Claire interview, leaving most asking; is this evidence that the marriage was a sham? Well, no one has quite answered that question as of yet, and frankly I am losing interest. (Fashionista)

The newest rumour to circulate about Dior and John Galliano’s successor; they simply cannot make a decision. Reportedly the brand is “paralyzed” and doesn’t know what to do.  Ugh, just hire somebody already! (Fashionologie)

So Emma Roberts went to visit Chris McMillan, the man behind “The Rachel,” and walked out looking EXACTLY like Jennifer Anniston. Is he a hair whisperer? (People Style Watch)

Elle’s Kyle Anderson has been chosen to replace Taylor Tomasi Hill at Marie Claire. This move reunites Kyle and Nina Garcia who worked together at Elle prior to Nina’s departure. Congrats boo. (The Cut)


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