November 25, 2014

Girl Scout Badges for Real Life


When we were younger, some of us were a part of the Girl Guides – some willingly, some not so much. Once a week you’d get together with the group (in your blue striped shirts), sit in circles to sing and do trust activities, but most importantly (aside from the cookies), complete activities and good deeds that would award you a completion badge. For those of us who were 8 year-old overachievers, this was awesome! Used a camera? Read a book? Tied your shoes? Attempted a new dance move? YOU GET A BADGE! CONGRATZ! Nowadays, I complete things on a daily basis, things that go unrewarded. Wat Evz. Today I present to you badges that you all know you deserve and just haven’t officially been given. Well done, go pat yourself on the back, I’m officially doling out real life girl scout badges.  read more…

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October 1, 2014

Why I Want To Date Lloyd Dobler

Our perceptions of romance will forever be tarnished and skewed thanks to many Hollywood classics – particularly the films from the 80’s where the shy and eccentric girl always seems to win the love and affection of the local hottie. Even worse, our expectations for possible crushes are extremely high (because ain’t nobody gonna fill those shoes perfectly!!!) Regardless, this doesn’t mean that these ideal men cannot act as inspiration to the dudes of the world. John Cusack as his character Lloyd Dobler in the Cameron Crowe favourite Say Anything may be the most quintessential man ever created. Here are some reasons to explain his perfection. HEY GUYS: Pay close attention! read more…

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August 21, 2014

Flashback Dream Dates

DREAM DATE_edited-1

We all have ‘crush lists’ comprised of -ultimate- dream dudes who live in a happy fantasy land (AKA a compartment in our minds). Residents? Gentlemen like Adam Levine and Ryan Gosling. Activities? Tossing footballs back and forth, jamming out during acoustic sessions, growing beards as we require them to, etc. While these dudes are great and all, there’s another compartment in our minds for another kind of crush: the fictional character crush. These imaginary dudes’ names are scrawled all over our notebooks and, needless to say, they occupy the top spots on our crush list. read more…

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