December 2, 2011

WTF: Head Condom Edition

Fine, they’re aviator hats. But ‘head condom’ just has a lovely ring to it, wouldn’t you agree? read more…

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November 23, 2011

HEADLINES: Sasha Pivovarove Make Clothes for Gap, Stella McCartney Makes Clothes for the Olympics, and Keds Make Clothes (Period).

Sasha Pivovarove is a supermodel, legitimate painter, actress & now Gap lingerie designer. Some people are just over-achievers. (Fashionista)

Not sure where this Top 10 list originated from; but the important thing is I found it & I am sharing it with you! Check out Miss Piggy’s Top 10 Fashion Tips – they will make you snort. (Shine)

95 years after the brand was first conceived, Keds is launching a clothing line exclusively available at Opening Ceremony. Why is this necessary? This sneak peek is just … meh. You’ve lasted 95 years in the fashion industry – so I’m thinking if it ain’t broke? (Fabsugar)

Ugh. A licensed replica of the Carolina Herrera wedding gown worn by Kristen Stewart in Twilight’s Breaking Dawn is in production and is set to retail for $799. The thought of Twilight-themed weddings is making me gag. (Too Fab)

Stella McCartney is the creative director for Britain’s 2012 Summer Olympic Team? Really? Doesn’t this seem a little excessive? Oh well, let them try and compete with the popularity of Vancouver’s Olympics gear. Red Mitten Nation! HA, good luck! (The Cut)

Well you can file this under – “WTF … Useless Designer Things” Only Hermes would be audacious enough to sell a cup cozy for $200. (The Purse Blog)

This Miu Miu ad featuring the adorable Hailee Steinfeld has been pulled in theUK because it has been deems “irresponsible” for depicting a child sitting on train tracks. Yeah, I don’t really know how to respond to this. (Telegraph)

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November 1, 2011

Would You Rock A See-Through Bag?

Remember in 2007 when see-through bags were all the rage? Well … they are making a comeback and we want to know – would YOU? read more…

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October 31, 2011

WTF … Useless Designer Things

We all experience ‘label lust’ once and a while, but THESE designer label items are above and beyond – And NOT in a good way! read more…

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October 19, 2011

HEADLINES: Paula Deen Wants You to Butter Up, Christina Aguilera Belongs at The Shore, and Hailee Steinfeld Gets Canned.

“Put a little South in your mouth!” with Paula Deen’s new butter flavoured lip balm. I repeat, BUTTER flavoured lip balm. I wish I was joking. (Grub Street)

Put a V-neck on it! Now hipsters and their computers alike can rock matching v-necks with Computer Apparel’s V-Neck Computer Sleeves. You laptop never looked so, well … like everyone else? (Refinery 29)

Hermes has launched a limited edition line of saris exclusively in India. 27 different designs have been unveiled (no pun intended) priced between $6,000 and $8,000. I don’t really have an accurate frame of reference on how much saris should be but I’m guessing that this is really expensive. (Daily Mail)

Studio 54 re-opened for one night, last night, for a party hosted by Sirus XM. (Word to the kiddies – Studio 54 was a big deal in the 70’s and 80’s) Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell and Bar Refaeli were all in attendance and seemed to have a great time as Bar tweeted, “I was born 25 years too late!” post-party. (Popsugar)

Apparently this is Christina Aguilera sans make-up. I beg to differ. First of all she looks like she’s been tanning with Snooks and the Jerz crew and, second of all, I could spot those fake lashes a mile away. Will she ever not be a hot mess? I guess that’s like asking will Britney ever not be a redneck. (Too Fab)

Do Target, H&M, and Macy’s even produce their own clothing anymore? Doubtful. It has just been announced that Doo.Ri is the next designer to collaborate with Macy’s. Collaborations are great but are they over done? I’m on the fence. (Fashionologie)

If models were going to eat breakfast they would definitely eat Cereal Couture. Conceived by blogger “The Glam Foodie;” these are the best looking cereal boxes I’ve ever seen. ‘Flavoured with Real Coco’ is my fave part. (Sip, Chat, Chow)

I really, really hate to report this BUT Hailee Steinfeld has been replaced by Guinevere Van Seenus as the face of Miu Miu. I admit that Hailee’s fall campaign for the brand gave me a little bit of a “Big Love” vibe and successfully creeped me out. But that could have been worked out; no need to can the girl. (The Cut)

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