February 23, 2014

Sunday Morning Moodboard: All Things Green

Green is my favourite colour because it’s magical. It contains an equal amount of warm and cool tones which, due to its balance, is calming to the senses. Aside from being aesthetically gorgeous, did you know that looking at green things actually can improve your eyesight? Okay, not exactly- but close (kind of). It has to do with looking at distant objects (usually greenery) to relax the muscles in your eyes. So next time you’re feeling groggy from staring at a screen all day, try taking a break and look at faraway trees outside your window. It might be the eyeball yoga you need. read more…

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February 21, 2014

#FF: The Best Beauty Tumblrs

When in doubt, I’m liable to resort to ~*the internet*~ for help on how to apply beauty products to my face. At time of day, you’re likely to find anything from “Kitten Nail Art Tutorial” to “How to make your eyes stand out” in my Google search bar history. However, when it comes to beauty inspiration as a way to procrastinate learn, Tumblr trumps Google. From beards to model hair, I’ve compiled the top ten beauty Tumblrs for finding inspiration. read more…

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February 17, 2014

The Hair Evolution of: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is what I like to call a hair chameleon. This Disney-turned-diva changes up her long locks every few months – from a platinum blonde during the summer to a royal blue by winter – and has proven that no matter what look her hair follicles choose to sport, she can rock it like no one else can.

Though a few members of the FORA staff (*cough Dani*) will forever remember has as the leading lady of their favourite made-for-Disney-movie Camp Rock (HIII JOE JONAS), I will forever remember her as a fearless beauty daredevil with a killer voice to match. read more…

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February 9, 2014

Sunday Morning Moodboard: Solo V-day Vibez

Having a date for Valentine’s is overrated. Girl, you don’t need someone else to validate your worth as the strong, independent lady that you are. Obviously man buns are fun, but seriously, solo V-days are where it’s at. I mean, would you rather be going on a hot date than sitting in your PJs, checking out this passive aggressive V-day moodboard? No. The answer is no. read more…

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February 2, 2014

Sunday Morning Moodboard: Glitch Art

Art history time! Brought to you by a Wiki search near you:

“Glitch is used to describe these kinds of bugs as they occur in software, video games, images, videos, audio, and other forms of data. The term glitch came to be associated with music in the mid 90s to describe a genre of experimental/noise/electronica (glitch music). Shortly after, other visual artist began to embrace the glitch as an aesthetic of the digital age, glitch art came to refer to a whole assembly of visual arts.”

How much more cultured do you feel after that paragraph? Just an FYI, glitch art is blowing up (you see what I did there?). I mean, there are Tumblrs dedicated to it and iPhone apps that destroy your photos for you. Now you can fully appreciate glitch art in all its erratic imperfections! Here’s a moodboard featuring glitch-inspo for your new favourite genre of digital art. read more…

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November 3, 2011

15 Crazy Braids We'll Never Be Able to Re-Create

But let them inspire you. And if you can re-create them: 1. we bow down to you, 2. please share your secrets. read more…

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September 7, 2011


Denim, plaid, blazers…nothing beats the classic man. read more…

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