August 7, 2017

A Shot At Love: Bachelorette Finale Drinking Game

Lindsay has taken us on a ride this season. We love her the most and we want to believe she’s got this handled, but to be honest we’re sweating.

After last weeks grilling of Bryan and the potential demise of Peter we’re really not sure how this is going to play out. Tonight is sure to be a kicker; there will be tears, heartbreak and an engagement? Join us as we embark on a shot at ~more~ than just love.

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November 10, 2016

FORA BITES: Holiday Cheers!


Can you hear that? It’s sleigh bells ringing and glasses *clinging*, which means the holiday season is fast approaching! What better excuse to have your gals and guys over for a cozy night in with some boozy cocktails! Below you’ll find two festive holiday season cocktails that are both easy to throw together, and special enough to show your guests you care! Please drink responsibly!

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November 20, 2014

A Guide to Holiday Drinks


Happy Holiday [drinks] season! Not only can you be festive by decorating your pad with fairy lights to the point of fire hazard (jk lol they’re all LED lights now, and if they’re not….pls visit your local Canadian Tire for some. Sincerely, your neighbours), but you can also celebrate this extremely freezing season with festive hot drinks to keep your body hydrated and hearts warm~*~*~

If you’re new to the holiday drinks game, I gotchu. However, please note that there’s some handy work involved. While I will probably be getting my fix from them big coffee chainz which u r more than welcomed to also (tryna maintain my gold member status SRY), I’ve compiled a little list of popular drinks and how you can DIY/make them from the comfort of yo kitchen ‘cause ain’t no season like gift-giving season to get thrifty and not spend $6 on a latte/flavoured espresso drank. read more…

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August 8, 2013

Drink More Water!

In the sweltering heat there’s nothing more important than staying hydrated – but sometimes, the good stuff isn’t always as easy (or tasty) to get down. If you’re looking to add a little fun to your H2O, you’ve come to the right place; because we’ve got some super easy and refreshing ways to help you drink more water with fresh (and healthy) ingredients that are probably lurking in your kitchen right now! Stop yourself from melting this summer with these tasty spins on water and start dranking!  read more…

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July 10, 2013

Hammock Season Is Here!

Okay so…summer is a time to relax – so take advantage! Think of all the best things you could possibly do and then carry all of the above out in a hammock. Drinks? Great tracks? Eventually, you will be lulled to sleep on a warm early August evening as the sun goes down. TBH, I’m relaxed just thinking about it. Let’s take a look at some of the comfiest looking hammocks and what we, here at Fora, would recommend drinking and listening to while chilling out.  read more…

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July 4, 2013

Happy & Healthy Summer Activities

It’s summer, right? So humidity aside, we want to make sure we stay outdoors and enjoy the summer air while we can. The season doesn’t last forever, and before you know it we’ll be in the midst of winter – snuggled in our parkas wishing we made the most of summer. So let’s not let ourselves regret a thing, and embark on all of these happy (and healthy) summer activities! read more…

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May 17, 2013

10 Super-Fun Summer Cocktails To Try (Responsibly!)

10 mouth-watering drinks to quench your thirst this summer… from relaxed patio bevies to passing out before you even reach the party (Warning: Apple Bourbon Cocktail), these drinks are easy to make, fun and pretty, obvi. read more…

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April 22, 2013

5 Pools You Absolutely Need To Step Foot Into Over Your Lifetime

We hope that you treat yourself to some well-deserved pool days this summer. And we really hope that one of those pool days just so happens to be spent by one of these breathtaking pools. Though my chances are slim to none, that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen one day, and the same goes for you! Until then, I will compromise my pool-needs with my backyard country pool…which although doesn’t begin to compare to these architectural masterpieces, is really quite nice (if I do say so myself). So please join me by closing your eyes, thinking happy thoughts and imagining that you’re basking in the presence of a pool ~so~ grand, that rolling over, making a ~splash~, and taking the plunge isn’t so unrealistic after all. read more…

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