July 16, 2014

MIXTAPE: Girl Guide

Consider the pink skateboard: It’s the perfect emblem of bada$$ boldness and that girly somethin somethin. A pink skateboard says, “yeah I skate. And paint. Maybe even at the same time.” It’s a talent in itself to have so many talents don’t ya know, but somehow we found a whole army of coolgirls who can skate, paint, write, blog, sing, cook, and direct with the best of the best, all whilst managing a multitude of other roles. Though our thirty days of lady crushes has come to an end (insert sad face emoji) the ~ go-getter vibes~ live on with our mixtape of confidence-revving anthems as curated by the Girl Guides themselves.

For the past month we’ve been asking our lady friends who they’d drafted into their coolgirl army. Based on the last thirty days there’s no question who we’d want in our: five writers, four photographers, three DJs and a self-proclaimed cat lady to name a few. Maybe we’d even roll up on pink skateboards. Look out world – we’re taking over~ read more…

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July 11, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Molly Young

When faced with the task of having to write a profile about a woman who writes profiles for a living, I found myself at a lost for words. At age 27, Molly Young’s prolific oeuvre includes pieces for New York, GQ, and Elle to name a few. Very few. She’s an avid reader of Dwight Garner book reviews, an ABBA fan, and an aspiring crossword architect. Translation: there’s a reason why they call her Magic Molly.

As the rules go, when you set out to write a profile you should always start with a theory about your subject. In Young’s experience, these theories are always proven wrong by interview’s end. Be it over lunch with David Karp or boardroom banter à la Jenna Lyons, Young ritualistically finds herself enamored by her profilees. After corresponding via email on all things literary (with a special shout out to lasagna) I found the NYC transplant by way of San Fran was exactly how I imaged her to be. Someone who’d enlist Lisa Simpson in her all-girl army, someone who identifies with Garfield, and most importantly, someone who wouldn’t question the fact that we asked her to write a haiku. read more…

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July 10, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Caley Vanular

We’re going to take a gander and say that you’ve never met a Jill of all trades quite like Caley Vanular.

Though she has a creative portfolio that covers everything from art direction to design to marketing, first and foremost, this Vancouver native considers herself an athlete. So if a client list citing Aritzia and Herschel Supply Co. wasn’t enough to get you to put down that medium pizza(?) and get *out there*, then the fact that this superbabe/supergirl IS ALSO AN ATHLETE will definitely be incentive enough.

Oftentimes, traditional mindsets prevent people from understanding that we live in a day and age where our work can span a multitude of fields – and there’s no need to be confined by one thing. Living and working doesn’t have to be separate – and according to Caley, work doesn’t really seem like work when you love what you’re doing. Make your own opportunities, work hard, and keep pushing even in the bleakest of situations. So from crazy travel stories (that sound like something out of a movie), to general life/work advice, it’s time for you, too, to get inspired by this #WellTravelled storyteller. read more…

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July 9, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Rosanna Webster

Welcome to Rosanna Webster’s mixed media wonderland. Here, trendy apparel offerings live amongst the flora + fauna in a hodgepodge of dreamy imagery. Like the title of her 2014 Urban Outfitters lookbook “Magical Realism”, this Brighton U graduate enchants with the force of an analogue point and shoot backed by an impressive resume. I’m talking Dossier Journal, Adidas Originals, and Bombay Bicycle Club. *pinch me* I must be dreaming!

A title-less experimenter, Webster paints with the technicolor of popular culture – a palette that’s long been dominated by stuffy CEO’s and boardroom dictators. This babely Britt, however, is neither. Though she only left the safe confines of art school a few years back, Webster’s already established herself as a standout member of the Instaset – a crew of young creators who are changing the game, one viral reblog at a time.

Between a brief jaunt to Glastonbury, the new age creator gave us a pep talk on creative confidence and challenging our imaginations. A message to post-grad hopefuls everywhere: “Be brave”. Because Rosanna Webster said so. read more…

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July 8, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Kissette

What’s better than one smokin’ hot DJ? Well, two of course. And if you thought it couldn’t get any better than that, try two smokin’ hot DJ’s…. that also happen to be sisters. It’s okay, pick your jaw up off of the ground. While most wouldn’t invite the idea of working side-by-side with their siblings, Kissette jumps from the “normal” sister stereotype of sharing clothes, to sharing their turntables. Meet Sandra and Marsha Krcmar – the faces behind the hottest electronic and dance mixes in the city.

These bright light urban girls have seen and done it all. From growing up in Mississauga, to packing their bags and hopping on a plane to LA, Kissette have played at a monopoly of shows across the U.S, bringing electro and dance music to a whole ~new level~.

After shooting/laughing/eating brown rice and sushi with two c0oOlest siblings I’ve ever met, we sat down to talk about the good stuff, and by that, I mean their journey across the border, their craziest shows/fans and of course and the relationship between two sisters/business partners. One thing is for sure, though, their passion for creativity and collaboration is so high, that there’s never any room to argue about the small stuff. read more…

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July 7, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Rachel and Nicole Effendy

You know how they say two is better than one? Or how good things come in pairs? How about two = double the trouble, double the fun? Okay, perhaps that last one was a bit of stretch, but nonetheless, Rachel and Nicole Effendy have managed to convince me that having a sidekick is the algorithm for success.

Amongst an infinite number of fashion blogs floating around in an (inherently) over-saturated WWW, Rachel and Nicole literally sparkle, shine, and glimmer like diamonds – as their namesake blog, Rachel et Nicole, houses some of the most creative, well-thought-out content in the fashion blogosphere. From styling to creative direction to photography and design, these Brooklyn-based sisters work around the clock to do…pretty much everything (while STILL managing to find the time to sleep, watch Netflix, and look generally fabulous).

It’s one thing to do art for arts sake – but when it comes to brand work, there’s a fine line between feeling like you’re “selling out” and maintaining artistic integrity and doing work you actually believe in. That said, one of the most validating moment of a creative’s career is to be hired by a brand who completely trusts your creative vision. And when you’ve got to that point, you know that you’re doing something right.

To these gals, keeping it “organic and real without the noise of commercialism clouding our final product” is one of the most valuable things about having complete control over a project. And with a pair of keen, affluent eyes, the aforementioned isn’t a difficult fete.

From humble beginnings to even humbler successes, it’s time for you to acquainted with this creative powerhouse. FORA readers, meet Rachel and Nicole! read more…

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July 4, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische’s website index defaults to – and since internet URLs never lie (case in point: Facebook = book of faces, Myspace = …your space), there’s no need for us to question the fact that she’s anything but awesome.

While she may have been cited as one of Forbes’ 30 to Watch Under 30 (twice), there’s a good chance Jessica’s household-name status stems from her work on Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom – as the yellow title script was done by none other than her hand. However, to us design school grads, Jessica has been a hot topic of conversation for years; her straightforward design mentality (read: Should I Work For Free?) being not only an inspiration, but also a guide to the way in which we operate as creatives. As such, it’s safe to say that besides being awesome, Jessica Hische has also helped shaped our design consciousness since we were conscious enough to have a design consciousness – and that’s why we had our own “awkward sweaty fangirl” moment when we secured this talented letterer, illustrator, and self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” as one of our GIRL GUIDE features.

Design school taught me to cut embellishments, skip unnecessary anecdotes and get straight to the point. So without further ado, it’s time for me to stop raving and let you see for yourself as to why this all-around coolgal is one of our (and soon to be your) biggest design-spirations ever. read more…

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July 3, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Connie Wang

We’ve all been given the “follow your heart” or “pursue your passion” life-advice spiel many times from teachers, guidance counselors, and parents. But sometimes, that road is scary, uncertain, and seemingly out of your reach. However, before you curl up in bed and throw an online shopping fit, allow me to introduce Connie Wang: an individual who struggled…but thrived. While she is now the Senior Global Editor of Refinery29 – managing everything you see on their homepage while still writing articles on anything from styling tips to trend reports – she was once just a fashion-hungry girl attending post-secondary for architectural engineering. Like most of us fashion-savvy youth, Connie’s passion was fed by the likes of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar at a young age, and fuelled by the age of *the blogger*.

So why do we love Connie? Her “maximal minimalist” style is definitely one notch on a long list – but her on-point fashion advice and contagious smile come close after. And, after four years and over 3800 articles written, it is safe to say that her perseverance and strong work ethic. Though, Connie’s story is one to be inspired by and to remember in moments of self-doubt. And yes, as cliché as it sounds, she made her dream a reality, so you can add MTV FORA to the list of life lecturers now. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS AND READ THIS INTERVIEW. read more…

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July 2, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Nirrimi Firebrace

As intimate as diary pages but as epic as love at first sight, Nirrimi Firebrace’s photos inexplicably make us ~feel~. We (obsessively) scrolled downwards, downwards, and downwards again the first time we came across her perfectly saturated snaps. Those caught-in-the-moment-but-not-awkward portraits! The cinematic, surreal locations! Those vibrantly-vintage-yet-modern colours! The emotive models with perfectly wavy beach hair! We could literally go on for hours, but will spare you guys today.

The online community was just as infatuated as we were, and brands like Diesel took notice. At 16, Nirrimi was flown out to The Big Apple from Down Under to shoot a major campaign. Brands like Billabong and publications like Oyster magazine followed suit and hired her to shoot in her signature dreamy way.

Read on to find out how this 20 year old forged her own path through her passion for photography, why she prefers to shoot outdoors, and her very poetic list of things that are inspiring her right now. read more…

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July 1, 2014

GIRL GUIDE: Winnie Truong

I am not artistically savvy; in fact, my pencil-to-paper skills go as far as drawing stick people…and even that is a bit for a stretch. Therefore, being able to sit down and get the 411 from 416 artist gal Winnie Truong was truly an honor.

Working out of a studio space shared with one other artist, Winnie spends over forty hours a week creating large-scale illustrations – strand-by-strand. Literally. Focusing on making pieces that “challenge our ideas of beauty and discomfort”, this young artist definitely has a distinct aesthetic – but she is focused on constantly expanding her talents. Although it wasn’t until three years after her post-secondary graduation that she realized she could be self-sufficient as an artist, she has since spent her days devoting her time into something meaningful, and through hard work and patience, she has managed to transition her talent into a full-time career. read more…

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