July 21, 2014

On The Run With Beyonce and Jay Z

Last Sunday was my 20th birthday and as the greatest gift of all, I received tickets to the OTR tour – AKA the best concert I have ever attended in my entire life. Since your social media pages were probably filled with photos, videos and screaming girls going gaga over ‘Yoncè, I’d like to add to ~the talk of the town~ with reasons as to why it’s probably the best show of the year. If you weren’t able to make it, here are some memorable moments you don’t wanna miss!

Nothing tops having one of the most powerful couples in the world make waves in your home city. In fact, the concert was so amazing on it’s own that they didn’t even need an opening artist to kick off the evening. read more…

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February 4, 2014

Beyonce & Jay Z: A Pre-Grammy Performance Retrospect

Beyonce and Jay Z’s steamy performance at the 56th Grammy Awards reaffirmed a couple of things in my (and everyone’s) mind: a) Queen Bey ain’t lost it b) Bey and Jay are undeniably drunk in love and c) Bey and Jay run the world Hollywood. In ode to her perfect wet-hair-don’t-care look, flawless chair choreography, and his clean cut suit and ~lingering~ hand placements, we now reminisce on the power couple’s past performances together. read more…

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November 9, 2011

HEADLINES: Manolos are Made Out of Cocaine in Colombia, Oprah & Jay-Z are Making Moves, and Katie Holmes Dresses Like Poop For a Reason.

Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz is publishing a 700 page book/tome; due out sometime next year. That’s just like designers eh? 700 effing pages! Only designer’s have egos big enough to support a project like this. (Lucky)

Drug dealers in Spainthought it would be a good idea to smuggle cocaine from Colombiato Spainin the form of a fake Manolo Blahnik pump. Yeah, because shipping an excess number of Manolos fromColombia toSpain isn’t suspicious? Use your head! (Huff Post Style)

Missoni wants to relive the wild success they experienced with Target except this time with Macy’s. See what I mean? Collaboration overload! Two collaborations per designer label per year and no more – leave us wanting more! I mean, how much zig-zag can one person wear? (Fashionista)

Jay-Z’s champagne ($300) is featured in Oprah’s Favourite Things this year. His book Decoded was featured on last year’s. These two have been in cahoots for a good while – it’s a brilliant business decision on both their parts. Side note: 3 Oprahs on the cover is 2 Oprahs too many. Is it big ego day today? (People)

Hugh Hefner says Linday Lohan’s Playboy spread is “very classy.” Sorry Grandpa but that’s an oxymoron. (Lifeline Live)

Forget the break-up – what in heaven’s name is she wearing? My girl Chelsea looks like she’s about to go scuba diving … with a camel toe! How did Jennifer Aniston allow this train wreck to happen? (Celebitchy)

Katie Holmes took out Suri for her daily bribery shopping trip yesterday, this time at American Girl, in some seriously hideous shoes. Does she dress herself like this on purpose? Is it a form of rebellion? Is she grasping at her last semblance of control? Too dramatic? Either way the shoes gots to go! (Popsugar)

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September 26, 2011

HEADLINES: Beyonce's Fetus Has Twitter, Madame Tussaud Hates Fergie, and Bloomingdales is Gutless.

It pains me to no end that someone as cool as Sofia Vergara feels the need to have a clothing line; at Kmart no less. Why Gloria, WHY? Well according to the clothing line’s tagline, “You are a woman, so dress like a woman,” it seems Vergara was sick and tired of all of us cross dressers. (People)

Not only will the fascinator NOT die but it’s alive, well and thriving on the heads of Britain’s high society. Grrr. Kate and Pippa Middleton both rocked one to a wedding over the weekend. Check out the cringe-worthy photos if you can stand it. P.s. Is it weird that Kate remains Kate Middleton and was not required to take William’s name after marriage? You’d think with all that tradition this would be a must! Hmm. (Popsugar)

It was only a matter of time. @BeyJayFetus has emerged as the new twitter account for Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s unborn child; tweeting exclusively from the womb. However the creators of this twitter seem to be unaware that B has already named her fetus ‘Little Rider.’ Cuteness. (Lainey Gossip)

One of the most famous pairs of shoes in the world can be yours for the right price! Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers will be auctioned off in December for an expected $2 million dollars. The best part? This pair is only 1 of 4 that were made for the film and this pair specifically is only “believed” to be worn by Judy Garland. Well then I ‘believe’ I won’t be bidding. (HuffPost Entertainment)

Bloomingdales is reportedly overcharging its plus-size customers to shop at their store versus other department stores. Bloomies is charging more than Neiman freaking Marcus. What is wrong with the world? (The Budget Fashionista)

And the award for Worst Madame Tussaud’s Wax Figure goes to … (drumroll please) … Fergie! Sorry BEP’s fans but I am SO NOT surprised! (Lifeline Live)

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