August 5, 2016

Fall Jackets We Want As Much As Jared Leto Wants The Gucci Jacket


One look at the double breasted ‘Joker-green’ Gucci jacket had Jared Leto’s face lit up as if Frank Ocean had dropped his album three days early. All we really want is for someone to look at us the way he looked at that coat, or to at least feel the same way he did when the Gucci number graced the runway over another (preferably more affordable) coat. With fall fast approaching, we’ve picked the best jackets to swoon over in preparation for the new school year! Click below the cut if you want to feel like Leto.

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September 11, 2014

Man Buns Let Loose


Every now and then, a bold and courageous man will grow his hair long: in bountiful curls, beach babe waves, pin-straight tresses, what have you. The result is often a shocking proclamation of manhood; an effortless statement of cool; a brave venturing into a fearless counterculture.  In a search outside the realms of the overwhelming man bun trend (just kidding, we love you man bunners), we’ve discovered that the long-haired gentleman is worthy of equal attention to the top knots of our generation – for many reasons. read more…

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May 13, 2014

Men & Centre Parts: Should they be allowed Y/N?

From Joaquin to Jared, our favourite male celebs have been embracing more adventuresome hairstyles lately – generating a fair share of hair-envy. Though we admire their desire to freshen things up, we have to point out that some hairstyles just aren’t meant to have their time in the spotlight. We’re talking about one of the most controversial: the male centre part. How do we feel guys and gals? Yay or nay? read more…

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March 17, 2014

THIS OR THAT? Man Buns vs. Lady Buns

Let’s face it: award season ain’t just about the statues. Oh no. It’s a chance for celebs to sprinkle their couture-clad stardust over red carpets from east to west. More attention is paid to chignons and Chanel than to the actual nominees. And this year we have a new trend to swoon over. We’re talking about the man bun. Yes, we know that not every leading lad can pull of this rugged hairstyle. But god do we love a man that tries. Were here to compare the man bun with its feminine counterparts. read more…

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March 6, 2014

Jared Leto Hairstyles: A Retrospect

When we reflect on the realm of celebrities’ ever-changing hairstyles, normally some of the first people that come to mind are ~laydees~ like Rihanna or Nikki Minaj. But you know who should come to mind? Jared Leto. Jared Leto’s impressive hairstyle portfolio (that’s a thing) can compare with any follicular adventurous lady. From ombre to bright tips to mohawks – he’s done it all! Peep some of his looks below: read more…

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March 3, 2014

FYI: Celebs Who Ate Pizza At The Oscars

Oh, Ellen. She might be the greatest celebrity as of…ever. Her little joke about ordering pizza for the ~A-Listers~ at the Oscars last night manifested what appeared to be a legit (very confused) pizza delivery boy – with a plethora of pizza pies. She then casually dished out slices to a slew of stars, with Brad Pitt being ever so helpful and handing out paper plates to everyone. Keep reading to see who got sum PIZZA! read more…

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February 11, 2014

BOY TALK: Long Hair vs. Short Hair

I’ve been in love with long man locks for as long as I can recall and since, have been a staunch defender their beauty. Whether a guy rocks a pony tail, a messy-grunge look, or a man bun, I am into it.

ADDED BONUS: it can also expose a lot about his personality and style (and sometimes hygiene). Though man-punzels are not for everyone, I’ve decided to clearly illustrate this steamy debate-of-the-man-locks with some hunks from Hollywood who have rocked both looks so you can decide 4 urself. read more…

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October 7, 2011

Awesome People Hanging Out Together: KANYE WEST EDITION

Yeah, we know; we’re sorry! Forgive us for shoving this so called ‘fashion’ in your face again. Just look away from the fur backpack with unnecessarily long leather strings and focus on the front row. Focus on the Awesome (with the exception of LiLo) People Hanging Out Together! read more…

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