February 23, 2015

14 Gorgeous and Elegant Redheads Kelly Osbourne Forgot About


“There are so few people who can rock red hair and be elegant and as gorgeous as she is.”

– Kelly Osbourne, Academy Awards, 2015.

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November 3, 2014

Celebrity Romances x Jane Austen Novels

Jane Austen movies usually guarantee a cheesy happy ending and a sense of navieté – something also very common with celeb romances. Therefore, what is more appropriate than pairing the two with a really bad Photoshop job??

We decided to take it upon ourselves to imagine what cute and relevant celebrity couple would correspond with what Jane Austen novel. Also, because who doesn’t love a bad Photoshop job reminiscent of playing old timey-dress up at a fair?? Ok. read more…

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October 15, 2014

Celeb Haircuts I Wish Never Happened


We’ve all had our fair share of bad haircuts. How about that time when you were five and took the safety scissors to your luscious locks because you REALLY wanted bangs? Or in high school when teen angst took over and you so desperately wanted a rocker mullet? (Just me? Ugh #neverforget) OR WAIT. What about that time you showed your hairdresser a pic of Megan Fox’s mermaid waves and ended up looking like a poodle? (Just me again? Ugh #Prom2013) But hey, sometimes it’s not your fault. I long for the days when “Take off just an inch” actually means just an inch.

We’ve all been there. And stars? They’re just like us. So next time you get a bad haircut, just remember that Britney Spears once spontaneously shaved her head in 2007.  read more…

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July 2, 2014

Why Emma Stone Slaaays the Makeup Game

Emma Stone is like the snarky, cooler older sister you never had. She’s dating freakin’ Spiderman, beat Jimmy Fallon in an intense lip-sync battle and last but not least, is able to maintain a perfectly groomed face while doing it all. No matter what hair colour she seems to be sporting at the moment – either a Patty Smith-esque mop with bangs, or silky blonde fairytale locks – she pulls each one off. Flawlessly.

Emma, (unlike myself) never keeps it safe when it comes to the make-up game and tries new things (unlike myself). Her empowering response when a magazine asked her what makeup she wore for men also explains why she is our latest beauty crush,

“I could care less. I think women should wear whatever makeup they want for themselves. Makeup should be fun.”

True dat, Stone-sters.

Here’s how to get lady Stones look ~~~~~*~~~~~ read more…

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February 24, 2014

An Ode To: Gingerz

We’ve all heard the daunting ginger jokes that classify redheads as having no souls, but the truth is that most of us (myself included) are really just jealous that our hair doesn’t look like a sunset in the fall. So, in the spirit celebrating red hair, here is an ode to seven famous redheads that have changed our minds about the no-souls thing… read more…

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February 3, 2014

Hairspiration: Half Up, Half Down

Like many great outfits and beauty tricks, my recent hair obsession has sprung up entirely by accident. Like most people with pencil straight hair and a bad habit of burning appendages with the curling iron, I curl my hair in layers and pin up the top half while I do the underside. The other day, I sat in front of the mirror, curling iron on and half of my hair twisted above my head, and I realized I had possibly created the greatest accidental hairstyle ever. Since then, I’ve been crushing on half-up half-down ‘dos’ so much so that I needed to compile my favourites… read more…

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October 10, 2012

Blonde, brunette, redhead… or all three?

Hair trends are almost as fast moving as fashion. One season fashion arbiters will sport white-blonde locks, and six months later they are adopting a new auburn hue — or whatever the trend may be.  Unfortunately, only a few of us are able to successfully pull off hair colours of such variance.  Here’s a look at ten familiar faces who have managed to successfully rock being blonde, brunette and redhead! I envy you. read more…

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August 28, 2012

HEADLINES: Your First Look at Margiela x H&M, and Katy Perry Dyes Her Hair Orange While Ex Russell Brand Dates Ginger Spice??

Emma Stone is a badazz blur in Interview Magazine. That’s all. read more…

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June 27, 2012

Going Ginger

If the implications that come with being a natural redhead are abundant and hopelessly cruel, then why have some of Hollywood’s biggest stars ditched their natural tresses in favour of a ginger-like hue? read more…

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June 13, 2012

HEADLINES: Jessica Simpson Went To The Gym, Matthew McConaughey Got Married, And Models Are Falling #everywhere #allthetime

Reason #1 million I am in love with the Interweb; it makes laughing at other people’s embarrassing mistakes SO MUCH EASIER. And, I mean … Okay I kinda feel bad for laughing like a hyena BUTTT it’s Hump Day so #sorrynotsorry. read more…

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