November 12, 2013

Why Punks Love Fred Perry

With their fancy haircuts, tattoos, and nice button-down shirts, Punks are starting to look a lot better than they used to. Maybe it’s the fact that the aging moshers can’t wear smelly band shirts their whole lives or maybe it’s because they realized the need to look presentable from time to time. Whatever it is, Fred Perry has seen a huge increase in sales from punks all across the board the last few years. Although, it’s nothing new to the British clothing line because punks have been loving Fred Perry since back in the days. read more…

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December 11, 2012

HEADLINES: Rihanna & Miley Are Allergic to Clothes, No Doubt Collabs With Fred Perry, and Kids Need Hair Extensions Too.

Miley hates shirts. Rihanna hates pants. Is clothing a thing of the past? Discuss. (Styleite / E! Online) read more…

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December 7, 2011

HEADLINES: H&M Hates Real Women, Alec Baldwin Loves Words With Friends an Unhealthy Amount, and Nicole Richie May Be Heading to Halston.

Alec Baldwin was asked to leave an Amercian Airlines flight for playing “Words With Friends”. Alec’s rep explains, “Alec was asked to leave the flight for playing WWF while parked at the gate. He loves WWF so much that he was willing to leave a plane for it.” Now that’s SERIOUS love. (People)

H&M has admitted to sticking real model’s heads on computer-generated bodies. Seriously?!?! (Amy Pohler voice) And women are supposed to love their bodies and not be affected by unrealistic standards in the media? Thanks for making that impossible H&M. (Huff Post Style)

The Valentino Virtual Museum is finally here! Anddd it’s pretty much amazing! Click for the download. NOW! (

Amy Winehouses fashion legacy lives on with her last collection for Fred Perry. The collection is an ode to Amy’s love of the fifties. Peep the line here. We miss ya gurl! (Fashionista)

Rumour has it Nicole Richie is in talks to be the new face of Halston. The brand was recently abandoned by SPJ, Tamara Mellon, and Harvey Weinstein. Do you think Nic is into sloppy seconds? (ShowbizSpy)

Andre Leon Talley gives us some tips for saving money – Don’t spend on things you can get for free. Good advice; but we don’t work at Vogue where I assume the swag is out of control! (The Cut)

Dita Von Teese says being beautiful takes practice. Well then she must have been practising since birth cause girl is gorgeous! (People Style Watch)

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July 29, 2011

My Favourite Girl Babes Play Cover Girl for ‘Love’, Tim Gunn School Hilary Clinton on Style and Jessica Simpson Thinks We Care About Her Wedding. Style Headlines for Everyone!

Carrera y Carrera, a Spanish jewelry line, has hired Olivia Palermo to be the new face and spokesperson for their brand. Just throwing this out there, but what are the chances that Olivia actually speaks Spanish? Mmm … slim to none! (Popsugar)

Love Magazine has been slowly releasing its Sixth Issue covers and so far so GREAT. They started with my fave little sis Elle Fanning followed by the young and edgy Chloe Mortez. I dare you to guess who came next! Why my favourite it-girl of the moment Haliee Steinfeld of course. Drool. Check them out if you can handle it, lace, tears and all. (Fashionista)

Fred Perry is said to be holding back on releasing its collaboration with Amy Winehouse. With all due sympathy and respect, that’s the worst business decision I’ve ever heard! (Vogue)

Code Red! Jessica Simpson doesn’t have a wedding dress yet! This Defcon 5 shit! (People)

Ooo gurl! Oh no you didn’t! Tim Gunn has fighting words for Hilary Clinton. (Dlisted)

First Sean Avery and now Amar’e Stoudmire! NY athletes cannot resist their city’s passion for fashion. (Styleist)

The U.K. has banned a L’Oreal make-up ad featuring Julia Roberts. Really U.K.? Really? No leniency for Jules? Did you see Notting Hill? Gutless. (Huffpost Style)

A word of advice: if you haven’t already checked out Jessica Di ClementeDO.IT.NOW.

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