November 8, 2011

HEADLINES: Kelly Gives Beyonce a Bathtub, Katie Has Cankles, and Kristen is Greasy (as usual).

The love fest continues in Cabo; their second trip this month. Must be freaking nice being a professional girlfriend who’s only responsibility is looking hot. George seems different with this one – he’s letting Stacey enjoy the spotlight and he’s less strict about the PDA. I still miss Elisabetta though. (PopSugar)

Ugh. When Katie Holmes’s style looks busted; 9 times out of 10 she designed the outfit herself. Surprise, surprise Katie made this piece of crap. Wow, it’s terrible. And those shoes? WHY? She straight up looks like she has cankles! (Lainey Gossip)

Predictable; greasy hair and angst-y facial expressions fill the pages of Kristen Stewart’s Vogue Italia spread. I didn’t think it was particularly thrilling. Plus, I really hate the hair and the cigarette. (The Gloss)

Probably the most EXTRA gift I’ve ever seen. A big tub is a great gift for a pregnant woman. But pink Swarovski crystals? See; it’s EXTRA! Does this mean it’s a girl??? I didn’t think that was Beyonce’s style. But then again the girl does help her mama design House of Dereon. (ABC)

Think twirling your hair while batting your eyelashes makes you cute and irresistible? Well it can actually make you bald! Yikes! (Stylelist)

Rachel Zoe runs a tight ship! Apparently she won’t let her client Jennifer Garner wear maternity clothes. But this stupid sateen number was A-OK? I question Zoe sometimes. (In Style)

According to Marc Jacob’s IMBD page, Marc will make his film debut alongside Jason Bateman and Alexander Skarsgard in a film called Disconnected. Are you excited to see him on the big screen? I am unsure. I fear oversaturation (Fashionista)

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November 4, 2011


Moustache inspiration, and goods that support the cause. Ready. Set. GROW. read more…

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November 3, 2011

HEADLINES: Blake Annoys, Karlie Ages, and SJP Puts More Ridiculous Crap on Her Head.

Ugh! I don’t know why, but this photo just irks me! Blake Lively would be that girl getting carried out of a party honouring Christian Louboutin BY Christian Louboutin himself. She WOULD make it all about her! I wonder why he adores her so. It probably has nothing to do with the fact that she once bought 40 pairs of Loubs at a single sample sale. WHO DOES THAT? (Popsugar)

Once it hits your lips … Elisabetta Canalis got a taste of the limelight with George and now, well, she can’t help herself! She started the week off making weird comments about her relationship with ‘fatherly’ GC to the press and yesterday she got papped with her new HOT boyfriend Mehcad Brooks of HBO’s True Blood. You stretch that 15 minutes, girl! (Too Fab)

SJP went to some luncheon in Australia yesterday, the details of which are unimportant, and wore a ridiculous Philip Treacy hat. This thing is the size of a freaking planet. Why? When did ‘obstructive’ become synonymous with ‘fashionable’? (ABC News)

Good Lord, would she just stop giving interviews! Hasn’t Papa Joe figured out by now that Jessica’s sound bites are bad for business? Her latest, brilliant revelation? “The decision not to make myself anorexic was actually great for branding because when you’re really, really skinny, not everybody can relate to you.” So true, Jess.  SO true. (Lucky)

There are a few moments in a model’s career that solidify you’ve made it. Karlie Kloss has just reached one of them. The model of the moment has just earned her wings. And by ‘earned’ I mean ‘has finally turned 18’. (Fashionologie)

The world is learning more and more about Sarah Burton. For instance, did you know that the celebrated successor of Alexander McQueen ALMOST turned down the job of designing Kate Middleton’s wedding dress? So basically; did you know Sarah was ALMOST an idiot? (Fashionista)

Fendi was asked to create four new fashion gelato flavors. What made the cut? Fan di Fendi, Mozzarella, Aspirin and Diet Coke. Naturally. (Refinery 29)


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October 25, 2011

HEADLINES: Stacey’s Style is Still Shit, Vogue Goes Naked for November, and Jenna Lyons Dumps Her Man for a Lady.

So you missed Tom Ford’s documentary on the Oprah Winfrey Network … well, we can’t say we blame you. We can’t stand the ‘listen to your inner voice’ crap either. But if you are like us you are probably still intrigued by the supposed exclusive access Opes was given into the designer’s private life. No worry, The Fashion Spot is here to save the day! (The Fashion Spot)

Luella Bartley, handbag designer, gave quite the interview to The Observer recently; stating, “English women are feminists without thinking about it.” Her reasoning? Because they are more concerned with looking cool than sexy. But don’t get all huffy yet; she goes on to say that this does not apply to all English girls while simultaneously taking a stab at Cheryl Cole. Oooo sassy! (VogueUK)

If you didn’t already know – you heard it here first! Next month is officially Naked November. Okay, well … not OFFICIALLY but judging from these Vogue covers we’re not that far off! (Fashionista)

Man, these Middletons and their sensible style! Pippa was spotted out and about in an eye-catching red jacket from Zara. I like that they don’t feel the need to only wear couture. I give them a lot of flack but they are quite humble, aren’t they? (In Style)

It seems that Jenna Lyons and Vincent Mazeau are headed for divorce. Yes, it’s sad BUT it gets better. Apparently word is getting around that Jenna has moved on with … another woman! Who is said to also works in fashion. Please let this be the one time Page Six is right! (Fashionologie)

That’s just like people, eh? You give them a compliment and then they make you regret it instantly! Stacey Kiebler’s red carpet marathon continued last night, as did her tendency to look like shit. Those ruffles – yuck! George would you just take care of this already! Conversely Carey Mulligan looked stunning! (Popsugar)

Hilary Duff did something of note – for a change. The sometimes actress/singer sported a side braid recently; incorporating strands of leather throughout the ‘do. And were digging it! Good work, now go work on that career because we are starting to forget who you are! (Us Weekly)

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October 21, 2011

HEADLINES: Lindsay Lohan is a Hot Mess Minus the Hot, Alexa Chung has “It Girl Problems”, and Anna Wintour’s Travel Routine is Exhausting.

Stacey Kiebler and George Clooney continue their dominance of red carpets everywhere with an appearance at the London premiere of The Descendents last night. This is hands down my favourite look Stacey has rocked thus far. However, there really wasn’t much competition. George would you hire her a stylist already? I miss Elisabetta! (Popsugar)

Yikes! So Lindsay Lohan’s fifth mugshot, yeah I said fifth, has been circulating and let me tell you kiddies – it isn’t good! This is not how a 25 year old should look! This photo might just be the best deterrent for drug use I’ve ever seen. (People)

Ashley Greene has been named they new face of DKNY; a role she describes as, “an organic fit.” First of all I hate when celebrities use words like ‘organic’ incorrectly. ‘Organic’ is not a synonym for ‘natural’ in every context! Get your publicist a thesaurus! Second, don’t you dare try to convince us for a second that fashion is your passion. Why must everyone strive to be a multi-hyphenate?  (In Style)

Oh man, maybe it’s just been a long week but is Tavi Gevinson getting funnier? Either way this DIY post just made me legitimately laugh out loud at my desk. Whether it was laughter out of delirium or out of genuine funny bone tickling; it’s definitely worth a read on this dreary Friday. (Rookie)

So this oil spill is really messing with the penguins in New Zealand. I shit you not! So if you have any spare time this weekend; knit a sweater & save a penguin! (The Frisky)

Some say this is smart; I say this is ridiculously unnecessary. Apparently when Anna Wintour travels she boards a plane wearing a dress, goes to the washroom once the flight takes off and changes into jeans, and then before she de-planes she changes back into the original dress (de-plane is a word, I checked). Really? Is it that horrible if you are seen in public wearing jeans? Some people … I swear. (Gawker)

Champange, white girl, guido, meatball, and now ‘It girl problems.’ Alexa Chung is responsible for the latest and most conceited addition to the ‘problem’ catch phrase family. (The Cut)

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October 17, 2011

HEADLINES: Kate in Gold Gets SOLD, Beyonce Rocks Many A Tux, and Crosdressers Attack!

It was a busy weekend to say the least. So what stories are buzzing today? 1. George promotes Stacey Kiebler. As you well know when it comes to women, George runs the show; he always runs the show! And he has decided that Stacey will be extended red carpet privileges as the two hit the red carpet together at the New York Film Festival this weekend. So how long will it last? We’re accepting bets starting immediately! (Lainey Gossip)

Flynn Bloom is officially my new favourite lil nugget. He definitely just robbed top billing from Mason Dash Disick. It’s not Mason’s fault; it’s his family and their over-saturation. Like, seriously I don’t need to see you getting laser hair removal pre-wedding, I just don’t! Anyways let’s hope to see more of Flynn really, really soon. (Popsugar)

So Beyonce took a year off from work before she planned to have a baby; in order to prepare herself. Now that she’s preggers? She’s working harder than ever – something doesn’t compute. Anyhow Queen B dropped her second video in two weeks, Love on Top, and this time it’s all about the luxe tux! (Fashionista)

The newest gang to hit the streets of New York? Cross-dressing men seeking Chanel bags! Apparently two cross-dressed men managed to steal two customized Chanel handbags from Lower East Side boutique; A. Turen. Such a better look than the usual pantyhose face. (Huffpost Style)

It is interviews like this that remind you Tavi is really just an eccentric child. Tavi spoke with Elle Fanning about, like, school uniforms and how short to, like, wear your kilt, like. Elle’s a good girl; SHOCKER. Me? There were times I rolled my kilt three times! Yeah it was more belt than skirt. (The Cut)

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a million hipsters freaking out! Because Uniqlo has opened its biggest store ever in NYC. (Lucky)

Marc Quinn’s famous statue of Kate Moss (the gold version) has sold at auction for over $800,000. I wonder how she feels about her gymnastics pose being on display in bidder’s houses. Creepy! (Vogue UK)

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October 14, 2011

HEADLINES: Lepoards are Dying, Alexa Chung is Returning to TV, and The Murse is Taking Over.

It’s Stacey Keibler’s 32nd birthday tomorrow. So George Clooney took her to Mexico – standard. And he brought along all her friends – generous! Or he’s just really, really smart. (Twitter)

Coco Rocha spoke to British Vogue recently about the pressures of modelling. Coco argues that models are scouted far too young and believes this needs to change. Sureeee, cause she was so resistant to becoming a model when she was scouted at 14. You loved it. You know it. (Vogue UK)

Nicole Richie really loves her leopard. Girl rocked leopard heels for business and leopard flats for pleasure. I think she’s been hanging out with the Kardashians too much! (Popsguar)

Speaking of dead leopards; Giambattista Valli for Macy’s is here. Peep the entire collection here. Was there a leopard genocide we weren’t informed of? (FabSugar)

Alexa Chung will be back on television! Her show 24 Hour Catwalk has been picked up by Lifetime (at least someone picked it up). As for the show; it’s being pitched as a younger, hipper Project Runway. Yay for originality! (Fashionologie)

Not only is Azzedine Alaia a fan of Kanye West; he’s a huge Beyonce fan as well. In fact he listens to her daily and can do the entire Single Ladies dance. Officially obsessed with this little factoid. (Telegraph)

WUTTTT? House of Harlow makes handbags? Yes, yes they do! AND – they are amazing! (The Purse Blog)

The ‘Murse’ is on the rise! Everyone from Lil Wayne to Jude Law has been rocking this look; making it official that the man-bag is having its moment. (The Daily Beast)

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September 13, 2011

HEADLINES: Rihanna Gets Naked, Barney’s Does Karaoke, and George and Stacy Tear Up TIFF.

So apparently the Sex and the City Prequel “The Carrie Diaries” is a go. Seriously? The CW is set to air the show and its rumoured Josh Swartz (The O.C., Gossip Girl) will head up the project. Oh good! So we can expect a lot of hype followed by a visually stunning first season and then mediocre plot-lines until ratings dwindle. (US Magazine)

Rihanna’s new print ads for Armani underwear have finally been unveiled. RiRi rocks a Mia Farrow-esque pixie cut in the shots and not much else. Fun fact: both Rihanna and her predecessor Megan Fox have been linked to Shia LaBeouf. I love Hollywood incest. (Daily Mail)

George Clooney and rumoured girlfriend Stacy Kiebler are in town for TIFF and hit up the Vanity Fair Party at the Thompson Hotel on Friday. George looked as dapper as ever however Stacy has looked better. That ratty hair and terrible ruffle-y dress? What was she thinking? This was her moment, her coming-out party and she couldn’t spring for a reputable stylist? I’m at a loss. (Just Jared)

She’s at it again. My favourite outspoken Vogue editor Franca Sozzani shares her thoughts on Carine Roitfeld’s celebrity and why she supports John Galliano. Please don’t ever learn how to filter yourself girl! (Fashionologie)

I’ve said it before and I will say it again; whispering along to music is NOT singing! You hear me Eva Mendes? (The Cut)

Anna Wintour laughs! No, seriously! There is photo evidence. (Refinery 29)

Ever since watching Valentino: The Last Emperor I have been obsessed with Valentino and Giancarlo. Beyond obsessed. Unfortunately sightings of them are rare these days as Valentino continues to enjoy his retirement; which pains me to no end. And then this happened!!! Is it my birthday? Because it sure feels like it! Carine I bow to you again. (Styleite)

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