May 20, 2016

Predicting The Aesthetic Of Drake’s New Mansion

drake heavenheader

If Drake is the 6 God then this is ~6 Heaven~. Brace yourselves, Drake is building a 21,000 square foot, two-story mansion of your wildest dreams. With rooms labeled “massage and spa”, “important artifacts”, “award room”, “bar with separate areas for chilled wine and chilled champagne”, “jersey museum”, and “music and screening room”, you know it is destined for greatness. It is, after all, 6 Heaven, and we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Since the interior design details have not yet been revealed for Drake’s new residence, we thought we’d give our own suggestions of what these rooms should contain. Scroll through to see what we think our fav rooms from 6 Heaven will look like.

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May 3, 2016

Get The Look From Drake’s VIEWS Digital Booklet


We’re almost as in love with Drake’s digital booklet for Views as we are with the actual album. Since we’re so Faithful to the 6God and his digital booklet is Too Good, we bring you a ‘Get the Look’ feature that is so Hype it will knock Drake off the CN Tower.

See our Views on how to get each look, plus our inspired fashion picks for Spring. Now, U With Me? Click through for an awesome Drake inspired fashion guide.

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April 29, 2016

Get To Know The Girls From Views Digital Booklet


TGIV (Thank Gawd It’s VIEWSday). Not only did the 6God bless us with a whole new album today, but he also provided us with a digital booklet filled with images of Views…from the Six.

Amongst the views were two images of ~mystical~ and ~magical~ looking twins. BUT WHO ARE THEY? After digging deep, we have successfully found the fresh-faced duo. Here’s everything you need to know about the beautiful Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta.

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April 28, 2016

Decoding What Every Song On Views Will Be About


Waiting for Views to be released has got us on the *edge* (lol) of our seats. Since Drake has the 6ix-th sense and can tell we’re all going crazy, he decided yesterday to release the track-list for us.

In order to prepare for tomorrow’s release, we conducted a thorough analysis of every track that hasn’t been released or leaked yet. Click through to see our prediction of what every song on Views will be about.

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February 12, 2016

Drake’s Step-By-Step Guide On How To Land A Basketball Player BFF


Drake’s managed to sneak his way onto the court and into the hearts of all our fave NBA team mates. He’s been sitting court side for awhile now, which means he’s pretty well versed in how to land the best BFF basketball players in the league.

Just in time for the NBA All-Star Weekend, we’ve gathered up all his moves that are guaranteed to get you in the BFF zone with your favourite players in the league.

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February 2, 2016

Valentines FORA Your Sweetie

DJ-Khaled-Valentine 2

Remember being a kid and setting up little Valentine’s Day mailboxes on your desk? You’d pass out candy and generic cards to your classmates and always save the special *large size* valentine for your crush. WOULD HE GET THE HINT? Would you get a large one in return!? It was always a ~sweet~ and ~mysterious~ day indeed.

As we grew up, most of us sadly stopped passing out Valentine’s Day cards and opted for buying discounted chocolate the day after February 14 instead  #GUILTY. FORA wants you to revisit those ~younger days~, so we came up with a few Valentine’s fit for millennials.

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October 24, 2015

Entire Drake Make Up Collection As Imagined By Fora

drake Cover

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. If Drake wasn’t on the mind of every girl already (which is pretty much impossible), he will be now. In honour of the 6God, Tom Ford is adding a little Drizzy to his lipstick line.

As of October 30th, the shimmering plum shade of “Drake” will be available as a part of Tom Ford’s Lips & Boys collection. We want a Drake lipstick and assume you do too. But wouldn’t it be nice if the Champagne Papi himself had an entire make-up collection? We can only dream of it at FORA.

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October 23, 2015

29 Reasons Drake Would Be The Best Boyfriend


It’s Drake’s birthday tomorrow. And in TRU FORA FASHION, we’ll be celebrating the only way we know how–by counting down 29 reasons we want Drake to be our boyfriend.

So click through for all the reasons we love Aubrey more than he loves the 6ix.

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March 10, 2015

Celebs Who Need Body-Part Insurance Policies


Ever wondered what Taylor Swift’s infamous, toned, seemingly endless legs are worth? FORA’s got your answer: $$$$$ 40 MILLION $$$$$. Recent reports have revealed that the Swiftie has taken out a hefty insurance policy protecting those gams. That got us thinking–Here are five celebs who we think need to protect their most valuable assets.

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February 18, 2014

Cute Boys and their Puppy Lookalikes

What’s better than puppies? Boys? More puppies? Boys who look like puppies? YES. Maybe that’s why we love these guys so much…#puppiesovereverything read more…

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