July 24, 2013

MIXTAPE: Jenn Im's #SummerEncounters

Last week, we showed you the results of our #SummerEncounters animated look book with Clothes Encounters and Kastor & Pollux. Filled with /complete/ and /utter/ /fun-ness/ and /fabulosity/, the look book chronicled Jenn Im’s top summer adventures – ranging from a trip to Easter Island to a swim in Peter Pan’s Mermaid Lagoon.

Since we already showed you the best *new* tunes this summer 2013, we figured we might as well see what Jenn will be listening to through her real life and hypothetical travel adventures! (Y) read more…

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July 17, 2013

Clothes Encounters x Kastor & Pollux: An MTV FORA Look Book

There’s a 98% possibility that you’re already hooked/obsessed/devoted to Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters – but if by chance you’ve yet to become virtually acquainted, you can go ahead and live vicariously through us.

During her quick jaunt to Canadaland earlier this month, we had the pleasure of working on a very fun ~*summer*~ project with Jenn – in which we both deliberated and deciphered her *ultimate* summer vacation. After whittling down a rather extensive list, we’ve compiled a final selection of summer getaways – and through mountains, monuments, and mammals, the girls of Kastor & Pollux have worked to bring you an exclusive animated GIF look book and giveaway (of all the K&P jewelry Jenn wears throughout her animated adventures).

From Peter Pan’s ethereal mermaid lagoon to locations in the general vicinity of “the wilderness,” MTV FORA and Kastor & Pollux invite you to adventure with Jenn through all her Summer Encounters! (Get it? Puns!!! Kind of!!!) read more…

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