September 2, 2014

FIT CHATZ: Barreworks with Aliya-Jasmine Sovani

FIT CHATZ: It’s kind of like chit chats except with fitness and a “z” for added visual interest. Get it? Anyway…

We constantly reiterate that there just aren’t enough hours in the day – and while we aren’t complaining (because we live each moment to the fullest and all that jazz lol), we wouldn’t reject a couple of extra hours if they happened to get tacked onto our day. Luckily for us, we’ve been reassured that we don’t need to sacrifice anything in our lives because “there isn’t enough time” (and we don’t have to sacrifice our necks a la Channing Tatum when we work out #relevant). So, without further ado, say hiiii to our good pal Aliya-Jasmine!

Much like we sat in on fitness routines with Phoebe + Lauren and Sharlene, we followed AJ to Barreworks on Queen Street West in Toronto – AKA the life-changing establishment that has managed to formulate a workout that uses mostly your own body weight to grow long and lean muscles using a ballerina’s barre. We know that school can be tolling, but any excuse to live out our dreams as a ballerina is a win in our (text)books! read more…

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August 25, 2014

FIT CHATZ: Nike Training Club with Sharlene Chiu

FIT CHATZ: It’s kind of like chit chats except with fitness and a “z” for added visual interest. Get it? Anyway…

Last week we may have “om”-ed with Phoebe and Lauren, but this week, we ditched our typical noms“, and bumped up the intensity by sitting in on a Nike Training Club session with Sharlene Chiu. read more…

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July 3, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Connie Wang

We’ve all been given the “follow your heart” or “pursue your passion” life-advice spiel many times from teachers, guidance counselors, and parents. But sometimes, that road is scary, uncertain, and seemingly out of your reach. However, before you curl up in bed and throw an online shopping fit, allow me to introduce Connie Wang: an individual who struggled…but thrived. While she is now the Senior Global Editor of Refinery29 – managing everything you see on their homepage while still writing articles on anything from styling tips to trend reports – she was once just a fashion-hungry girl attending post-secondary for architectural engineering. Like most of us fashion-savvy youth, Connie’s passion was fed by the likes of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar at a young age, and fuelled by the age of *the blogger*.

So why do we love Connie? Her “maximal minimalist” style is definitely one notch on a long list – but her on-point fashion advice and contagious smile come close after. And, after four years and over 3800 articles written, it is safe to say that her perseverance and strong work ethic. Though, Connie’s story is one to be inspired by and to remember in moments of self-doubt. And yes, as cliché as it sounds, she made her dream a reality, so you can add MTV FORA to the list of life lecturers now. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND READ THIS INTERVIEW. read more…

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February 27, 2014

Lucky's Beachy Beauty Essentials

After MONTHS of wishful thinking and battling a polar vortex, SPRING IS HERE!!!! No more losing mittens and ruining a good hair day with a toque! This spring’s beauty trends are gorgeously optimistic and the perfect way to celebrate ~spring break~. Here are my must-haves to look gorgeous and on trend while we enjoy some sunshine! read more…

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February 25, 2014

Hair How-To: Neon Fishbraid

What happens when you cross pigtails, fishtail braids, and 2 stands of ~fancy~ neon string? Um, only the most perfect hairstyle to wear all Spring Break, duh! Not only is this look an easy-peasy way to look ah-mazing, and, as Liz will demonstrate, it’s also a great way to **get your dance on**. read more…

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February 17, 2014

Why The O.C. Will Forever Be Our Spring Break Inspiration

Hey y’all.

It’s absolutely no secret that I live/breathe/love The O.C. with the fire of approximately one thousand suns and the warmth that comes with cuddling with ~1023 fuzzy Chow Chow puppies. In fact, my dedication runs so deep that Seth Cohen’s existence might as well be synonymous with the oxygen I need to breathe and the caffeine I need to consume in order to be a functional human being – and, if you’ve spent any amount of time with me, I’m sure you could serve as a witness to the #realness of the aforementioned.

While I won’t be sailing away on a boat to Tahiti on my next ~vacay~, I can definitely: 1) take the time to muse about how awesome that would be and 2) admire the sartorial majestic-ness of warm weather outfitting decisions (read: Marissa Cooper’s sundresses and Ryan Atwood’s wife beater tank tops). Plus, paired with an ongoing desire to be on the run/drive in the sun/look out for number one, isn’t it only natural to ~celebrate~ the beginning of spring break with an ODE TO ORANGE COUNTY?! read more…

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January 22, 2014

Beauty And A Beat (Part 2): The Best Headphones And Our Favourite Music-Inspired Beauty

Once upon a time, we expressed our love for both music and makeup by decorating a pretty face to look like some of our favourite album art. However, this time around, we got lovely the Lucky Bromhead to make Phoebe Dykstra look like 4 of our favourite musical artists. Not literally, of course…but close enough.

Alongside 4 different pairs of headphones (because 1. headphones are awesome and 2. ~experiencing~ music while still looking ~stylish~ is important), check out these c00l beauty looks that you can try out the next time you feel like emulating ur favourite musical ladygirl! From Miley’s /natural/ face to M.I.A.’s (not-so-natural) green lipstick, there will def be a look 4 u and u and also U!!! read more…

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September 6, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: Campus Lyfe

Back to school = back to cool. Though this analogy is nothing new, it’s increasingly applicable to our sartorially satisfied lives. Whether you’re headed to high school, college, or university, you’ve got to admit that there’s nothing more satisfying than a successful BTS wardrobe haul.

If you’re seeking a bit of inspiration to get you to class next week, fear not! We are (and always have been) all about DA CAMPUS LYFE – so read on to get a little book-y…(?) read more…

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March 16, 2012

Come Hang Behind The Scenes At MTV

You have two options. You can watch this video of Aliya-Jasmine over and over and over from your bedroom and imagine hanging out with the MTV family. Or you can be proactive, Burst-A-Move™,  and come hang out IRL. Here’s how: read more…

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