November 24, 2011

“Irresponsible" Ads

If this is “irresponsible”, then … read more…

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November 23, 2011

HEADLINES: Sasha Pivovarove Make Clothes for Gap, Stella McCartney Makes Clothes for the Olympics, and Keds Make Clothes (Period).

Sasha Pivovarove is a supermodel, legitimate painter, actress & now Gap lingerie designer. Some people are just over-achievers. (Fashionista)

Not sure where this Top 10 list originated from; but the important thing is I found it & I am sharing it with you! Check out Miss Piggy’s Top 10 Fashion Tips – they will make you snort. (Shine)

95 years after the brand was first conceived, Keds is launching a clothing line exclusively available at Opening Ceremony. Why is this necessary? This sneak peek is just … meh. You’ve lasted 95 years in the fashion industry – so I’m thinking if it ain’t broke? (Fabsugar)

Ugh. A licensed replica of the Carolina Herrera wedding gown worn by Kristen Stewart in Twilight’s Breaking Dawn is in production and is set to retail for $799. The thought of Twilight-themed weddings is making me gag. (Too Fab)

Stella McCartney is the creative director for Britain’s 2012 Summer Olympic Team? Really? Doesn’t this seem a little excessive? Oh well, let them try and compete with the popularity of Vancouver’s Olympics gear. Red Mitten Nation! HA, good luck! (The Cut)

Well you can file this under – “WTF … Useless Designer Things” Only Hermes would be audacious enough to sell a cup cozy for $200. (The Purse Blog)

This Miu Miu ad featuring the adorable Hailee Steinfeld has been pulled in theUK because it has been deems “irresponsible” for depicting a child sitting on train tracks. Yeah, I don’t really know how to respond to this. (Telegraph)

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November 2, 2011

TRENDING: Not Your Mother's Tweed

Tweed is no longer the uniform for Upper East Side’s senior citizens; it’s modern, it’s chic and it’s trending. read more…

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October 19, 2011

HEADLINES: Paula Deen Wants You to Butter Up, Christina Aguilera Belongs at The Shore, and Hailee Steinfeld Gets Canned.

“Put a little South in your mouth!” with Paula Deen’s new butter flavoured lip balm. I repeat, BUTTER flavoured lip balm. I wish I was joking. (Grub Street)

Put a V-neck on it! Now hipsters and their computers alike can rock matching v-necks with Computer Apparel’s V-Neck Computer Sleeves. You laptop never looked so, well … like everyone else? (Refinery 29)

Hermes has launched a limited edition line of saris exclusively in India. 27 different designs have been unveiled (no pun intended) priced between $6,000 and $8,000. I don’t really have an accurate frame of reference on how much saris should be but I’m guessing that this is really expensive. (Daily Mail)

Studio 54 re-opened for one night, last night, for a party hosted by Sirus XM. (Word to the kiddies – Studio 54 was a big deal in the 70’s and 80’s) Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell and Bar Refaeli were all in attendance and seemed to have a great time as Bar tweeted, “I was born 25 years too late!” post-party. (Popsugar)

Apparently this is Christina Aguilera sans make-up. I beg to differ. First of all she looks like she’s been tanning with Snooks and the Jerz crew and, second of all, I could spot those fake lashes a mile away. Will she ever not be a hot mess? I guess that’s like asking will Britney ever not be a redneck. (Too Fab)

Do Target, H&M, and Macy’s even produce their own clothing anymore? Doubtful. It has just been announced that Doo.Ri is the next designer to collaborate with Macy’s. Collaborations are great but are they over done? I’m on the fence. (Fashionologie)

If models were going to eat breakfast they would definitely eat Cereal Couture. Conceived by blogger “The Glam Foodie;” these are the best looking cereal boxes I’ve ever seen. ‘Flavoured with Real Coco’ is my fave part. (Sip, Chat, Chow)

I really, really hate to report this BUT Hailee Steinfeld has been replaced by Guinevere Van Seenus as the face of Miu Miu. I admit that Hailee’s fall campaign for the brand gave me a little bit of a “Big Love” vibe and successfully creeped me out. But that could have been worked out; no need to can the girl. (The Cut)

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October 4, 2011

HEADLINES: Wooooo! Wu Teams with Target, Ungaro Survives Plague Lohan, and The Ugg Boot is the New Grinch That Stole Christmas.

Look books and runway shows no longer cut it in this business; now you need a film! Not just a video, a film! Here’s the latest from Miu Miu, a film by Bruce Weber entitled “Portrait of Hailee” featuring the breath-taking Hailee Steinfeld. Seriously, I think I just fell in love (as much love as you can be in with a 14 year old minor).  (Fashionologie)

Wowza! Kristen Stewart looks stunning on the cover of GQ UK rocking a black retro bikini and her darker Snow White locks. See you don’t need to show your lady bits in order to be sexy; this is sexy and she’s basically wearing granny panties. You hear me Snooki? (PopSugar)

Well, it turns out she bent the shit out of the place, but did not break it. Emanuel Ungaro was able to find life after Hurricane Lindsay as was displayed yesterday at their runway show in Paris. This is an unbelievable feat; I mean really, how do you recover from star shaped pasties? (

Joe’s Jeans is celebrating 10 years of making kick-ass jeans by making EVEN MORE kick-ass jeans. Their anniversary Joe’s Wild Collection will offers a mix of their best-selling styles in a limited-edition leopard print fabric. Betcha Khloe Kardashian already has 7 pairs! (In Style)

The Cut isn’t messing around. With all the hoopla (yeah, I said “hoopla”) surrounding Kanye West’s fashion debut, The Cut has paired down all the bullshit into an easy to read point form verdict: what he did right and what he did wrong. The number of pros and cons are pretty equal; however, one of the pros is that he didn’t name his line “Kanye’s Kollection” so … you know. (The Cut)

They just won’t die! The latest rebirth of the Ugg-ly boot is in the form of an Ugg boot Christmas stocking. Seriously mates? Can someone please just order a hit on these things and be done with it? We’ve suffered enough. (Refinery 29)

After unparalleled success with Missoni, Target has announced its next collaboration will be with Jason Wu. Woooo! I smell another crash coming. The collection is set to debut in February of next year. Gahhh five months will seem like a lifetime! (Elle)

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August 23, 2011

TRENDING: Peter Pan Collars

It’s making a COMEBACKKKK! And why shouldn’t it? The peter pan collar is a favourite of fashionable celebs and it’s one of those trends that will LAST.Perfect for work, for play, meeting the parents – pretty much ANY occasion is the right occasion for this timeless and elegant look. Proof after the jump! read more…

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August 10, 2011

Rachel Roy Literally Makes Me Yawn, Nicki Minaj Revives the Nip Slip from Assault by a Jackson and Bob Marley CLINGS to Rihanna. These Style Headlines and More…

This shit was custom made? Really? All due respect and love to Bob. Obviously. But am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? You’d think “custom made” would imply that RiRi’s little situation would be avoided. Seems like a waste of money honey. (Hollywood Life)

Hippie-Boho-Gypsies unite! Cynthia Vincent is here to cloth you! (Refinery 29)

Does the world premiere of Nicki Minaj’s nipple mean that nip slips are making a comeback? Have nip slips finally recovered from Janet Jackson’s abuse, and that time Tara Reid forced us all to look at her fresh surgery nip? Man, I hope so. I thought for sure the nip slip was done for. (The Daily Beast)

Wow. Dolce & Gabbana could really make a girl go crazy if trying to live up to all their demands. Going braless is not an option for the Italian duo. In fact they encourage the use of corsets and high heels at all times. “It’s all about respecting your body,” said Dolce, and evidently “respect” is loosely translated to “torture, bind and punish” in Italian. (The Cut)

Rachel, honey, I adore you! But wearing pajamas on the red carpet will never be cool! Especially not cotton, creased, reusable hospital jammies.  That get-up is not inspired by Celine’s luxe look at all. Rach, you literally look like you escaped the psych ward and got distracted by how shiny the flash of a camera is. (Stylelist)

Glamp. Yes it’s a verb! “Glamp – To camp in style, comfort, and/or luxury while still experiencing the great outdoors; to go glamping.” (Coco Rocha)

So they bait me with the beauty and brillance that is Haillee Steinfeld and then hook me with this ridiculously gorgeous bag featuring hand-painted python. Well played Miu Miu, well played. (Vogue Daily)

Written by the witty & opinionated Jessica Di Clemente.

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July 29, 2011

My Favourite Girl Babes Play Cover Girl for ‘Love’, Tim Gunn School Hilary Clinton on Style and Jessica Simpson Thinks We Care About Her Wedding. Style Headlines for Everyone!

Carrera y Carrera, a Spanish jewelry line, has hired Olivia Palermo to be the new face and spokesperson for their brand. Just throwing this out there, but what are the chances that Olivia actually speaks Spanish? Mmm … slim to none! (Popsugar)

Love Magazine has been slowly releasing its Sixth Issue covers and so far so GREAT. They started with my fave little sis Elle Fanning followed by the young and edgy Chloe Mortez. I dare you to guess who came next! Why my favourite it-girl of the moment Haliee Steinfeld of course. Drool. Check them out if you can handle it, lace, tears and all. (Fashionista)

Fred Perry is said to be holding back on releasing its collaboration with Amy Winehouse. With all due sympathy and respect, that’s the worst business decision I’ve ever heard! (Vogue)

Code Red! Jessica Simpson doesn’t have a wedding dress yet! This Defcon 5 shit! (People)

Ooo gurl! Oh no you didn’t! Tim Gunn has fighting words for Hilary Clinton. (Dlisted)

First Sean Avery and now Amar’e Stoudmire! NY athletes cannot resist their city’s passion for fashion. (Styleist)

The U.K. has banned a L’Oreal make-up ad featuring Julia Roberts. Really U.K.? Really? No leniency for Jules? Did you see Notting Hill? Gutless. (Huffpost Style)

A word of advice: if you haven’t already checked out Jessica Di ClementeDO.IT.NOW.

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June 6, 2011

The Jessicas Actually Have Smart Husbands, Reese Witherspoon Puts Sleazy Girls in Their Place and Lebanon Says No to ‘Born This Way’. These Headlines and More Right Here:

Want to see more Kobi Levi brilliance? Well, CNN sat down with Kobi to discuss his ‘shoe creatures’ and to pick his brain about his inspirations. I cannot decide whether ‘Market Trolley’ or ‘Dog’ is my favourite, but I definitely know ‘Blond Ambition’ freaks me right out. Betcha Whoopi Goldberg would go buck wild for these shoes; she’s got the funkiest feet around. (CNN)

Who knew that Jessica Simpson’s and Jessica Alba’s hubbys were both Ivy League educated? Seriously, I feel kind of bad for the prejudice but if you were to ask me whether or not Eric and Cash were smart, I would of said hell no. And if you asked me what school they went to, I would have assumed you were asking about high school, to which I would’ve said they probably dropped out. WOW I’m an ass. GO BULLDOGS! (Popsugar)

Oh good, Cameron Diaz and A-Rod did not break up, as rumoured. I was worried there for a minute about how the heck A-Rod was going to be able to eat popcorn going forward; but turns out his personal feeder has NOT resigned. (People)

Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley are having another baby mon. This will be their 6th child. Girl- you’re killing me softly with all these teasers of your come back, and giving birth to babies is getting in the way. Would you just reunite The Fugees already? Thanks. (Popeater)

Yes, the bitch is back! And I don’t mean Britney. Last night Reese Witherspoon, the girl with the best stink-eye in town, took aim at reality stars like Kim and Paris in her expectance speech at the MTV Movie Awards, and I loved it! She also gave some practical advice that Blake Lively immediately wrote down so she wouldn’t forget. If you are going to take a nudie pic with your cell, ‘hide your face!’ Duh! (US)

Hailee Steinfeld proves once again that she belongs on the red carpet. This suit is impeccable and she is so stunning I’m drooling. However I’m intrigued that she wore Louis Vuitton and not Miu Miu. Anyhow I am so excited about all the emerging young talent these days. Girls like Haliee, Elle Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen make me happy to forget out about Lindsay, Blake and Megan Fox. (Fabsugar)

FYI Lebanon: by banning Lady Gaga you just made her 100% more appealing to the youth of your country. Contraband is so hot right now. (Huffpost Entertainment)

Written by the ZOMG LOL ROFL funny Jessica Di Clemente – check her out if you want good abs.

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May 19, 2011

Hailee: the 14 Year Old Face of Miu Miu

Hailee Steinfeld is 14. FOURTEEN. And she’s already nabbed herself an Oscar nod, praise from film and fashion critics alike, and now, little Miss Steinfeld has been chosen as the new face of Prada’s sister brand Miu Miu.

This is an all new generation of young style stars, everybody, and with completely adorable and fashionable stars like Hailee leading the way, the future looks hella promising. Want proof? read more…

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