December 30, 2014

#FORAFORAVER: Best of Beyonce 2014

If you’re Beyoncé, every year is a good year. But in 2014, Bey killed it in more ways than one. She had some amazing moments that will be documented in history and our hearts #FORAVER. Let us reminisce and bond over the good, the amazing, and the absolute best of Beyoncé 2014. read more…

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November 25, 2014

BFF Bonding

Any girl with a true BFF knows the title entails so much more than just having just a number one pal. Your best friend has been there for you on every occasion: supporting you when you accidentally liked your crush’s profile picture from 3 years ago, being a wing woman extraordinaire, and having your back when you’ve got food stuck in your teeth. The amount of incriminating photos, videos and text messages you have of each other alone is reason enough that you two will stay best friends for the rest of your lives (keep your friends close and photo evidence from your awkward stage CLOSER). Celebrate your magical bond with these activities made X100000 better when done with a BFF. read more…

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July 21, 2014

On The Run With Beyonce and Jay Z

Last Sunday was my 20th birthday and as the greatest gift of all, I received tickets to the OTR tour – AKA the best concert I have ever attended in my entire life. Since your social media pages were probably filled with photos, videos and screaming girls going gaga over ‘Yoncè, I’d like to add to ~the talk of the town~ with reasons as to why it’s probably the best show of the year. If you weren’t able to make it, here are some memorable moments you don’t wanna miss!

Nothing tops having one of the most powerful couples in the world make waves in your home city. In fact, the concert was so amazing on it’s own that they didn’t even need an opening artist to kick off the evening. read more…

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April 9, 2014

Celeb Couple Body Swaps

The above picture of Kim and Kanye might be the single image that piqued my interest in the *celebrity couple face switching* movement. It is epic in countless ways, and legitimately made me spit out my cereal when I first saw it.  So in case you were wondering what some of your other favourite couples looked like with their faces swapped (because you obvs were), continue reading. read more…

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February 4, 2014

Beyonce & Jay Z: A Pre-Grammy Performance Retrospect

Beyonce and Jay Z’s steamy performance at the 56th Grammy Awards reaffirmed a couple of things in my (and everyone’s) mind: a) Queen Bey ain’t lost it b) Bey and Jay are undeniably drunk in love and c) Bey and Jay run the world Hollywood. In ode to her perfect wet-hair-don’t-care look, flawless chair choreography, and his clean cut suit and ~lingering~ hand placements, we now reminisce on the power couple’s past performances together. read more…

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January 21, 2014

10 Life Lessons From Beyonce

They don’t call her “Queen Bey” for no reason. Although no one is perfect, it’s safe to say Beyonce is one impeccable human being and that we can all afford to take some notes from her. Here are what we believe to be some of Bey’s *~guiding life principles~*.

Please note: You will not become Beyonce if you follow them. read more…

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December 17, 2013

The Best Babies of 2013

Did the celebrity world come together and decide to have babies all at once? Because if you ask us, it certainly looks like this was a strategically planned series of events.

What celeb WOULDN’T want their kids to be surrounded by other kids who are also running from the paparazzi? They can become friends with one another without being worried if their colleagues are using them for fame or an unlimited supply of green tea Kit-Kats. And they certainly won’t be self conscious of each other’s super “#casual” names…

Disclaimer: We believe that every baby is the best in their own right. We’re sorry your nephew is not on here, he is probably awesome – but the list had to end somewhere, y’know? read more…

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December 2, 2013

FYI: Couple-y Music Videos

As much as Kanye’s latest (intimate and quite obscure) music video Bound 2 baffled the world, we can’t say we were really that surprised. I mean any celeb power duo with even the slightest of egos could put two and two together since they obviously love any form of shameless self-promotion as much as the rest of us.

The desire to cast ones loved one in an exposing video comes with the drive to prove they’re hotter than ever (possibly a post-baby need, K?). After being under media scrutiny for gaining baby weight (I mean obvi), is this symbolism for a comeback of K’s own? read more…

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September 4, 2013

MIXTAPE: !!Mrs. Carter MegaMix!!

Girls love Beyoncé. Drake knows it, you know it, and the singer’s 11,437,363 twitter followers certainly know it too. Crowned by GQ Magazine as ‘The Woman of The Century,’ Beyoncé has had us crazy in love ever since her girl group days. Pop culture’s dream girl and Mr. Carter’s too- she’s can rock box braids, master the topknot, and own a 70’s fro even while up against a estranged super villain. In 2009 the songstress stared in Obsessed– the perfect word for describing our fascination with the independent woman. Today (September 4th) is that no-longer-single-lady’s special day. Join us in wishing Queen Bey Happy Birthday with a mixtape of songs by, about, and featuring the eldest Knowles. 19 tracks of Beyoncé greatness…Welcome to the Mrs. Carter Show. read more…

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June 17, 2013

Cool People Who Cook

Lots of famous people have pseudonyms or alter egos – be it for creative purpose, anonymity, or just plain fun. (You have to admit; being called “Snoop Doggy Dog” all day must be pretty funtastic!) On the contrary, Dada painter Max Ernst often went by his alter ego Loplop, while Francis Bean Cobain prefers the artist name Fiddle Tim. It’s fun to be something you’re typically not, and that’s why red carpet regulars moonlighting as gourmet cooks is trending in Hollwoodland ATM. From runway royalty to Mrs. Carter, there are plenty of cooks in the kitchen! So throw on your chef hat, or really any hat (because all hats are cool all hats expect fedoras are cool) and join in on the cooking party!!!

Side note: any delicious stuff you bake can be sent to MTV FORA HQ, attn: me. read more…

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