October 4, 2016

Why Tatiana Maslany Should Be Your Girl Crush


Tatiana Maslany— better known as the star(s) of Orphan Blackis killing it both on and off the screen. She finally won an Emmy this year for playing the five clones on the hit sci-fi show, but that’s not the only reason to have love for her.

This month, the 31-year-old Canadian covers Fashion magazine for the first time ever. Check out our fave pics from the feature and all the reasons she’s at the top of our girl crush list under the cut!

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April 17, 2015

Martha Stewart’s Comeback


When discussing the comeback of Martha Stewart, we have to ask—did she ever leave?

Whether she’s praising Kim K, roasting Bieber or dissing Gwyneth Paltrow in the form of a pie recipe, we feel like we’ve been reading a lot of Martha-related headlines.

We’re not complaining.

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April 1, 2015

Woman Crush Wednesday: Leighton Meester


She’s come a long way from her days on the steps of the Met as Blair Waldorf. While we used to lust over her blazers, tights and man candy (hello, Ed Westwick), now we’re lusting for a whole new set of reasons. From her amazing singing voice to her pro-feminist attitude, Leighton Meester is well-deserving of the WCW title.

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November 24, 2014

Double Girl Crush: Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson

If you’ve never heard of Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, you should watch Broad City. And if you’ve never watched Broad City, you should start. Ilana and Abbi are writers/actors/producers/best friends/all around very cool gals.

The BFFs started Broad City as a web series in 2009, and it was later picked up by Comedy Central, making them the greatest girl duo on TV evar. Simply put, da show is about fictional, exaggerated versions of Ilana and Abbi living in New York (as they do IRL), being best friends, and getting into crazy-funny situations. If you don’t love them for their confidence, you’ll love them for their comedy. So let me tell ya ’bout my dream best friends/idols… read more…

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October 31, 2014

Girl Crush: Leah Fay


Hey. Let’s talk about how cool Leah Fay is. The low key, rock n’ roll queen from Toronto fronts the rhythm and blues infused indie band, July Talk. Peter Dreimanis of the band, discovered Leah in a bar where she was covered in face paint and wearing a bicycle helmet. The two founded July Talk and the rest is history. She’s quirky with an edge (and this is why I love her/want to be her). read more…

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October 2, 2014

My Longstanding Lady Crush on Kristen Wiig

Do you remember that defining moment as a child watching something or experiencing something for the first time and being completely mind blown at it’s ability to cater specifically to you…and you only? Perhaps you sat, alone, pondering: How did this magical song/person or movie know I would find it so perfectly awesome? Well, for me, that thing was every sketch Kristen Wiig performed on SNL.

It all began with her infamous character, Penelope. This obnoxious character was known for her incessant one-upping delivered under her breath all the while twirling her hair. I took this character and ran with it. I did it at school, family parties, and just about anywhere else I thought no one would catch me stealing from the ultimate, Wiig-ster. It was just soo funny to me. I felt as though I had personally – me and only me – had discovered this completely genuine brand of comedy. And of course, I wanted to exploit it!

Knowing that none of my friends watched SNL and that I had could get away with ripping off this bit, I allowed my unknowing peers to laugh at (and with) me. I revelled in the attention. I revelled in the laughs. But mostly, I revelled in my ability to get it away with it all.

Of course, this was short-lived – and soon, my friends discovered my stolen comedy via YouTube. But that didn’t change the fact that Kristen Wiig taught me some valuable life lessons. Never be ashamed of your ‘funny face’! Don’t try and hide your double chin! Don’t run away from unflattering wigs! LIVE. LOVE. KRISTEN WIIG. read more…

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August 14, 2014

Girl Crush: Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson is 18 years old and has already achieved many of my #lifegoals. She is a fresh high school graduate who has not only rubbed elbows with the likes of Anna Wintour, but has also created a successful online magazine, Rookie, and is now starring on Broadway alongside Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin in This Is Our Youth. Oh yeah, she was recently featured on the cover of New York Magazine. NBD. Hey Tavi! I want to be your friend! Seriously. Here are a few reasons why I love her so… read more…

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July 17, 2014


Who is Kelela, you ask? Well. Let me tell you. Kelela is an R&B artist based in Los Angeles, whose distinct sound and soothing voice have caught the attention of a number of artists (including Solange Knowles *fangirls*). Signed to the label, Fade to Mind, her hit Bankhead ft. Kingdom was my personal song of last summer and whenever I hear it I feel elated (and you will too!).

Kelela is not only immensely talented but she’s also *the most fly*. Here are a few more reasons why we <3 her so… read more…

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May 27, 2014

8 Reasons I'm Obsessed With Iggy Azalea


Over the last couple months I’ve become increasingly more and more enthralled with Iggy Azalea. Want 2 know Y? Keep reading and I will share my ~innermost thoughts~ with you.
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April 8, 2014

GIRL CRUSH: Adrianne Ho

When was the last time your favourite style blogger showed you how to do a burpee in GIF form? Inspired you to go hiking instead of shopping? Snapped a sportswear (not sportswear-inspired) outfit they actually used to run around the city? If you’re reading Adrianne Ho’s “Sweat the Style” then chances are, pretty recently. If Nike, Supreme, and Pigalle are not your cup of tea, here are some other reasons to develop a girl crush on this former Torontonian… read more…

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