May 31, 2012

THROWBACK THURSDAY: A Look At The Worst Movie Awards Fashion

The MTV Movie Awards: a pinnacle of pop-culture achievement; an accolade of excellence; home to some of the worst red carpet fashion… ever. We’re not sure if it’s those nervous gitters that get celebs all in a tizzy and losing their fashion senses, but we’re sure glad they do. Think of all the laughs we’d be missing out on. Here are some of the (best) worst fashion moments from the MTV Movie Awards, 1996 and beyond…  read more…

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March 8, 2012

HEADLINES: Toronto Taunts Beckham, Jess Will Birth a 10 lb Turkey, and The Duchess Wows in Teal.

I LOVE this colour on Kate. Love the peplum cut of the suit. Love the unexpected neckline. Basically love it all. And I never say LOVE when it comes to the Duchesses wardrobe. A+ (PopSugar)

A 10-POUND BABY! Ouch! That’s huge. Jess, my vajay hurts just thinking about it. (Celebitchy)

This girl has got to be related to the Lohans. They share the same genes fo sho. Evidenced by her rapidly aging face and knack for spelling. (Pop 2 It)

Sureeeeee. As if Charlie would have been interested if you weren’t. (ET)

Screw Idol, X Factor and The Voice. I’m watching Duets. I mean L-Train, Kel, Robin AND Sugarbabe! I could not be more obsessed with this cast. (People)

Admittedly, not our best moment (Daily Mail)

Promise? You’ll leave the acting to Lizzie? (US Weekly)

Ooo I like this. Josh Harnet is SO underrated. Ha remember when Lindsay Lohan was more bankable than Amanda Seyfried? Yeah, sigh, never again in a million years. (Wonderwall)

So I gather Fred Armisen is a raging douchelord? (The Frisky)

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June 15, 2011

Crystal Harris is a ‘Runaway Bride,’ Selena Gomez Seems to Think Canada is a Third World Country and Suri Cruise Walks in Heels Better Than I Do. Today's Style Headlines:

Suri Cruise is said to have a shoe collection worth $150,000. The 5-year-old has a thing for heels and Momma Katie supports this fetish with custom made Louboutin’s to fit her tiny feet. Two things; one – I am worried about the over development of her calves, and two – I never thought I’d be jealous of a 5-year-old, but alas never say never. (Refinery 29)

Fergie explains to Allure Magazine why she tends to look preggers saying ‘she fluctuates from the thighs up’. First of all, good to know the weight of your shins and feet are under control. Second, don’t ever give an interview that can be reduced to the title, “Why I Sometimes Look Pregnant.” (Huffpost Entertainment)

Crystal Harris must have just realized Hef has an ironclad pre-nup because girl just called off her upcoming wedding to the 85 year old. (The Superficial)

Denise Richards is reportedly writing a memoir about her marriage to Charlie Sheen. Richards claims her memoir will focus on the ‘good things’ about her marriage. Well that’s going to be a fast read and let’s not play fast and loose with the word ‘writing’. (PopEater)

Stella McCartney threw a garden party to show off her Resort Collection. Of course her girl babes Liv Tyler and Naomi Watts were in attendance; Stellie always has her girls. Oh and Bono, because what is a garden party without Bono? (FabSugar)

So Selena Gomez blames ‘malnourishment’ as the reason for her recent hospital visit. I’m confused. Malnourished? Honey you’re from Texas not Africa. Take a break from making-out and eat some food. Period. (People)

Written by the ZOMG LOL ROFL funny Jessica Di Clemente – check her out if you want good abs.

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