September 26, 2011

HAIR TRENDING: Cleopatra Comin-Atcha!

Fashion borrows from the past. It’s a fact. Trends continually run in cycles. So it should come as no surprise that the latest trend in coif couture has had its turn in the spotlight many, many times. read more…

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September 6, 2011

HEADLINES: Diane Von Furstenburg is Cracking Down on Fake IDs, Jessica Simpson Gets Minty and Madonna Hates Hydrangeas and Being Gracious.

Oh Madge! Why do you make it so hard for me to like you? My respect is dwindling! I mean who doesn’t like hydrangeas? I love hydrangeas and would be tickled if someone spontaneously gave me some. What a diva! A diva with a fake English accent no less. And p.s. what is going on with that face? Puffy doesn’t even begin cover it! (Celebitchy)

Um did I miss something? Is Laurence Fishburne moonlighting as a nurse? Scrubs are hardly appropriate for the Venice Film Festival.  And gasp … is that a hole on his knee? Man I hope Gwyneth smacked him one. (Popsugar)

This was not Vera Wang’s first rodeo. Do you really think she is gal pals with the Kardashians? Nah she saw in them what everyone else does; dollar signs (basketball stars included). So it comes as no surprise that David’s Bridal has announced that inexpensive replicas of Kim K’s dress will be available come February. Cha-ching! (People)

Christina Ricci tells Nylon her stylist has informed her that it takes 7 years for something to be considered vintage. You hear that reality stars looking to start a fashion line? Vintage is not just an adjective! Ricci goes on to say that Alaia is her vintage brand of choice. Remember Alaia? All I can picture is Cher Horowitz being held at gunpoint and whining about her “totally important designer” dress. (Nylon)

Jessica Simpson is the newest “designer” to join the Mint family. Jessica, who is preceded by the Olsen’s and Kate Bosworth, will be launching ‘BeautyMint’ a beauty blog about anti-aging. Aging, really, cause last time I checked she was only 31 years old! (BellaSugar)

Are you an aspiring model? Want to work for DVF? Well you better have your ID ready! DVF will be carding going forward. (The Cut)

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