April 23, 2018

FORA-1-1: Face Rollers

If you’ve ever had a facial and have been treated to a face and neck massage, you know how well it works as a *quick* detox for your skin. Plus, it feels SO. GOOD.  With the help of a petite stone paint-roller, you can give yourself your own face massage right at home!

They’re called jade and rose quartz face rollers, and they’re emerging as the beauty world’s go-to for achieving glowing complexions. But do face rollers actually work, and if so, how? Here’s the FORA-1-1 on jade and rose quartz face rollers.

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January 30, 2018

FORA-1-1: Be Your Own Meditation Guru

Meditation is a way to train your mind, similar to how fitness is an approach to training your body. It can be a way to relax, deal with anxiety and even release you inner ~guru~ But you don’t have to splurge on a meditation coach or devote multiple hours to the practice. Sometimes all it takes is a couple minutes of thoughtful breathing techniques to calm the mind.

Practicing meditation might not be for everyone, but with tomorrow being Bell Let’s Talk Day, we wanted to ~talk~ about how to add a little more mindfulness into your everyday. Here’s the FORA-1-1 on how to be your own meditation guru.

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July 19, 2016



ASMR (or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is kind of a strange phenomenon. For those who experience it, it’s difficult to explain and for those who don’t it’s almost impossible to understand. We recently found ourselves lost in a strange corner of the internet (as most people often do) binge watching ASMR trigger videos that had accumulated over 15 million views (!!!), and knew we had to dig into the science behind this weird yet affective A.F. relaxation method.

Click below the cut to expand your knowledge- and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll feel some ~tingles~.

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June 9, 2016

FORA-1-1: Anti-Aging While You’re Still Young


Fine wines do it with grace, but ~aging~ of the human kind isn’t always as pleasant. Our metabolism lowers, our energy depletes and -UGH- our skin wrinkles and sags. Using anti-aging products while you’re too young can actually cause your skin to lose elasticity faster – so the question remains, how do we prevent our skin from wrinkling? If you share our fear of getting older, click through to find out just how to anti-age your skin while you’re still young!

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May 26, 2016

FORA-1-1: Everything You Need To Know About Skin Dehydration

Dehydrated Skin Header

Blame it on the stress, but it seems that after first year university your baby soft skin is diminished into a graveyard of dry skin and endless stress acne – but the one thing that becomes more noticeable than anything are those fine lines and dry patches that don’t go away with regular moisturizers.

Is it possible that in a gruelling 8-months, our skin has already aged so much that we have wrinkles? Don’t worry (yet), odds are, your skin is just severely dehydrated because you were too broke to buy water bottles and too scared to drink your dorm water.

We decided to break down what exactly is happening to your skin, why it’s happening and how you can fix it. Click through to get the FORA-1-1 on dehydrated skin.

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May 18, 2016

FORA-1-1: Everything You Need To Know About Septum Piercings

septum header

If you don’t have one, you definitely know someone who does. This trend *pierced* the fashion industry last year, and seems to have left a permanent scar that doesn’t show signs of fading anytime soon. We dove deep into the history books for this one – click through to get the FORA-1-1 on this ~rebellious~ trend!

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April 26, 2016

Everything You Need To Know About The Souvenir Jacket Trend


Florals for spring? We know it’s groundbreaking, but this season’s hottest trend isn’t just about putting pretty petals on bomber jackets. Want the scoop on everyone’s newest fashion obsession? Get the FORA-1-1 under the cut!

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