July 15, 2014

Smell-O-Vision: See by Chloe

All my life (K-CI & JOJO), I’ve loved honey. Next to roses (hi, cliché!), a jar of that saccharine stuff may just be my favourite thing in lyfe. SIDE ALERT: PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET HAVE MADE HONEY OUT OF ROSES (kindred spirits). But I digress. This post is not about DIY condiments, but about capturing a scent in both ~visual~ and ~written word~ form so you, dear readers, can truly essence-ize the perfume picture I’m painting. This time, we’ll be smell-o-vizing See by Chloe, which, to me, is bottled, sprayable, honey. Read on: read more…

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March 15, 2013

Street Style Look Book: Frames (Part Deux)

NEWSWORTHY: Johnny Depp in glasses. ALSO NEWSWORTHY: these Toronto city slickers, in equally charming frames. Make a spectacle this season with some statement-making eyewear. Nearsighted, farsighted, or just ready for the sun, it’s spectacle time (round two). read more…

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March 1, 2012

Designer "Inspired" Pieces That Won't Break The Bank

We come across to-die-for items pretty often while browsing the interwebs, but some prices aren’t the most wallet-friendly.  We found some shall we say “inspired” items by our favourite runway peeps. read more…

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December 29, 2011

11 MORE Of The Best Runway Songs Of 2011

You heard our first set of 2011’s Best Runway Songs. Now it’s time for part 2. read more…

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November 29, 2011

High Fashion Sneakers

No longer does designer footwear = tortured feet. Meet 10 pairs of designer kicks that are comfortable enough to run in – but you probably don’t want to do that. read more…

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September 12, 2011

Colour Blocking Lives On!

Colour blocking, decidedly the ‘it’ look for summer, (who could forget that Prada striped dress that made its way onto more than a couple celebrities) has managed to stretch its 15 minutes of fame to include another consecutive season in the spotlight. Although the colours have transitioned from bright corals, yellows and greens of summer to the rich, saturated jewel tones of fall, the look is just as chic as ever. read more…

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