May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day: A Tribute to Some Cool-As-Hell Mother/Daughter Duos

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When Beyonce chanted, “Who run the world? Girls”, I don’t think she meant just any girls – she was referring to a specific breed of girls – Mothers. I don’t need to sit here and try to convince you why Mother’s Day is probably the most important celebration that we recognize as a society. Honoring the women who are the very rocks that hold our families together should actually be done everyday, but… there’s only so many flowers in this world. So thank you to all the mothers out there, we love you and hope you know that you’re oh-so appreciated <3 read more…

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March 20, 2012

HEADLINES: Adriana is Newly Pregnant, While Jessica Simpson is Ready To Burst, and Tara Reid Just Cemented Lilo’s Irrelevance.

Wasn’t it Goldie Hawn who said that there are only 3 ages for women in Hollywood: babe, district attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy? Jessica Alba is clearly not the latter two. And when you have Michael Bay casting supermodels in Transformers, the babe roles are slim-to-none for 30-year-old Jess. So what’s a talentless actress to do? PROCREATE. Babies are in and there is money to be made! (Lainey Gossip)

Well what did you expect him to say, he hates the kid? (People)

Love the jacket Liam wore to our neck of the woods. But Jesus, Josh Hutcherson really shouldn’t stand beside his co-stars. Sitting down is SO much better. (PopSugar)

Reason number 1,000 why Lindsay Lohan will never make a comeback: Tara Reid cleans up better than you. (US Weekly)

Jessica Simpson compared her water breaking to a fire hydrant on Jimmy Kimmel last night. And I just vomited … a lot! (E!)

I swear all Victoria’s Secret models are on the same birthing schedule. (The Hollywood Gossip)

WUTTTT Charlize’s mom shot and killed her dad? I don’t blame her for wanting to be a single mother! Yikes. (The Insider)

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