April 12, 2013

Street Style Lookbook: April Showers

A brief taste of spring had us wearing flowers in our hair… well, sporting sunglasses and spring layers at the very least. But you know what they say about those April showers!

Check out these urban dwellers, who still manage to keep it ~stylish~ in somber weather, stream their song picks, and turn your rainy frown upside down. Now let’s do our rain, rain, go away dance and move on to May flowers. read more…

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July 15, 2011

Kellen Lutz Wants to be ‘Nsync, Halston has Been Left to Die and Apparently Diesel’s New Muse is Grover.

Hey Diesel Swimwear, you scare me! I mean I can’t even look at this directly without my eyeballs hurting. However Kristin does have phenomenal ass in this supposed bathing suit, so there’s that. (Popsugar)

It wasn’t a good look then, and it isn’t a good look now. FIGURE IT OUT. (People)

Gaga’s style is unbelievable; we all know that. But at some point functionality has to be considered. I mean Project Runway is always preaching ‘wearability’ and these shoes are everything BUT wearable. (Stylelist)

SJP and Harvey Weinstein have abandoned Haltson leaving its legacy in the balance and its future looking grim. Spending well under 2 years trying to revive a brand and you tap out? Just doesn’t seem right. (The Daily Beast)

Movies want us to believe only ridiculously beautiful people can work at a fashion magazine. (New York Observer)

Pretending to be someone else on your wedding day is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. It’s not a play! (Shine)

Why is everyone so afraid to age? Getting plastic surgery always makes you look worse, always. You should know that Kris Jenner just look at your husband Brucey. (Amy Grindhouse)

The poof is out and coloured extensions are in. Jersey Rule! (Hollywood Life)

A word of advice: if you haven’t already checked out Jessica Di ClementeDO.IT.NOW.

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