November 21, 2011

HEADLINES: Marc Jacobs Was Robbed, Valentino is a God, and Lauren Bush Lauren is the Worst Married Name Ever.

A match made in fashion heaven; Lauren Bush and David Lauren were married recently and are featured in the latest issue of Vogue in full nuptial attire. The photo is gorgeous; but the name … ‘Lauren Bush Lauren.’ Yikes. Maybe I have a case of the Mondays but I just can’t deal. (Vogue)

Eeks! Hand holding! Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield engaged in full on hand holding! I think my heart just melted. If these two ever kiss in public I may have a stroke. Could they be any cuter? (Popsugar)

Carine Roitfeld wears leggings a lot; just like the rest of us! But not because they are comfy, and stretchy and perfect for disguising holiday pounds. No, because she does a lot of ballet at home. (Fashionista)

When so much of the fashion world is obsessed with launching coffee table books and museum exhibitions, Valentino is cutting out the high price tags and long lines with a virtual museum. Check out the teaser and drool to your hearts content. Viva Valentino! (ElleUK)

Marc Jacobs’ entire spring/summer 2012 46-piece collection was stolen from a train bound for Paris from London. The entire freaking thing! Who in the hell pulled this off? I mean, I hate you but I can’t lie and say I’m not impressed. (The Daily Beast)

Whoa! Alanis Morisette hit up the AMA’s last night looking every bit the swoon-worthy fashionista! Cinched waist, high-low hem, fishtail braid and all! Someone has been taking their jagged little beauty pills! (Indulge me, it’s Monday) (Fabsugar)

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September 29, 2011

HEADLINES: Carine Disses Oprah, H&M Does VERSACE, and is Alexander Wang the new John Galliano??? (Patience is a Stupid Virtue)

Carine Roitfeld has finally answered the question on everyone’s mind; what’s next? Well … a magazine, that’s what! But don’t worry Vogue; she’s not looking to compete. However she has specified it will be a print magazine instead of online because, “things quickly go out of style on the Internet.” I guess that’s true, but not if you’re on your game like us! (Fashionologie)

The latest tip to hit the rumour mill? Dior has tired of courting Marc Jacobs and has now moved on to Alexander Wang. Can Wang be persuaded to move? It remains to be seen; but you got to think they will be needing a creative director soon. I mean, like, how are they functioning over there? (Vogue UK)

Here’s your first look at the newest H&M/designer collaboration. Betcha can guess the designer by just looking at these images! However, I will aid those too slow to catch the drift; hint: It’s Versace. Not that you will be able to get your hands on any of it, this shit will sell-out in seconds! (Refinery 29)

Way to go Chicago! You are officially America’s Most Mustache-Friendly City. Movember is just around the corner; so this could be your time to shine! But please remember; just because it’s on your face doesn’t mean it’s exempt from man-scaping. Maintain that shit! (Chicagoist)

Lara Stone has no memory because she used to smoke so much pot when she was living in the Netherlands. Lara, we warned you! Those cannabis fragrances were for smelling not smoking! But of course, you didn’t remember that because you were high for the first 25 years of your life! Silly girl. (The Cut)

Kate Moss has announced that she is launching a jewelry line in collaboration with Fred. Her inspiration? Her tattoos! Interesting concept; I just hope she doesn’t have a tramp stamp or something. (My Daily)

Only these select few people can rock a unibrow guilt free, and to their credit, they rocked it hard! Personally, it’s not my style but all the power to yuh my hairy friends! (Life)

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September 29, 2011


In an act of pure genius, an anonymous godsend of a human being has revolutionised the practice of anthropomorphism. Thankfully, we now have a guinea pig Anna, a cat Karl, and a freakishly accurate eel Valentino. The resemblance is scarily uncanny. read more…

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September 9, 2011

HEADLINES: Anna confirms Marc Jacobs at Dior, Mulberry moves to the city that never sleeps, and Prada WOWS with video lookbook.

Anna Dello Russo plays favourites and she doesn’t care who knows it. Marc Jacobs? ‘One of the five designers of the CENTURY.‘ Quite the compliment, no? Oh, and Marc Jacobs at Dior: confirmed. (Fashionista)

There really is no excuse for this. Especially not from Upper East Side’s resident fashionista Blair Waldorf. Yuck! (Dlisted)

Mulberry has opened its NY flagship store just in time for fashion week. And it looks like this British brand is getting quite comfortable in the city that never sleeps. (The Purse Blog)

I’ve never understood why spring lines show in the fall. I mean I understand the business aspect of being one step ahead but please don’t tease me with spring when cold weather is imminent. Especially not with The Row, I die for The Row. (Vogue)

So I don’t know if you’ve caught on yet but it’s Fashion Week in New York (pardon the sarcasm I know your not dumb). To celebrate In Style interviewed celebs like Emma Roberts and Rachel Bilson to find out their first-ever fashion show memories. (In Style)

Hands down the coolest look book I’ve seen this season! And probably the most interesting. Brava Prada! (The Daily Beast)

Carine Roitfeld’s opinion really is revered. Tom Ford chose what to produce based on Roitfeld’s suggestions. Tom Ford, the man who personally revived to major fashion houses (well in my opinion). She’s big tyme! ( Fashionologie)

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September 8, 2011

We Are All Living In "Carine's World"

Since resigning from her position as Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue (why isn’t it called Vogue France?) early this year Carine Roitfeld has been one busy bee. Carine’s days as a stylist are far from over as her talents have been in high demand since her editing departure. Her latest project? Creating and styling Barney’s new Women’s Fall 2011 Campaign appropriately entitled “Carine’s World”. The collection is said to celebrate Roitfeld’s iconic style and creative vision. read more…

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