December 6, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: Toque Time!

As we inch our way towards the holidaze, one thing is for sure – it’s toque season, and there is a 100% chance that our scalps will be cozied under toques for at least 80% of the impending wintertime. You do the math…

Silly non-math aside, here are 7 lovely ladies and gents we spotted sporting toques (and  almost-toques) to inspire your wintry dressing endeavours this weekend! read more…

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March 15, 2013

Street Style Look Book: Frames (Part Deux)

NEWSWORTHY: Johnny Depp in glasses. ALSO NEWSWORTHY: these Toronto city slickers, in equally charming frames. Make a spectacle this season with some statement-making eyewear. Nearsighted, farsighted, or just ready for the sun, it’s spectacle time (round two). read more…

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January 18, 2013

Street Style Look Book: Fur Collars

Transform your winter wardrobe from glum to glam, simply by adding a luxurious collar. These trendy Torontonians show us just how easy it is to rock the season’s most versatile accessory.
read more…

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November 30, 2012

HEADLINES: Karmin Loves Coach, Gavin Groped His Sister, and Wang Heads to Balanciaga.

Karmin, Rachel Zoe & Coach collaborated on this holiday video. But wouldn’t it have been better if she rapped the whole thing Busta style? The only correct answer is yes. read more…

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June 25, 2012

BUY IT NOW: A ~Fancy~ Bicycle

If you’re looking for incentive to get in shape/save the environment this summer, we may have a ~stylish~ solution for you. Ditch your childhood bike, get a quality lock, and invest in one of these super chic bikes that will be sure to turn heads no matter where you go. read more…

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May 28, 2012

TRENDING: Buggy Jewelry

Bug pins. Here we are, witnessing – in this Summer of 2012 – a peculiar trend in jewelry. It started with spotting a giant bug pin on this lady at Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute Gala. Uh, sure. And while crawling our RSS feeds, we found a whack more bug pins. Apparently this buggy trend is creeping up everywhere and in every form; in rose-gold, yellow-gold – even encrusted in diamonds. So, maybe bug pins work after all. But let’s stick to cute things like lady bugs and butterflies and ditch the cockroaches. read more…

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April 24, 2012

DAILY DIG: James Nares x Coach Totes

It’s been a minute since we were remotely interested in anything from Coach… for a number of reasons we won’t get into right now. But here’s a collection of Coach bags designed by New York Abstract Artist James Nares that we actually find very pleasing. read more…

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February 14, 2012

HEADLINES: Hats are Back, Bikinis Are Shrinking, and Anna Sui Makes Coach Tackier (Yes, It’s Possible!)

I have a serious wardrobe issue with GQ’s latest spread featuring Jennifer Anniston and Paul Rudd. Did she have to be SO naked? While he’s wearing a full suit, no less. And if you’re going to a do a bra, DO a bra! The boring black is just not doing it for me. P.S. who knew Paul was so hip, name checking Devendra Banhart – nice! (GQ)

Rihanna’s Grammy manicure cost $5,000. FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Psh, and I think it’s ridiculous when my mani/pedi costs more than $45. (People)

Oprah tells off a Whitney hater over Twitter. Man, I love the Internet. (Buzzfeed)

Can someone please tell me when panty liners became the new bikini bottom? (USA Today)

So I take it hats are back. (FabSugar)

Joseph Altuzarra has invited Lana Del Ray to the Met Ball. Hate to join the haters but, WHY? She is not worthy! The things I would do to attend the Met Ball … (Fashionista)

Anna Sui has been tapped to redesign Coach’s Duffle Sac. In her own words, “The Anna Sui version adds a boho feeling with Whipstitching, big tassels and appliquéd Art Nouveau dragonflies.” Because Coach bags haven’t gotten tacky enough? (The Gloss)

So what do you when you are not invited to the Grammy’s? You get desperate and end up crashing NYFW looking like this. (Too Fab)

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October 12, 2011


THINK PINK all month long because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. No guys, football players don’t just love wearing hot pink; it’s all for the cause. And you can support it too – by shopping! It couldn’t get any easier than that! read more…

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April 26, 2011

Marchesa Designs for Playboy, Tyra Banks is Useless and Karl Lagerfeld Hates Thongs but Prefers Fax Machines; Here Are Today’s Fashion News Updates:

Marchesa has designed a one-of-a kind bunny costume in celebration of the new Playboy Club set to open June 4th in London. Marchesa has always been a housewife project for Georgina Chapman, making Barbie dresses for Weinstein’s young starlets, so designing for Playboy is pretty much a lateral move. (Vogue)

Gwyneth Paltrow has been named the new face of Coach. So not only will she be on soccer mom’s televisions (Glee, Country Strong and Batali’s groupie through Spain) but her mass-produced, logo-bearing bags will be on their arms as well. (The Cut)

Karl Lagerfeld discusses his affinity for ice cream, chocolate perfume and fax machines and his distaste for thongs in Thirty Minutes with Karl Lagerfeld. (W magazine)

Tyra Banks is sharing her unparalleled fashion knowledge once again in another installment of Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion. This time Tyra tackles skinny jeans, through an over-acted skit, stating that big pockets on your booty make your ba donk look smaller. Genius. Who is funding this garbage? And is Ms. Wintour happy about Andre Leon Talley’s involvement with this stupidity? I’m guessing, no. (StyleWatch)

And the Golden Top Hat goes to … (drum roll) Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz and Aretha Franklin! The Headwear Association has announced this year’s honoured celebrities that never neglect their noggin. And everyone thought Aretha’s bow hat was nothing but a loser, who’s laughing now Aretha? Winning. (InStyle)

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