September 15, 2016

Transform Your Dorm Room With Less Than $15


Your dorm room will quickly become the place you feel the most comfortable in on campus. When you come back to your room or apartment after a long day of classes or a botched exam, you just want peace. Here are some easy and inexpensive tips and DIYs that will help you turn your dorm room or apartment into somethin’ dreamy.
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August 18, 2015

Ikea Dorm Room Essentials


Move-in day is quickly approaching, and while the task of decorating your dorm on a budget might be daunting, FORA’s here to help you. On-campus housing can be dreary, dim and straight up ugly. We know you want your living space to be cute, so check out our must haves from IKEA to decorate your dorm without breaking the bank. (Minus the hot dogs and Swedish meatballs)

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August 28, 2013

Pimp My Res: 8 DIYs For Dorm Room Living

Some scholarly dude somewhere once proclaimed that our environments influence our mood and abilities. Translation: a good study space gets you that much closer to the A’s. This likely also means I’d be a wizard too if my school library looked more like Hogwarts… I digress…. Here’s a thought: instead of lonnnng, lifeless hours in the lib reading about blah blah blah, we should retreat to our comfy-cozy sanctuaries also known as The Dorms. You laugh now, but wait ’till you see the endless possibilities of DIY magic (also, Wizard magic)! Eclectic wall hangings and things from the earth give your drab dorm a study-friendly vibe. Grab some paintbrushes and roll up your sleeves. It time to get your Martha Stewart on in the name of academia, because these seven dorm room DIYs are… well… cool for school. read more…

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September 5, 2012

DIY Ideas That’ll Take Your Dorm Room From Flat To Fabulous

Make the most of your living space this new school year with these four easy and inexpensive DIY projects: read more…

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