February 7, 2014

An Ode To Prada

If I name-dropped Prada what would you visualize in your head? Is it bland, mom-style purses in beige? Nylon backpacks with triangular logo patches, perhaps? Whatever it may be, it’s unfortunately not very exciting. That’s really too bad though because Miuccia Prada designs some of the most intelligent, man-repelling, quirky clothes every season (that I am not ~fabulous~ enough to wear, but someone else could pull off impeccably). So do away with that silly stigma you have about Prada’s work and here’s an ode to her genius. read more…

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August 23, 2012

THROWBACK: American Vogue September Issues of the 2000s

The most imperative question among us faithful followers of fashion come late July will always remain: “who will snag the cover of Vogue’s September issue?” But we’re not just talking about any Vogue – we’re talking about American Vogue. Yes, it is arguably the most mainstream of ‘em all, yet Anna Wintour keeps us coming back for more. Plus, her celebrity rotation (or lack-thereof) has always been a matter of much fascination. We speculate; we place bets; we wait with bated breath upon the September issue’s arrival on newsstands. And so in honor of the so-called “leaked” Gaga cover, here’s a look at some pretty lovely September issues of the new millennium. read more…

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April 6, 2012

Our Favourtie Ta-Ta-Tatted Up Models

The modelling industry has changed a lot over the last ten years meaning tattoos and piercing have become permissible and finally most designers and photogs choose to keep them in the shot.  Check out our fave tatted up models! read more…

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January 13, 2012

5 Of This Month's Covers That Made Us Go ???

This month in strange magazine covers… read more…

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December 6, 2011

TRENDING: Sequin Jackets

Put a little sparkle in your step! read more…

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May 11, 2011


Forbes recently published a list of the highest-earning long-legged gorgeous supermodels in the world, proving that gorgeous ladies who work hard earn their keep. Since we love nothing more than a good ol’ rundown of beautiful faces and their salaries, here’s a quick rundown of the hottest commodities in the modeling world. read more…

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