November 10, 2016

FORA BITES: Holiday Cheers!


Can you hear that? It’s sleigh bells ringing and glasses *clinging*, which means the holiday season is fast approaching! What better excuse to have your gals and guys over for a cozy night in with some boozy cocktails! Below you’ll find two festive holiday season cocktails that are both easy to throw together, and special enough to show your guests you care! Please drink responsibly!

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December 3, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your BAE


“My presence is a present”
Kanye West// you this Christmas

The Holiday season is HERE, which means it’s time to spread spend the cheer. Need some help collecting gifts for everyone on your list this year? Then let our Holiday Gift Guide series help you out. We’ve put together some Christmas buying guides that will cover anyone you need to buy for this season, and will make sure you’re on EVERYONE’S nice list.

Our latest instalment is for all of the love birds out there. Click through for a Holi-BAE gift guide that will make him ~SwOoN~

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January 20, 2014

How to Keep Merry All Year Long

It’s midway through January, but don’t even lie: the countdown to jolly old Santa and Christmas carols have resumed once again. We’ve got a solution to get you back into the holiday spirit so you’ll never feel the blues. Ever. read more…

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November 29, 2013

Conversation Starting Makeup Looks For Socially Awkward People

Last time we covered jewellery that could aid you on your quest for friends but maybe you’re the kind of person that needs a little more help than that. Despite your best efforts, people are still avoiding you like your that kid in third grade who didn’t have fancy tear-aways but had lots of phlegm instead. Instead of shuffling alone to the music with a drink in hand or pretending to curiously browse the host’s self-help books you should try these makeup looks to get someone anyone’s attention. We’ve even prepared you for possible conversation (you know, that scary thing your mom keeps trying to have with you): read more…

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October 13, 2013

Sunday Morning Moodboard: Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving thanks! Thanking gives! Hooray for Thanksgiving!! This holiday originally was a day to give thanks for the blessings of the harvest. Today it means an extra hour in the gym to work off that slice of pumpkin pie (just kidding, you’re beautiful even without cardio). But really, Thanksgiving is one of our favourite holidays. Did you know that thankful people are scientifically proven to be more healthy overall? Practicing gratitude can “increase the levels of immunoglobulin A in your throat and nose, increasing your ability to resist viral infections” (source). Cool, right??

So while you’re fighting some serious diseases over the weekend, also make sure to spend quality time with the fam, try making a new dish, and try a DIY decor you found on Pinterest. Let’s moodboard this business! read more…

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